my ode to whistleblowers

current affairs

Whistleblowers whistling like my kettle
Lifting the lid on the sordid and rude
People with power; rug from under
Pyramid scams; power slipping; true

You see, good people haven’t the stomach
To carry out deeds that are wrong
Just who is it that writes the rules?
And who benefits? Not you; be strong

Is it Illegal killing or Dodgy vaccinations
Maybe even crimes against humanity
Pride ensures you stand your ground
You know right from wrong surely?

I know its hard to do, but you have to
Stand up for your rights; humanity
Needs some troops; you: surely?
You have done well in this world

Where others done not so good
Like it or not, you’ve played your part
Others suffered for your livelihood
For sure, payback time: Understood?

Don’t fancy a fight for your life?
Head in sand; eyes in traffic lights
At least try to do some good
Your district, your patch, your hood

Blow the whistle on undoubted wrongs
Or help an old lady across the road
Either will do, intention is good
Shine white light in your Neighbourhood

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Just one chance

Just one chance

Just one chance to prove you wrong
Just on minute to show you I'm strong
Just one hour to let me breathe
Just one tiny chance To show what I can be
Just one day I'll show you
You'll see
What I can be
I'll blast off to the moon
And fuck with the stars
Leave all of you that I proved wrong
In the dust Till yall can't see
I'll make it to the top
You'll see .

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Despite the tiny hands
drawing faces and writing names.
The frost covered window
manages to cloth itself
in a new layer of fog
on a cold rainy day.
Closing out sight
from the outside world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm back. Let's do this. Go re-read it and think about it some more. Lazy bastard.

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