love hate

Love(part 2)




Love is not what you think. Love will drong and then sink. love is a wrong way. love comes to you and go away. love is a laugh. love is not smart. love is not cool. love is a is a snack that eats you right back. Love is a game. Love is not the same. love takes you up. love makes you drop. love is cake that you’ll always hate .love is for types of people. love is a small vehicle.




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The last straw

A million tears must have fell from my face tonight, u don't know this, but im dying inside. The worlds spinning backwards and all the sudden the wrong is starting to feel more right. And All of the sudden I feel like giving up this fight. Everything's changing tonight. I've been living in shades of gray since u went away, but keep looking towards the light and everyone keeps promising it's gonna be okay- Just give it time, time heals what they keep trying to say. Well I ain't tryin to hear all that mess, just been livin half alive as i deal with it. Just shut myself up & take a pill for it. But it's a hard pill to swallow, just bathing in the blood of pain & sorrow. These are the games that are no fun to play. Leave me alone and run away. Forgot my name, forget the pain. Love me not, curse my name . Replace me, erase me. Cover up your destiny. What's true is true, I have your key. Come with me, and I swear you'll see. There's a little spot in heaven calling our names, I know your soul & your desire to change. I've been shown who you're meant to be. No matter what happens that's all I can see. You said you love me, so why won't you let yourself be free! Cut into my heart and then you'll see. it beats for you and me & I can't be me without you so please just give me a chance. A chance to dance. A chance to live and breathe this obsession. Through this confession come back and play another day, in a different way. I promise it'll all be okay this time. It'll be fine. 

Lost Soul


So many lost souls
I can now see it's not just me
Some of us are still fighting to be found
Some of us will never be found
Lost in a world of waste
How long am I willing to wait
How much more can I truely take
How many more times will I get back up when I think I've finally given up
Is this just the beginning or is it surely the end
Is my soul really lost or was it never there at all
Am I ment to feel so broken and abused
I'm filled with sarrow and full of pain
I can't be happy because then I feel shame
Guilt eats me up and spits me back out
I'm always filled with doubt
I rather be hated then to be loved
So many things wrong with me I can't dig myself out
I keep crying out but i guess nothing really comes out
I get left with no answers
I can't seem to figure shit out
Someone please help me out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first ever poem i've done....


For years I've stood by your side as a friend--

I gave you my comfort when you were abandon, 

my shoulder to cry on when everyone else turned

their backs on you...

We've wined and dined, laughed together, share 

moments unforgettable--

I've wore my heart on my sleeves for you, you read

and played with it--

You say it's unintentional, I feel it's conventional for 

you to have friends like me, but you say I'm the only


I realize now that I'm your life jacket when all else

fails, I'm a caring friend who dares to love even in 

the face of rejection, but my will to continue caring 

has died for you. Maybe it is your mentality, being a 

Mother doesn't make you mature--

Clearly I see you chasing your wants, it is what your

heart desires, so be it--

My heart desires your happiness, but with me, call

me SELFISH!! knowing your theatrical life, I know 

what you need--

But my time to say good-bye has arrived--

I would say good-bye in person, but I know you will

be reading this poem...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have to cut this cancer which is eating me alive....I must continue rambling...

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I need you to show me.

If seeings beleiving
Then I need you to show me
Your surface deceiving
It will not control me

I care for you deeply
But how do you see me
The words that you speak
Hidden from meaning

You'll love me or hate me
But you'll never leave me
A constant reminder
That love is not healing

Just show me one time
I'll live with your reasoning
Why's it so hard
To understand feelings.

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