In Memory

You know

You know,

I did not think of you yesterday,

Am I forgetting you,

Sometime its hard to remember your face,

I have your things all over my home,

But someday I don’t remember,


That scares me,

Is this what happens?

I miss you,

I have not been to your resting place,

I am going to get there soon,

Don’t be mad at me,

I will get there,

Daddy have you seen my brother?

How is he?

Let him know I love him,

Have a beautiful day in heaven,

I love you,

And I will write again soon.



Misty Yanish

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Someone is not here today

Someone is not here today,

You went to heaven one year ago today,

It feels just like yesterday,

I got that call about 9pm,

What happen I said,

With tears in my eyes,

Who is it?

Are they ok?



Its dad,

He made his away to heaven tonight,

I have no words,

Just tears,

I miss you,

Mom called today,

Misty are you ok,

Mom its just a day,

Is all I could say,

Misty  you know what day it is don’t you?

I do mom,

I do,

Are you ok?

No mom,


I will be,

Misty I love you,

Dad where are you?

Are you ok?

Did you find your place in heaven?

Are you watching over me?

Are you proud of me?

Do you miss me?

I miss you,

I need to know,

I love you,

And I don’t know what more I can say,

Your not here,

And I am,

Its to hard,

Be yourself,

And find your place,

that’s all I ask,

Love you.



Misty Yanish

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Hear you

I listen to your whispers.

Would you agree with my

life thus far?

Have I dissapointed you?

Or will you look at me

in the eye and say "You're Proud".

Iam so lost without you.

I miss our talks, in which

we spoke the same language that

we made up.

I miss you daily and is

extremely painful.

I would give my life for you.

Even if my life meant nothing.

I wanted you to teach me about me.

And tell me some of the things

I know now.

But also why I've been so beaten

down for being me.

It's been 20 years, 5 months,

9 days & 8 hours since you left me.

But everyday that I open my eyes,

I feel you next to me ...with your

eyes watching me, as if you never

left at all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my Dad ...the only person who ever understood me and never judged me! No matter how stupid I was. I haven't never let him down since I was 12.

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Wake up now.

Do not leave her, I pray you

I beg you, beseech you

if I could just reach you

I'd pull you back from the brink

just keep on believing

though you're struggling breathing

until she's once again receiving

her missing link

Hear my prayer, heed my call

for it's hold on or fall

and don't falter or stall

or she may sink

wake up now, gently sleeping

to your wife who's there weeping

and you both in good keeping

I shall continuously think.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Ryan. Please pull through, your family needs you.

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Eulogy for Zombies

I woke up today

And I thought about you,

About all the old times

And the shit we'd do.

Life's not the same

When things change so fast,

And I go through the day

Reminiscing on the past.

Can you tell me

What i need to know?

Can you tell me from here,

Where do I go?

...I called your house

'Fore I remembered you weren't there,

Hung up the phone,

And had to fight back the tears.

When you left this place,

You didnt say goodbye.

[There was] no time to call

Or leave a reason why.

I hate you for leaving

But I miss you like hell.

Yeah, I'm angry at you,

But I hope you're doing well...

Wherever you are,

Whatever you do,

Are you thinking about me

Like I'm thinking about you?

...Why did you have to go?

Can you tell me...

Where you're at

And why I couldn't go?...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally, this pieces of this were for someone who was not dead, but who had "runaway" from me.  Later, after experiencing a death, I found the feelings similar enough to encorporate those pieces into this...whole.  BTW, in case its not obvious (sometimes I don't notice when something is not) the zombie is the speaker, or really, those left behind in the wake of a death or loss.

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That's All.

i miss the late night conversations spilling our hearts out to each other about everything

i just miss it.

i miss knowing i could call you at 3 am just to tell you to go back and fall asleep with me.

i just miss it.

i miss actually having a conversation with you,babe,so much is changing day by day but maybe you don't see it.

maybe it's just me.maybe i'm overreacting.or maybe you won't see it now,but when you look back everything will be different.

i just miss it.

i miss calling you and knowing that our attention is completely on each other.

i just miss it.

i miss what we used to be and used to do.

i just miss it.that's all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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How do I say goodbye?

How do I say goodbye?

Daddy how do I say goodbye?

I heard the news,

And I broke down crying,

I asked mommy,

Why mommy why,

She says I do not know why,

And with her hand,

She wipes my tiers away,

Daddy how do I say goodbye?

Daddy I need to ask,

Why was it your time to go?

I know you are flying high,

Up into the clouds,

Pain free,

Yes daddy I knew you were in pain,

Your heart was broken,

And you did not know which way to go,

But daddy I love you so,

Why was it your time to go?

Daddy will you watch over me up there in heaven?

And keep me warm and safe,

Wipe my tiers away when I am sad,

Daddy how do I say goodbye?

One more thing before I let you go,

When it is my time to go,

Will you meet me at heavens door,

With my big brother Shawn,

And say hello,

And I love you so,

Daddy I love you so,

But for now its time to go,

Daddy how do I say goodbye.


Misty Yanish

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In memory of Chad Allen

In memory of Chad Allen….

Heaven has one more sweet angel today,

My sweet friend is in heaven today,

Out of the blue today,

My sister and I got a phone call,

Sad news,

But he is in a safe place now,

He was over in iraq,

Fighting for all of us,

He loved what he was doing for us over there,

He was coming home in about a month,

He is home now,

Safe in heaven,

But I need to ask why,

Why is there war today?

Hoping one day we can all work together,

And make a differents in a peaceful way one day,

Why is there war today?

Chad you will be missed,

And never forgotten,

Your friends and family love you so,

Watch over us and keep us safe,

Fly sweety fly.



Misty D. Yanish

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Sweet Shawn

Sweet Shawn,

You are my big brother,

If you were here today you would be 26,

I do not have memories or pictures of you,

So I imagine what you would be like,

Are you tall?

Are you short?

Do you look like mom?

Do you look like dad?

Sweet Shawn,

You are my big brother,

Do you look over me up there in heaven?

Do you know that you have a niece and nephew?

Do you know that I think of you everyday?

Sweet Shawn,

You are my big brother,

Are you helping make all my dreams come true?

Are you watching over mommy?

Are you watching over Heather and Melonie too?

Yes watch over Grams too,

I love you my sweet brother,

We will all be together someday soon,

Keep watching over your sweet family that loves you so,

Fly high my sweet angel,

My sweet brother Shawn,

We will be together soon,

Fly sweety fly!


misty yanish

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