The last straw

A million tears must have fell from my face tonight, u don't know this, but im dying inside. The worlds spinning backwards and all the sudden the wrong is starting to feel more right. And All of the sudden I feel like giving up this fight. Everything's changing tonight. I've been living in shades of gray since u went away, but keep looking towards the light and everyone keeps promising it's gonna be okay- Just give it time, time heals what they keep trying to say. Well I ain't tryin to hear all that mess, just been livin half alive as i deal with it. Just shut myself up & take a pill for it. But it's a hard pill to swallow, just bathing in the blood of pain & sorrow. These are the games that are no fun to play. Leave me alone and run away. Forgot my name, forget the pain. Love me not, curse my name . Replace me, erase me. Cover up your destiny. What's true is true, I have your key. Come with me, and I swear you'll see. There's a little spot in heaven calling our names, I know your soul & your desire to change. I've been shown who you're meant to be. No matter what happens that's all I can see. You said you love me, so why won't you let yourself be free! Cut into my heart and then you'll see. it beats for you and me & I can't be me without you so please just give me a chance. A chance to dance. A chance to live and breathe this obsession. Through this confession come back and play another day, in a different way. I promise it'll all be okay this time. It'll be fine. 

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Awe, thanks! I don't think he

Awe, thanks! I don't think he will & really am not sure if I'd want him to. I wrote this 3 years ago. Our lives have completely changed since then. I stumbled across this poem going through my old things & decided to post :) I went through a lot of hard times bc I was doing things in my own way then, but now I'm saved by the grace of God & now I aspire to have a God fearing man..those relationships where God is the center seem to be the only ones with even a chance..

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Awe. :'( sad. I hope your

Awe. :'( sad. I hope your love comes back. 

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A million tears?

Miust have fell? A hundred tears must have FALLEN (a million is too many even for a metaphor) - balance ~ sad write ~A~



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Have you ever heard of cry me

Have you ever heard of cry me a river? Well, do you think that's possible or even "realistic" even for a metaphor. That is the only poem I've ever written. It was written with pure emotion and no thought in about 8 minutes. I never claimed to be a poet. I never even write, that was merely a last resort to try and organize my emotion at the time.  I don't need an "expert" at poetry critiquing my stuff. Poetry is not even close to the top of my priorities. Grow up. You've written over 200 poems and obviously know what you're doing & you're picking on someone who did something random, just because. What a bully! Im sure the first thing you ever wrote was not great either. im applaud by your rudeness & hope you dont have the confidence to act this way in real life. I hope you atleast feel better about yourself & more of an expertise at poetry because you've put someone down today, who doesn't even write or care to. Wow. People. Lol.