In Memory

2nd October is a special day in history


Remember Mohandas at his 140 years

Homage Mahatma Evergreen Man

“At his One hundred and forty years”

Born in Gujrat Porbander

Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand

Living life unto his name

He is an open book transparent.

Young Kasturba marries

Sails to London, law studies

Returns to Africa settles

As Barrister, begins Practise.

However, turn of events

Change of winds. With determination

To India, the young man returns.

It is after twenty years.

Copper, frail, brazen, golden man

Spin fabric of non-violence.

Stick Stubborn, “Ahimsa Parham Dharm”

Infect the sub continent.

The man knows what he speaks.

Many take him as a freak.

The half-naked fakir never wrecks.

Love and affection his, rocks.

Father of a nation Bapuji is. At Sabarmati

Ashram, humbly devotes his services.

Attend lepers, nurse sick, and untouchables.

He is an epitome complete kindness.

His brain cooks all in one, Power of Peace.

His Logic, freedom needs no weapon.

That hurts fragile human. Faith in his Belief

Strong instances, “Moves Mountains”

Freedom at Midnight Achieves.

Lords and Ladies retreat.

The British Viceroy Mountbatten Handover

India. Of which Nehru is Premier.

Mahatma the Nobleman

Forever-Evergreen World Renowned

People remember October 2nd

His Birthday 2009-10-02 celebrates nations.

Homage Mahatma Evergreen Man

“At his One hundred and forty years”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem is a repost updated on Mahatma's 140yrs birth anniversary

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We Come To This Date

...Oh my heart, my heart,

Bears such heavy weight,

As once more again,

We come to this date.

Eight years have passed,

But the pain, is still raw.

Tears still fall down,

From the horrors I saw.

For a senseless act,

So cowardly and cruel,

Killed innocent people,

By the devil's tool.

The scenes, they still flash,

In my mind, from that day.

Forever ingrained,

They will always stay.

But never, not ever,

Will I forget to remember,

And pray for those lost,

That Eleventh Of September.

...Oh my heart, my heart,

Bears such heavy weight,

As once again,

We come to this date.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8 yrs.... :(

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like you I long to be


to hear waves crash

swim and splash

taste the salt

feel the sun

see the sand

watch the fun

makes me wish for you

to free my wounded soul

listening only to your ancient sound

thinking of all youve seen

I ponder how we are alike

ever changing but never completely

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My Grandmother


I miss her

The smile, the laugh

How when she held me

I knew it would be alright

The love she gave

The way she would care for everyone

She would cook for you

Sew for you

She grew a garden

Everything with her own two hands

She coaxed it from the rocky earth

Tomatoes, beans, lettuce

She fed her family that way

The way she learned from her farmer parents

She lived her life with the values they taught her

Be strong, be loyal, loving

And she taught it to me

Passed on her legacy

Passed on that love, that kindness

I'll always miss her

But I'll never forget her

I'll try to make her proud

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I lost my Grandmother this year to lung cancer. I think of her everyday and remember what she taught me. This was on my mind and I had to put it down for her.

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She Would Go Walking (Love's Ghost)

She would go walking through a haunting of sentiments, saddened by the renewing memories of a man who'd famished her only true hopes of a world of love. He'd died in the arms of a soldier.

She would go walking through an early morning cemetary where a robin redbreast opened a chapter of song, in which blended into the designs of her emotion. She thought back to a childhood story.

"Mr. Robby Red Breast often awakened the setting with his glorious, bliss-filled bursts of boldly composed uplifting chirpings for all of the other weery-eyed robins..."

She would go walking in range of the children and angels, and gunfire from afar, adding more view to the path of her hindsight, confronting the hilltop to view now, (through wonder), a trace of love's ghost, to lurk evermore in the valley of silence and prayer.

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Consider It Noted

I guess I never really got it through my head.

Everything that you ever said.

But now your words are crashing down upon me as heavy as lead.

It is a new life you are meant to tread.

Without me here he said.

Then he turned and away he sped.

It was the pain in my eyes that you read.

You could have stayed stopping the spread.

But you left me here instead.

Now all I see is red.

As I lay here on my deathbed.

Remembering everything you ever said.

-Exkai Jade Satiro-Synonym of Depression™

Author's Notes/Comments: 

um.. not much to say.. i was just sorta thinking about on things he said.. it all just popped into my head. haha there i go again.. anyhoo. the death bed thing isn't real. i just wanted to make it darker.. and it had to ryhme haha. lol. kinda pathetic now that i look back.

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“Memories of Our Mo-Mo” (In Honor of Morgan Alexander Massey: January 6, 2006 - October 27, 2007

More love exists for and because of you, little boy, than even seems possible in so short a span of time.

Our hearts and minds are filled with the music of your laugh, the sound of your voice and the way your bright blue eyes with mischief, humor and temper would so often flash and shine.

Running and laughing and playing and dancing even though you were so sick,

Giving us all a reason to smile—a moment of joy—when the clouds of life were hanging heavy, dark and thick.

And you taught us new meaning of fight and faith and of trust in Jehovah; and though it’s true that—because we miss you—the tears down our faces now stream,

Now that you’re resting and in no pain, we grieve—but not as the rest do—because we’ll see you soon in the Promised New World that we know is no mere dream.

Love,  “Aunt Kyla” (October 27-28, 2007)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my best friend's baby boy who died back in 2007. It's an acrostic; it spells out his name M.O.R.G.A.N., but the formatting is lost here. Anyway, he wasn't even quite 2 years old. Leukemia took him away from us. I still miss you everyday, Mo-Mo. Can't wait to see you again, Morgan.

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sweet winds carry your memory

soft cries murmer your name

my heart holds you close

never forgetting you

my precious baby

my world scatterd into the four corners

my faith ripped apart

all i wanted was to hold you

breath in your sweet smell

to hear you say mummy

seems its not ment to be

even your name brings the tears

hot and fast they fall

over and over i cry

wishing you was here

with me

where you belong

ill see you one day

sweet baby

knowing that is the only thing i live for

this worlds cold and hopeless

without you here

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for my son brendan gabriel rip lil man

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Farewell & Goodbye

No words can ever express,

How much your loved & dearly missed.

Although our paths lead us apart,

You never ever left my heart.

I wrote this poem just for you,

And also for our family too.

A Son,Brother,Husband,Uncle & Father,

A true friend as well that you could never bother.

You loved Puzzles,Nascar,Fishing & Country,

Even jumping on the phone to win us a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Our brother Mark was the one who found you,

And boy the trouble you two could do.

But it was all good and best friends began,

I'm sure Mark would do it all again.

You and sis Tammi now that was a pair,

Thick as thieves smiling always from ear to ear.

Tammi was your biggest fan,

She always said Mike is a very good man.

Our memories will forever last,

We all smile when we think of you tweaking your stash.

You'll always be with me I know this to be true,

Watching, guarding, our son's Robert,Chris, & Shaun too.

Remember the time your took them to school,

And make the truck back fire boom boom.

Oh how I know they'll miss there dad,

But they'll never forget the fun they had.

We send our hugs & kisses to you,

Please find our Mom & give her lots too.

We love you now,

We loved you then,

We know one day we will see you again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem year's ago after the death of my ex-husband. This was to a memory of the man he once was. Life changes, choices made, not always for the better. I have forgiven but will not forget. To say goodbye and go on for the Kids, Family & Myself.

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