In Memory

Sweet grandpa

Sweet grandpa,

I don’t have many memories or pictures of you,

So I imagine what you would be like,

Are you tall?

Are you short?

Do you have a beautiful smile like me?

Sweet grandma tells me stories about you,

Mommy tells me stories about you,

They always tell me I would be grandpa’s girl,

They tell me that you would be so proud of me,

Sweet grandpa sometimes I wish I had my own memories of you,

Are you watching over me?

Are you helping make all my dreams come true?

Are you watching over grandma?

I know she loves you so,

I know she wishs you were here with us today,

Are you watching over your sweet family?

We love you so,

I know we will all be together one day soon,

Until that day comes,

Fly grandpa fly.


misty yanish

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Sweet Aunt Patty

Sweet Aunt Patty,

You have been up in heaven for some time now,

I love and miss you so,

I remember your sweet and beautiful smile,

I remember when you would sit and play with my hair,

I remember when the turkey jumped on me,

And you put medicine on my cuts,

I remember your hugs,

Sweet Aunt Patty,

I love and miss you so,

Do you know that I am 23 today?

Do you know that Heather has a baby on the way?

Do you know that Melonie has a little girl and she’s three today?

Do you know that Mac graduated from high school?

Do you know that my mommy got married not long ago?

Sweet Aunt Patty,

I love and miss you so,

Do you know that grandma found out she has cancer not long ago?

Do you know that mike your older son got married not long ago?

Do you know I wish you were still here with us today?

Sweet Aunt Patty,

I love and miss you so,

Your sweet family misses you so,

I know we will all be together one day soon,

But sweet Aunt Patty I love and miss you so.


Misty Yanish

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I miss......

In Memory of


I miss......

I miss your loving friendship,

The time we spent together,

The long talks we had together,

I miss walking down the hall way and hearing you say hi and how are you,

I miss going into your classroom and when you seen me you would always smile,

I miss the birthday wishs you would give me on my big day,

I miss the letters you would send in the mail,

I miss your happy smile,

I miss you saying Misty you can do anything you want to do its all up to you,

Most of all I miss you!


Misty Yanish

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One Sunrise...One Sunset

Grief & Grieving

One Sunrise...One Sunset

You came into the world,

And into so many lives.

Born in peace, you took first breath,

On that day, of one sunrise.

You lived a life, so very full,

And touched so many hearts.

Your wisdom, and teachings and memories,

From us, will not ever depart.

The people you have loved,

And all who've loved you too,

Know that things are not the same,

Continuing on now, without you.

And always, on those special days,

We miss you even more.

Especially now, at Christmas time,

When we remember all those, of before.

Even though we go on, without you here,

We know you now live, in Glory.

And that its not really, the end of a life,

But a beginnning, to a whole new story.

So, toil no more, Dear Loved One,

You've more than earned your rest.

Died in peace, you took last breath,

On that day, of one sunset.

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Tears In The Dark

For Sean

I tried to write a poem today

I tried to express my grief,

My heartache, my unending pain.

I tried to eloquently describe

All the things I feel within

All the reasons I just can't sleep

Why thousands of tears, of late

Keep caressing my downcast face.

I tried so hard to explain away

All the sounds of sobbing

Resonating in the lonesome dark.

Nothing but my grief and so many tears

Keep me company through the long night.

I tried to come up with a way to tell

I thought deep, long and hard

Until all my thoughts began to bleed

Incoherent then, unable to move

Nearly drowning my mind in sorrow.

I tried to write you a poem, dear brother

But finally I realized

No words in any language, none fair nor foul

Could tell how deeply I grieve for you, beloved.

So many things I wanted to say to you-

Now I have to hope that somehow, you know

As night's silent embrace envelops me again

And once more, ragged sobs and silent tears

Are all to be found in the dark.


written August 30th, 2007

In memory of my brother Sean, who was killed in a car accident on August 25th of this year.  He was 18 years old.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sean, as I re-read these words I realize they don't even begin to describe how I feel. I tried to pour out my heart on paper, but the right words just wouldn't come. I don't know if I can write anymore. At least, not until the pain of losing you subsides a little bit. This poem I wrote two nights ago does no justice to your memory whatsoever, but I had to get something on paper and this was all I could decipher from the helter-skelter thoughts that kept whirling around in my head. I hope that you like it. I miss you so very much, Sean....oh God how I miss you!!! Earlier I watched the video collage of your pictures, and you are so full of life in them, it's so hard to believe you're gone. I've heard so many great stories of things you've done for people, things you've said, and I just hope you know somehow that hearing the things your friends have told me has made me so very proud to have been your sister. I love you, Sean, and I miss you so very much. I can't wait to see you again.

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the complications of life float away as we bask int he fresh air.

as the winds bathe us free of our problems in places far from here,we just breathe.

we breathe in the love and acception.

we breathe in the fact that being different is ok.

we hear the voices of the gods whisper in the trees and we listen to the sound of the birds and the gentle hum of the bees.

as we experience this change,this cast overwhelming breath of fresh air,we sit

we sway

and we brathe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Pour Our A Little Kool-Aid(In memory of a dear friend, Mekisha Tanii Edwards)(collabo with I.F.)

Pour Out A Lil Kool-Aid

Gemini Star

my Kool-Aid queen

or codename maweeba21

you were steered and driven

in a lane built and designed for greatness

within those miles of ink, pavement and

concrete struggles

you're now free, dear sister

soaring high within heavenly skies

your presence not being present

was a hard pill to swallow

as I swallowed gulps of chuckles,

heartbreaks, cheer-ups, hilarity and

sugar-filled inspirations

that only you knew how to concoct

and now that your new journey begins

thunderstorms filter through

our muddied eyelashes

one glimmer at a time until we see

past obstacles into blistering days

endowed reigns of a mother's pain

now buried as you both reunite

I was there in text

to wash down the complex

although the script you flipped

without a solidified story

still established an eventful conclusion

and as you smile upon us

earning your wings

writing scripts upon the heavens.....

Red is STILL not a flavor!!

I love you......


I remember sick days

On AIM you was quick to ask why I aint working

If I was hurting you offered me kool-aid and chicken

But the pain I feel now I dont think even that could fix it

Your soul was so bright from the other side I can still see it

I would tease you bout your eyes

But I pray now they are watching me

Your star on the walk of fame was premade

From the short stories to the poetry

Your words always had a way to move me

Although we didnt meet in person I felt close to you

The times when i wanted to shut the world out some how I opened up to you

I cant put into words how much I'ma honestly miss you

Gone to soon in my eyes but maybe God needed a movie script

Do me a favor if you do a musical give my pops a part in it.

Just knowing you made me a better writer

So now when i sit with pen in hand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*done 9/6/07*
a mutual friend of ours who left us untimely. My biggest memory of her was her love for Kool-Aid. R.I.P.

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Five Years Today

Out my living room window,

I crane my neck to see,

The lights that trail a path to Heaven,

Where the Twin Towers use to be.

I trail a direction upwards,

While sending up my prayer,

To all those innocent people,

Who lost their lives right there.

Five years today, I watched,

The tragedy before my eyes.

I still can feel my utter anguish.

I still can hear my vocal cries.

And then they struck the Pentagon,

Where, more helpless victims died.

I felt right then, so vulnerable, so unsafe,

With no place to run and hide.

I sat in total shock and grief,

When they said another plane had crashed-

Flight 93, in a Pennsylvania field,

I wept openly and unabashed.

Home alone, I was there on the floor,

Screaming and crying in fear.

My children were all at school,

And I longed to have them near.

I could not comprehend such evil,

That people could actually be this cruel.

Bad enough, they stuck us, here at home,

They used our own planes, as their vicious tool!

I worried for my brother,

Then in the NAVY, stationed in D.C.

I feared the next target there,

Could very well be, where he might be.

I screamed my anguish for no one to hear,

As I was then watching the Towers fall.

Only dust and smoke and rubble lay,

Where the Twins had once stood tall.

Oh, how I cried for everyone,

Who in those buildings died.

The workers, the visitors, the heros,

Who had bravely run to aid inside!

So many innocent people, died that day,

In those horrible and cowardly attacks,

At the hands of brutal terrorists,

As they carried out Satan's acts.

Five years ago, I mourned the losses,

I cried in fear and grief and dismay.

I shed those tears for weeks on end,

And I shed them again, today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

©Cathy Faist 09-11-06

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Four Years Later

Four years later-

and the grief still feels, so fresh.

Memories and vivid pictures,

in my mind, continue to mesh.

Its like it was only yesterday,

but the years, they now number four.

My heart still aches, my eyes still weep,

my soul, still battered and sore.

I still see it, all too clear,

that fateful September day.

While it hurts, to remember,

I'd never want it to fade away.

In effort that, we never forget,

we must remember all our years.

We must allow, the images to stay

and allow the new flow of tears.

For if we become, immune to it,

and let it fade with time-

We do, a mighty dishonor, to those,

who perished in this inhuman crime.

So, though it pains me, so very much,

I shall never forget what I saw.

For despite a passing of four long years,

my heart still feels it, so very raw.

And to all those, that we lost,

we honor you always, and on this date.

You, the heroes, the innocent, the victims,

who met with this, most tragic fate.

So to you, up there in Heaven,

look down upon us, who remain-

and know, that since the day you left,

life for us, forever did change.

Never will your life have been,

for naught or all in vain.

For in your dying, you brought us together,

United, in our sorrow and pain.

The legacy, you have left behind,

is that, of a stronger nation.

For upon those, now sacred grounds,

we build upon a more stalwart foundation.

May you know, how much your missed,

with love that shall never cease.

And may your souls, continue to soar

and rest, in Heavnly Peace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

©Cathy Faist 09-09-05

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