Everyday Training

I looked below from a four-legged beast.

The ground closing in around me

I tried my best not to see

my face pummeling the ground beneath.

I lay among the tall green grass

unhurt I seem to be.

The beast came along beconing me,

to get back on willingly.

I sighed "you brat" 

he smiled, nuzzled, and nudged

till I stood and held him closely.

I adressed the scare that sent me pummeling

a sack tied loosely to a stump.

He sniffed then was okay

I praised him and got back on the beast back.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a hard time with the ending, but I do like this poem. Hope you do too :)

The Volunteer:

Thank goodness for those who volunteer.

With heart and minds that will not fail.

They apply themselves to the challenger;

To win against this team, we will not bail.

Volunteers, all with good intentions.

With a prize to win for their effort.

Good causes to donate to, good sensations.

Keep on trying to win, we have the support.

At this race we are going for completion.

Our sponsors will be pleased for us.

Local community will love the donation.

Must keep on: maybe we'll have a bus;

To celebrate our volunteerism of this task.

Around the town smiling and walking as we pass.

Fans delighted each wearing an ammused mask.

Supporters cheering and singing en-mass.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well all done all volunteers, keep up the good work, your efforts are appreciated.