In Memory


As life’s river flows

Whose times dam shan’t slow.

I look back to yesterday’s sand

When I walked a different land.

As I travel this road

Carrying this tolling load.

I think back on this asphalt

When I didn’t weigh the faults.

When I look in my soul

Before the gleam became dull.

I remember paying the cost

Of counting all I lost.

Waking in the early hours

To dawdle to the pharmacy we called ours.

The looks we got, the scours given, just to rid of us they yearned.

I may have a torn bloodstone.

I may travel this earth alone.

Yet it still remains in here

If not for you I wouldn’t have survived these years.

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angel that went home too fast

angel that went home too fast

Emma you are

now an angel

for sure.

U always looks

like when you

were sleeping but

you are for

sure that called home.

You are so

cute when you

was around me

even through I

never knew that

we only had

so little time together.

I hope you

made it to

have because that’s

where you belong

. So remember Emma

that we love

you and God

and Jesus Loves you.

I will see

you one day

when I leave

this earth.

Rip Emma.

-Gene Conner

December 18, 2005

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Friendships Gift


Some people are only here for a little while

They had to come to make sure we smiled

Don't be mad now that they're gone

They wouldn't want us to carry on

Just be happy for the time you had

Try to remember them without being sad

Don't ever let it tear you apart

Just keep their spirits within your heart


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of the Warren's.  Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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In Memory of John

Recent Poems

I remember him, a cousin dear to me.

He’d tell me stories, make me laugh,

But it is we who tell the stories now.

An adventuresome sort,

Doing everything despite any risks.

He died doing something he loved,

With a friend that he loved.

His smile never faded,

Ever seen upon his face.

The biggest grin you’ve ever seen,

Friendly, fun, and loving.

His laugh was heard for miles around,

Conquering any other sound.

It was infectious, distinct,

And made you want to laugh with him.

A healthy eater,

Always putting everything in front of him

To good use.

He never turned anything down.

He was a friend to those in need,

In every thought, action and deed.

He simply was a friend to all,

Always there to call.

His name was Peaches,

Or that’s how he was known.

Outrageous outfits, a boy who stands out,

These were seeds so happily sown.

Organized, laid back,

We all loved him for who he was,

And the knowledge

That he was always there.

He died in nature,

The beautiful outdoors.

He’s in our hearts forever.

How could we forget

The friend, the cousin, the son, the boyfriend

Everything he was to us.

Because he was all that, and more.

John will never be forgotten

Not here, not now, not ever.

He’s made an impression

We can never forget.

We’ll always love him,

Always and ever.

And I know…

I know he looks after us

Because that is just how John is.

He’s with God,

An angel in Heaven.

Doing there what he did on earth…

Loving, serving, caring and bringing joy

To everyone he came in contact with.

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November 6th

November 6th

Is the anniversary

Date that my

Papa Lathem

Died it was

A sad day in

Of our lives.

Over time

Some might

Think a loved

One’s memory

Will fade

But it never

Does. It’s been

Over 10 years

And I remember

Every detail

About my papa’s death

As if it were


It is true with

Time your sadness

And pain heal a

Little everyday!

But the memories

Of missing someone you dearly love

never leave

Your brain.


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New life


closing my eyes, I try to imagine what it would be like

to live without you here, it just doesn't feel right

swallow it down, taste the fear, taste all the pain

a broken record stuck on repeat plays in my brain

I feel like I breathe in vain, I feel so small

tell me how in one minute can you lose it all

I saw every broken dream as it floated by

like a cloud that rests in the blue sky


can I breathe new life into you

can I pour my blood through you

can I bring you to life again

and forget it was ever the end

can I breathe new life into you

can I breathe new life into you

I wonder how I can even look at the sky

thinking about how I never even said goodbye

could anyone hear me screaming, crying out loud

feeling like I am just stuck in a big crowd

life goes on but your not here to share it with

so I will take my life and I will learn to live

missing your laugh, missing your smile always

questions will linger in my head for all my days


what would have happend if I could

cause you know that I always would

would it have been enough that night

to save you and bring you to life

bring you to life


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In loving memory of my Uncle David

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Bought me my first pair of heels and gave them to me when my mother wasn’t looking.

They were four inches tall with summer straps.

The woman who danced like I do. Free-spirited, always the caregiver.

If anyone needed help she was there.  Several stories of husbands and fishing.

That was my Aunt (Mama) Flossie.

Oftentimes I’d hear tail ends of conversations that were “sis the other kids have it.  She needs it to fit in” Next thing I knew I had whatever it was for school.

I had my mother. I had my sisters. I had my father and I had Mama Flossie.

We laughed together, cried together, and even made it rough hard times together.  She will be missed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for my favorite aunt.  My Aunt Flossie Mae Howell who ended her journey in January 2005.  She was my friend.  The one family member that I could talk to about anything from sex to life.

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The day the towers fell

The day the towers fell

Today is the anniversary

Of the fallen towers of

The world trade center.

And I will never forget

The first time I saw that

Plane crash in the

The world trade center.

My views on this

World forever be

Changed from

That date. I

Thought to

Myself that

Could’ve have been

Me in those

Towers. Or

My family or

My friends.

I just can’t believe this is happing

To our beautiful country. I

Can’t that somebody could

Destroy parts of our country

And take mothers, daughters,

Husbands away without feeling an

Ounce of sorrow or pain and it still

Puzzled me until this day my only guess is

their hearts were filled hate that they didn’t

feel anything but that okay they’ll all

get theirs someday

  sept 11, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote about 9/11

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Assorted Epitaphs

beneath the ground

six feet down

lays to rot, a man

to die so young,

to have his life expunged

wasn't a part of his plan...

Six feet under this bare earth

Marked by this heavy stone

I lay, i rot, i rest in peace

Leaving only a fertile mass

Eventually to be released...

Alas, alo, this hollow glow

marks a soul never to go

up or down, never to move

from this dark, six-foot groove

a soul with such weight, you see

that no spiritual gate could be

wide enough or expected

so his soul they've rejected...

the decision was hers

this much is true

oh how much we'll miss you

a fate so determined

by some, lowly vermin

that even this stone weeps for you...

oh the chances, oh missed romances

oh fate so cruel and sure

oh how, oh why did u see fit

to cast, to steal, into the pit

a soul so true and pure...

she smiled, never wept

a peaceful sleep she kept

depression was never a suspect

but now laying at a depth

much lower than one would expect

this life, obvious, she could not accept...

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