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Now that I got your attention
Id like to mention
How the world goes round...
It's not how you look or what you do
What you got or if your true,
To yourself
Or anyone else
It's not where you have been
Or how you got there...
How you think of people 
Or if you share,
Quality goods 
If you do or if you should,
Question anyone else 
For the things they would
Old or new
Rotten or blue...
Life's not a joke
But sure feels like one 
Sometimes you lose
Not to won
Sucks to be on the bottom
And at times it feels fun
But that's what life is
Full of ups and downs
Ins and outs...
Revolves and sends you in circles,
Always looking for miracles 
Hopes and dreams
Scary but seems
To be going by...
In the end you can at least say 
You tried
But when it all comes down
You can laugh and be funny
Cause this world revolves
Around that little piece of paper
We call money :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You only read this cause you thought you were going to get paid :) IT'S AMERICA and a dream!!! Keep on reading and writing America :)

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A Cruel Reality

a cruel reality - money fame & lust
They claim to be victims in a system of society,
young men raised to have women in variety,
cash makes you dope
and fame gives you power,
this is the good life
we make it rain like a shower
Tantalized by roundness,
with infuriating competition,
distilled by failure,
and fulfilled by culminations
but enthralled by illuminations,
figures of a seductive silhouette
but can't see it's the body of Satan
derailing the minds complexity,
but enthralled by her tongue, Latin
strange woman,
she hangs on em
and preys on em,
with a kiss
she kills Adams' descendants
so they develop vixen disconnect,
and establish cash flow,
becoming constituted to their dinaros
as Esteem becomes routine,
confiscating under table hooks,
while praising adulterous tendencies
and accommodating diablo looks
Until your face becomes a painting in Picaso's book, disfigured
a snare straight through your liver
dysfunctions force reflection, go figure
the cruel reality,
lust made'em suspect
emerging like a rose from the concrete, Shakur,
and now scientology invested, for respect
took more shots than the wild wild west
they told her,
her only assets where her legs and her chest
so at night she couldn't rest unless a man was in the nest,
One day it finally led to an arrest
the cruel reality
the money fame & lust became dust, twin towers

By David Johnson & Jeremy Baker

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jeremy and I play a game called word play and this is what we came up with. He does a line, then I do a line and we keep going till we feel we're done. Enjoy!

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Mr Monopoly

Hat, Shoe, Dog and Car eagerly await
All hoping to gain estate
Bankers investing in them all
But some will rise and some will fall

Six to start, and off they go
Estates beginning to grow
Pieces moving round the board
Land bought and money stored

Hats at auction, deed on the line
Dogs feeling rich of cloud nine
Shoes at GO, a loans on his mind
Pall Mall's just needs to be signed

Super Tax is up
But he's out of a buck
Shoes players money's fading
His end game is waining

Tax evasion, cops are chasing
Shoes heart is racing
Get out of jails run out
The cops will get him no doubt

Who will be next to meet their fate
Fates about to have one big spate
Dogs player was on cloud nine
But his accounts now make him whine

Dogs cheques are blank
His life was so swank
Now he's on the streets
Sleeping under some sheets

Hat and Car still in the race
Both keeping up the pace
We all know that only one can win
Only one can wear the winners pin

Hat and Car, like tortoise and hare
Off to meet, Mr Monopoly, Mayor
Cars told that he's too far gone.
Leaving Car, MVP, number 1

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ShortVerse #6

"Soon all your monies will turn to ash before your eyes. Your dimonds will turn to dust within your hands and all the gold and jewels around your neck will tarnish and fade before long. The only true value is what the weight of your soul is worth."




What is money but linen strips and shrapnel bits?
What is money but plastic cards and broken hearts?
What is it but pointless?

Of hollow dreams, of suffering.
A faded ambition, a life of regret.
The answer for the uninspired.

Those with it, can’t live without it.
Those without it, can’t find it.
Those both with it and without it, a hybrid of the two.

Hypocrisy and cheap rhyme.
It never changes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When writing this piece, I was sat within the four walls of my university bedroom. The night was cold, which made my bedroom even more so considering how it was one of two bedrooms to be situated directly above the parting of the building. I was sat in-front of my desk procrastinating revision when I noticed my wallet, open, with many of the contents sprawled across the desk. Seven pounds and twenty-three pence, plus whatever unbelonging money was in my current account. It made me think; for what purpose am I sat here accumulating such vast debt as each second passes? For a better lifestyle? For a better future for a potential family? My girlfriend was sat nine doors down from me, unlikely to have been contemplating the same conundrum. What it comes down to most though, is money. As the old saying goes:

‘Money makes the world go round.’

Outraged by my admission, I meant to glorify my disdain through the written word. In a world of greed, it is a sad time we live in when every second thought concerns the Capitalist regime. Then came the realisation that money, the enemy, is what gave me my own opportunities; thus, the couplet.

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Alien: A Poet in the Financial World

Flowers and finance
Ratios and romance
Marital bonds and mortgage bonds
Sperm banks and stocks
Banks and babies
Love interests and inflation
Interest rates and infants
Present value interest factor of an annuity
And poetry
Balance sheets and bubbles
Silk sheets and securities
Break-even and butterflies
Alliteration and accounts
Fixed assets and freedom
Daydreams and debt
Inflation and imagination
Moderate current asset investment policy
And madness
Cupid and credit
Bankruptcy and blueberries
Haikus and hostile take-overs
Taxation and tankas
Interest rate reinvestment rate risk
And imagery
Magic and mergers
Sales and spaceships
Kittens and K=K*+IP+DRP+LP+MRP
Wall street and wishful-thinking
Cute, little green men and Cashflows
Blank cheques and blank verses
Quick ratios and quatrains
Fact and fantasy
Love and liquidity

Profits and poets?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2002

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illuminati Chills ~

Unique Poems

Wen i look in dis mirror I start getting these chills seeing all dis ice on my neck and these Soulless dollar bills // I had to spill in order to make a deal but it was all worth gettin dat record deal // who knew I had to sign just to get signed and at dat moment I didn't sign // I didn't rethink // I ain't even blink // I just cried out ink // and watched it sink right into the paper before I could even blink // I couldn't regret the fact that I couldn't regret // I jus had to forget the fact that I could regret // it was like a threat I build inside my mindset // in order to protect so I wont turn suspect // but at da time I didn't care about the intellects // all I cared about was the money dat was in effect // to get sucked into a dream in order live my dream // a nightmare so scary it isn't as what it seems // evil that appears as good // something so misunderstood // I can't explain wats inside of me // u may just know it as illuminati...


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Green monster


& we need no other -- we a perfect match -- that hybrid lighter -- my breath refuel -- make her bright in color -- seen from outer space u cant get no furter -- im her star lover -- in return she stack em high -- money piled up she leaves no dime -- earths sweet green is what i breath -- all this money im now a fiend -- & all around me i smell ; i see -- i eat free pussy ~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this a year ago ; ehh ; its not that long but ima leave it as that ; maybe write more into it later on someday ; I accept all & any criticism :)

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Wake up Everybody

Outside Looking In

Come along with me on a journey,
where you can see the judgment,
discrimination and illusion,
about pharmaceutical drugs
and the money they are racking in
at the expense of you and me,
there is no economic problem,
what is occurring is oppression,
deceit blindfolding you penniless,
causing people to commit murder,
diseasing the body and bringing on old age,
not be ignorant and wake up everybody!

by Pamela Murawski

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