Four Years Later

Four years later-

and the grief still feels, so fresh.

Memories and vivid pictures,

in my mind, continue to mesh.

Its like it was only yesterday,

but the years, they now number four.

My heart still aches, my eyes still weep,

my soul, still battered and sore.

I still see it, all too clear,

that fateful September day.

While it hurts, to remember,

I'd never want it to fade away.

In effort that, we never forget,

we must remember all our years.

We must allow, the images to stay

and allow the new flow of tears.

For if we become, immune to it,

and let it fade with time-

We do, a mighty dishonor, to those,

who perished in this inhuman crime.

So, though it pains me, so very much,

I shall never forget what I saw.

For despite a passing of four long years,

my heart still feels it, so very raw.

And to all those, that we lost,

we honor you always, and on this date.

You, the heroes, the innocent, the victims,

who met with this, most tragic fate.

So to you, up there in Heaven,

look down upon us, who remain-

and know, that since the day you left,

life for us, forever did change.

Never will your life have been,

for naught or all in vain.

For in your dying, you brought us together,

United, in our sorrow and pain.

The legacy, you have left behind,

is that, of a stronger nation.

For upon those, now sacred grounds,

we build upon a more stalwart foundation.

May you know, how much your missed,

with love that shall never cease.

And may your souls, continue to soar

and rest, in Heavnly Peace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

©Cathy Faist 09-09-05

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