In Memory

In Memory

Two dear little children

once here, are now gone

your life, heart, and soul

but you must carry on

There’s a pain in your heart

a heavy ache in your chest

where the love for your child

cannot be expressed

No, time will not cease

not a pause, nor a space

the world will still turn

each day you must face

With time you will see

that they too will go on

like wind in the trees

their laughter a song

Like waves on the ocean

and birds in the air

like dew atop leaves

they will always be there

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Just my Uncle and me


everytime I said "I love you" I was only scratching the surface

of a deeper meaning that held a certain kind of important purpose

everytime I hugged you I was only showing a portion of my love

cause nothing that I could do or say would ever be enough

I could never possiblly show you how much you meant to me

how you were one of the most imporant people in my world you see

everytime I cried cause you were gone it was only a sideview of what I felt

cause when I think about all that happened my heart starts to slowly melt


I think about that time on the beach when we walked hand in hand

I watched the sunset for the first time as we walked across the sand

I think about that time you told our waiter I thought he was hot

and how the waiter said he had a girlfriend and everyone laughed a lot

I think about all the times you called me an icky girl when we talked on the phone

I think about how there was nothing I looked forward to more than you coming home

and I look at all the pictures and I just see

so many times shared with you, just my Uncle and me

all the cards and letters I sent to you all the time to show you I cared

every phone call I made to you just to say "hi, I love you" could never compare

to how blessed I was to know you and how proud I am to say you were my Uncle

and how happy I am to hold these memories close to my heart sweet as honey suckle

and every time I say "I miss you" doesn't even describe how much I really do

and although Heaven is better than anything I could have ever given to you

I wish that you could come back so that I could see you again

and give one more hug to such a wonderful Uncle and friend


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In loving memory of my Uncle David.

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To Nick.


"Summer has come and passed

the innocent they never last..Wake me up...

when september ends."

The innocent didn't last that's true.

But I'm leaving here to be with you.

Why did you think that no one cared?

But it doesn't matter now

You gave me a scare.

When you're watching from heaven above

Please know down here you have my love.

Rest in Peace

Nicholas Everett Shurley

October 7, 1988-January 30, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For My cousin who killed himself. I still love him as though he is still with us.

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One day

Don't know when

Two cars

Recognized one of the cars

Three friends

All in one car

Four guys

All in the other car

Five o clock in the morning


I Was woken up

I Heard that loud telephone ring

I ignored it completely

I tried to go back to sleep

I kept remembering that dream I had

It wouldn't escape my mind

The telephone rings again

I answer it


Too overwhelmed with tears to talk

What's wrong

What's wrong

I heard nothing but the word


I froze

It was his sister

SHe told me he was shot

IN the back

Just like what happened in my dream



I realize that Is what I saw

It then sinks in that he left my side

My big bro was gone

I weep silently


Never to return

I wasn't there

To help him

I wasnt there for him

Maybe if i was there

TOLD someone about my Dream

HE would still be alive

So today is the day

I remember You left Me Forever

I know now that It wasn't my fault

It wasn't my fault he got shot

I know he loves me

He knows I Love him To death

EVen though he is gone

I still love him and miss him more


So this is what I have to so to you

David my bro


I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In loving memory of David Reyes.
I miss you dude

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ANDY (Dedicated To Andy Kaufman)

ANDY --- Dedicated To The Life Of Andrew Geoffrey Kaufman (1949-1984)

(T. Beechey)

He came like a comet through the skies,

He left before we could speak our goodbyes,

And in-between we cast forth our eyes,

To the magic and spirit of Andy.

Both to the woeful and the wise,

He was the bond that forever ties,

The bond between self and disguise,

And,for that,we love you Andy.

He caused us to think and realize,

The boundaries existant in truth and lies,

He give us hope for further tries,

To claim for ourselves the ultimate prize:

The admiration life often denies,

All the world over, long after one dies,

So, it is with pride that my voice decries,

"Godspeed unto you, Andy!"

Some folks, they won't accept your demise ---

Too many "hows" and "ifs" and "whys",

They insist that,once again,you'll rise,

But,whether or not, it still applies:

When one succeeds where each odd defies,

And, out of each low,creates new highs,

Regardless of name or shape or size,

Therein lies the essence of Andy.

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River Of Stories

Psychological assault

Acting like a thunderbolt

And everyday a weeping river,

That's death in a buoy of answer!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This particular poem was inspired by the awe-inspiring movie "K-Pax" starring the talented Mr. Kevin Spacey.

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Niagra Falls fell from my eyes


Niagra falls fell from my eyes for all to see

like a dagger the words just stabbed into me

when I found out you were going to die

and that I would never get to say goodbye

it's like all of a sudden the sky wasn't painted blue anymore

it's like all of a sudden I had never felt pain before

and like a broken record it plays in my mind over again

it's not my favorite song but I can't get it out of my head


take away my posessions cause they don't mean a thing

cause they have lost the comfort that they bring

take away the rain for my tears can take it's place

cause they are just pouring and filling every space

take away everything artificial that I don't need

cause they can't mend me on the inside where I bleed

all thats left are memories and pictures I have of you

I hold them close to my heart to help me get through

I was so shocked when I heard the news, I never expected it to be this way

I fell to the floor I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say

and if I could've I would of reached out and grabbed a star from the sky

and I would've sent it to you so that you could hold it close by your side

but when I reached out all I caught was a handful of air

and then when I turned around again you weren't there


I remember the last time I talked to you on the phone like it was last night

and I remember the last time I had seen you and had held you so tight

I remember the last words I had ever spoke to you last time we talked about a month ago

I had told you I loved you so that if anything like this happened you would know


Niagra falls fell from my eyes

when I found out you were going to die

and that I would never get to say goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In loving memory of my Uncle David

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Sa Gitna ng Isang Konsyerto

Binulabog ng pambihirang sining ng tunog

Itong isang munting silid sa Kamaynilaan.

Nagtipon-tipon ang kakaibang lahi ng kabataan.

Habang gabi'y nagsimula nang matulog

Sa indak nitong napakagandang tugtog.

At sa gitna nitong nag-iinit na silid,

Namangha at bumilib.

Lumutang ang misteryosang babaeng kaibig-ibig.

Lumuwa ang mga halimaw na matang nakatitig.

Nahati ang mga sumunod na eksena.

Di malaman ang gagawin ng torpeng pagnanasa.

At nang lumalim na ang gabi,

Nagkaroon ng lugar sa kanyang tabi.

Ngayo'y nasa 'kin na ang pagkakataon.

Damdam ang kanyang balat at pawis

habang kami'y tumatalon.

Ilan ring mga sagi ng kanyang balikat

ang aking binaon.

Sabay ang aming mga kamay sa paglipad sa ere.

At mga ulong sumusunod sa kakaibang hele.

Isinilid pa sa utak ang kanyang mga sigaw at tinig.

Pati na ang makulay niyang mga titig.

Di makalimutan ang pagsandal sa 'king mga binti

Nang minsang nagpahinga ng sandali.

Sa ilang oras ng pagtatanghal

at ang konsyerto ay tapos na.

Huling pagkakataon na siya'y makita.

Huling pagkakataon upang siya'y makilala.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is all bout this lady that i saw on the good charlotte concert last july 8,05. i want to be her friend but unfortunately i didn't get her number and even ask her name..

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DeDe's Poem


I know this woman,

She’s very special you see.

To all of us who know her,

Her name is DeDe.

She’s pretty normal,

And sometimes quite strange.

By looking at her,

You’ll never guess her age.

She has a loving family,

And oh so many friends.

The love that she shows you,

Is one that never ends.

DeDe is the person,

Everyone knows.

To everyone she meets,

Its love she shows.

She is a strong woman,

Someone I wish I could be.

A very special person,

We know as DeDe.

Her beauty is endless,

Her love spans all time.

All though I have a wonderful mother of my own,

I wish DeDe as a mother was mine.

Her family is her treasure,

Of that you can  be sure.

The love that she gives,

Is one so very pure.

Of all the friends I have,

DeDe is one of my best.

And this is why,

She stands out above the rest!

I love you DeDe!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written for a very special woman, she is my dear friend who committed suicide, and I wanted you all to know that she is a very special person!

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