All I Want is a Pitch

I want to play baseball.
The game isn't the true face at all.

I've watched since
I was a small child.

My heart always went to
thos most passionate and wild.

I fell in love with the
stories of triumph and success
Lose or win, triumph or fail
they were great games, and the best.

I wanted to be like that,
be a star, a player of the game.
I started to watch closely
and they all were not the same.

There were three differnet
games that I identified.
The ones in the majors and
the minors, and then the weekenders outside.

I've watched games
and I've picked up a bat.
I've swung and I've practiced
I've got on my batting hat.

It's my turn up
in this imaginary game.
But its not like I've seen
nothing is the same.

I'm ready to go
and confident I can play.
I've practiced and practiced
and its a perfect day.

I'm not so presumptuous
to think I'm super great.
I just want to take a swing
before it gets too late.

I don't even care if
I don't make it to first base.
All I want is a pitch!
I'll swing with a happy face.

Alas there isn't
even a pitcher on the mound.
I'm waiting all ready at the
plate, no pitcher to be found.

All I want is a pitch,
I'm so eager to play.
Please, someone
come and play.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 17: a poem titled "All I Want is____".  This poem has a dual meaning.

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