Five Years Today

Out my living room window,

I crane my neck to see,

The lights that trail a path to Heaven,

Where the Twin Towers use to be.

I trail a direction upwards,

While sending up my prayer,

To all those innocent people,

Who lost their lives right there.

Five years today, I watched,

The tragedy before my eyes.

I still can feel my utter anguish.

I still can hear my vocal cries.

And then they struck the Pentagon,

Where, more helpless victims died.

I felt right then, so vulnerable, so unsafe,

With no place to run and hide.

I sat in total shock and grief,

When they said another plane had crashed-

Flight 93, in a Pennsylvania field,

I wept openly and unabashed.

Home alone, I was there on the floor,

Screaming and crying in fear.

My children were all at school,

And I longed to have them near.

I could not comprehend such evil,

That people could actually be this cruel.

Bad enough, they stuck us, here at home,

They used our own planes, as their vicious tool!

I worried for my brother,

Then in the NAVY, stationed in D.C.

I feared the next target there,

Could very well be, where he might be.

I screamed my anguish for no one to hear,

As I was then watching the Towers fall.

Only dust and smoke and rubble lay,

Where the Twins had once stood tall.

Oh, how I cried for everyone,

Who in those buildings died.

The workers, the visitors, the heros,

Who had bravely run to aid inside!

So many innocent people, died that day,

In those horrible and cowardly attacks,

At the hands of brutal terrorists,

As they carried out Satan's acts.

Five years ago, I mourned the losses,

I cried in fear and grief and dismay.

I shed those tears for weeks on end,

And I shed them again, today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

©Cathy Faist 09-11-06

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