Make you feel better

Yeah you,
Your eyes have not spoken for a while
and I know that your jaw is weary
Even Atlas couldn’t bear that smile
Don’t let anything discourage you
My friend
It is time to step out of the shadow
Of your former self
Don’t be afraid to love and lose
Don’t be afraid to talk
Say how you feel
Take a minute to realise
What a fucking beautiful world this is
You will feel a rhythmic thud
you can feel it,
Allow yourself to be in awe of it
and be grateful,
Yes you
Everything that was wrong can become right
In the same way as it happens in reverse
Become innocent again
You are going to be alright
All darkness will be banished
When you befriend the light

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I love the way this poem

I love the way this poem starts. It immediately grabs the attention of the reader! The third line is brilliant! Line 14 is unexpected and yet using the 'f' word in the middle of this beautiful poem underlines the idea of a 'beautiful world'! I like the idealism and optimism of this poem. Even though I know that things don't always turn out right, this poem gives me hope that it will all somehow work out. Good one!

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