Running to everything you are

I was running down the road,
Lost and gripping a heavy load,
The past behind me,
The future in front,
A current of speed,
An elemental deed,
My tracks so sharp,
Like a quick spark,
I would find the road,
Either that or explode,
With the breeze on my face,
With all my haste,
This being my race,
I would find my place,

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From Energy to Ego

Volume Three

Ghosts whispers tales of sorrow,
the regret leaves a trail of horrors
It's hard to believe the egos of some
while others are just plain dumb.
This life is your trail by fire,
as humanity is something to admire.
Beauty within, starts at your conscious to begin.
Question everything. Stardust to a living breathing being.
The universe is our home, where energy is free to roam.

Heroes have died. The ego has pride.
The saints are gone and the angels have cried
out of the darkness, straight from the abyss.
It's sad for it is the little things you miss
Heaven and hell, words not a cell.
Punishable by your own thoughts and convictions,
Judges by your own creation
for in this life, reality is of your own manifestation.
Choice and action, Your influenced reaction.

Beyond any of this, there is but only a wish
however the truth is we will never know
what happens after death until we ourselves go.
Faith is such a tricky word; to believe.
That at least once our hearts and minds will be deceived.
To know god, is to know your perception will be flawed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Ego is important as it defines our vary individuality, however unchecked it could become the vary thing that destroys you.


The Battle Mile

Outlawed engines of aluminum and steel go to war with direct energy
generators of superior power; beyond speeds beyond the capacity
of the human mind and soul.
They fill the night sky with streaking lights and twisting steel
of the causalities along the wastelands along the battle mile;
who will rise from the chaos, the followers of the old ways
or the sons and daughters of the new age?

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Make you feel better

Yeah you,
Your eyes have not spoken for a while
and I know that your jaw is weary
Even Atlas couldn’t bear that smile
Don’t let anything discourage you
My friend
It is time to step out of the shadow
Of your former self
Don’t be afraid to love and lose
Don’t be afraid to talk
Say how you feel
Take a minute to realise
What a fucking beautiful world this is
You will feel a rhythmic thud
you can feel it,
Allow yourself to be in awe of it
and be grateful,
Yes you
Everything that was wrong can become right
In the same way as it happens in reverse
Become innocent again
You are going to be alright
All darkness will be banished
When you befriend the light

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Volume One








I can feel the stars on my hand

wish upon a star from the damned

the dark surrounds it, the light hides it

Fear of hope, Fear of love

Dark stars from the sky, blinds me like a fly

I can feel the stars on my body, in my soul

like a goal, I need the hope

hope that one day life will show me love

stars in my hand burning, stars in my mind singing

stars in the body bringing, stars in the heart bleeding

For me..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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The Soul

Volume One






The Soul”



I can pass through a crack in the wall

I can soar through a long hall

I will fall and get back up

Some say I won't die

some say I can't die

some even say I come from the sky

I am the man of mystery

I am the man who cannot die

but inside I am torn apart

but I have died, died inside


"Death is the only way out"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was the very first poem I ever wrote, back when I was still in school. I had made the mistake of showing this to one of my teaching hoping and expecting for them to be proud of my creativity, however instead what I got was a nightmare of councilers and lectures about being depressed and suicidal and all that fun stuff.


(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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