In Memory

Robert Grey


Inhale...Exhale.. Hold your breath

Such a struggle in the presence of death

Dive down, down, deep into the black

Never to rise, never come back

Lie down to rest as we wail our mourning

Death to the young without warning

Shock, pain, a chunk of my heart

The slow feeling of being ripped apart

Goddess, Help me, Why must I grieve?

Why did he ever even have to leave?

No, no. I must be content where he lay

However I'll never forget Robert Grey...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Memory of Robert Grey. He passed away on August 14th, 2005. 2005

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Millions of Tears


Note: This is not one of my poems. For school, we had to do a multi-genre project, and one of the groups did the Columbine shootings. The two girls in the group wrote it, I did not. But for some odd reason I really wanted to put it on here, and the two of them allowed me to. They wrote this, and I really enjoy it. I have not altered it, and I dont know your view on this event, but I really enjoy this poem.

April 20, 1999: A spring day leaking blood and devestation
Two boys full of hatred and retaliation
A terrifiedd girl named Cassie Bernall
Alone under a table in the library hall
A gun to her head with one question asked: "Do you believe in god?"
Withour fear she answered "yes" I do
With that a trigger pulled, Cassie we'll miss you
A white coffin lowered into the dirt
Filling friends, family, and strangers with hurt
Prejudice and racists full of rage
A list of victoms now equalling a page
A candle lit for Coach Dave
And all the others he could not save
Let us not forget Eric and Dylan who committed this hideous crime
In the afterlife they'll do their time
They took their own lives after destroying others
Ruining lives of everyone, even fathers and mothers
Now we see this picture of a girl who was present on the day
When these two villians took so many lives away
Her head to the sky
Wondering why
Tears streaking her face
In depression and disgrace
She now stands as a symbol of every emotion on that day
When these two killers took 13 too many innocent lives away
It is that day thousands shed millions of tears
And it is that day we still remember, even after seven years

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Like I said, this poem really struck me. I hope you enjoy it too, it is really well written. (And just a rather random note, it is really hard typing with long nails.)

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Raindrop :

I hear the rain falling, wonder why it rains, is it god that is sad.

Or a angel that has gone to heaven,who know we will never know it.

but 1 thing we will know is, that some comes in heaven and becomes angels.

and then they become Ower Watcher, they are what we call Guardian Angels.

They Protect us and make sure nothing happens to us, I hope My grand Dad is My angel.

as even when He did die I did miss Him,

and know others hope it is some one special they know, that watch them.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

in Memory of My Grand Dad that passed away many years ago

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I will miss those bright round golden eyes

And your loving heart bursting with eagerness

That soft gentle purr that deeply lulls me into peaceful dreams

And longing thoughts of home

I will miss you, silly little angel kitten, lighting up the room

Cluttering it with lots of string and bells for play

And long, languid scratches on the back porch rails

As if a fierce tiger dropped by to pay a visit

I will miss that warm gentle body protecting me from the winter frost

With a soft fur coat wrapped in a timy multi colored ball of fluff

And all the fun we had throughout the years

I will miss your sweet unselfish soul wanting only to be loved

Knowing no sense of time at all

Living each and every moment to the fullest

Until your time on earth is done

Your trusting face knowing now that it's time to cross

The Rainbow Bridge and that

No one will deny you the right to go

Sleep now, my darling, forever, in my arms

Find great oaks to climb and butterflies to tease

Dream of sunshine, grass and wondrous curiosities

Challenge high places and seek dark secret cozy corners

That no one else can ever find

Jump up high into the clouds

And strong into endless fields of sweet clover

Remember the warmth of my touch

As you silently breathe your last breath

Upon my far too frail human skin

That will miss your comfort when the night is cold

As you life ebbs from your tired old soul

And you mewl a deep quiet sigh one last time

I feel your worries and your pain melt quietly away

Relief surrounds you as your spirit finally rests

And effortlessly floats freely among the stars

Wait for me, dear one, please, on that Rainbow Bridge

With your tender kitten ways and your kitten love

Nuzzle me with your faithful trust

Keep me always safely in your heart

As I will keep you forever in mine

Goodbye Itty Bitty Kitty

Author's Notes/Comments: 

These are the thoughts & emotions I felt while holding Itty Bitty Kitty one last time as she quietly passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. She was 25. I will miss her

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Never Before

Never before have I met

a guy like him

a man who meets my every criteria

on how a perfect prince should be

He entered my life in a simple way

with a single salutation

that made me intrigued to learn

his every quality and characteristic

Never before have I been impacted

the way he has impacted me

In such a short period of time

he has flipped my world upside down

Before I met him my love life

was a vortex of despair

but with kind gestures and an open heart

he tried to calm the storm of my hard life

Never before did I want somebody

in the matter I want him in my life

at my side, as a friend

through the good and bad times

And never again do I want

him to leave my side

because life wouldnt be worth living

if I didnt have him in my life

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molly eve


so sweet and small

our little molly

wasnt ment for this world

you came,you gave your joy

you had to leave

always looking down on us

never fear molly dear

your mummy is here n we look after her

your little box

full of little bits of joy

reminders of you to be looked at and laughed over

always loved,always missed

never forgotten

little star in our sky

twinkling away

like a giggling angel

halo and wings pure white

perfect love and perfect joy

is little molly eve

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is written for my baby sister molly who died,today is/would be her 5th birthday.

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A Stretch


A week is nothing but a stretch of time.

It stands, it stretches, arches to a height

but never can it ever find sublime.

To some it seems a riddle to define,

this span so simple, subtly brought to light;

a week is nothing but a stretch of time.

To others, deeply, happily entwined,

to make so little of it seems not right -

but never can it ever find sublime.

Unfortunate for both, this darkling wire

debases and delineates the fight;

a week is nothing but a stretch of time.

These dual troubles hiding in our rhyme

are masks; in truth and ignorance they crown our sight,

but never can we ever find sublime.

We look to futures freezing in the night,

and fool a sage twist in supposed might.

A week is nothing but a stretch of time

and never can it ever find sublime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A memory from a trip to Pittsburgh.

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صغار كنا وكبرنا

my poem

صغار كنا وكبرنا

ومع الايام تغيرنا

عشنا الفرح وعشنا الحزن

وعشنا الحب وعشنا الهم00

بنكبر ونضل نتذكر

منك لمسات الحنين

وكل ما بنتذكر نصغر

ونرجع حواليكي نلتم00

عشتي النا ورعيتينا

شعلتي النا العشرة شموع

دوم وانتي غامرتينا

ما كنا لشي نهتم00

يمكن كبرنا الزمن

واخدتنا معها الايام

ما بيسوى حبك تمن

نفديكي بالروح والدم00

رفعنا ايدينا ودعينالك

ربي يا امي يحميكي

كل غالي يرخص كرمالك

انتي الوطن وانتي الام00

Author's Notes/Comments: 

اهداء الى امي والى كل الامهات00
حب وتقدير

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To Be Seen Heard Spoken

By the old open window,

She sat in the rocking chair.

Rocking ever so slightly,

Feeling the breeze, breathing the air.

No one knew what she was staring at,

For you see her hands were now her eyes.

Pale and clutching the chair with hope.

Desperately to see out the window she tries.

She couldn't see the children on the street,

And never knew if it was day or night.

She only knew the world by her hands,

You see she was born without her sight.

She sat their alert and listening,

For the sound she would not hear.

The world was silent around her.

No sound ever came to her ear.

She did not hear the children scream,

Their voices from a different world entire.

She didn't know they were yelling at her.

Screaming the building was on fire.

The building was warming,

So she went to the creaky door.

She put her hand on the handle,

The fire burst onto the floor.

She felt the smoke burn her lungs,

She ran to the window hurt and weak.

No one heard her cries for help.

For you see she could not speak.

Then it came to her that she was alone,

No one knew that she was there.

She did the only thing that could be done,

Was to sit back down in her chair.

She rocked backwards and forwards,

Like time had never passed

With a tear on her cheek.

Sitting their like time would always last.

So that is why by the old open window,

She sat in that rocking chair.

Rocking ever so slightly,

Feeling the breeze and just breathing the air.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for an entry for my school blog. I thought it was good enough to put in my poems folder. It made me cry while I wrote it. So I hope people like it.

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