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What I want you to know about me...

Does it matter? You're here to read, not to listen to me babble. :P

Sometimes I write, sometimes I don't.

[I realize this is long. Those that read it... Well... You're great.]

There's not really much to me. No complex or detailed explanation of who I am could ever really define me. I love music, writing, candles, costumes, Halloween, Christmas, swords, guitars, video games, joy-riding, and going to concerts. I'm friendly. I'm the one people come to for advice. I'm the one everyone trusts with their deepest secrets.

Poetry, to me, is mostly an outlet. I don't just sit down and write poetry, it has to come from somewhere. I'm inspired by something I see or something I experience or something I feel. Sometimes all of that collides.

But, because of that, most of my poetry will be about anger, sadness, dreams, or love. It's very, very rare when I publish a happy poem.

I'd like to think of my life as a river. It's constantly moving and flowing and always freaking changing... And I'll be damned if I can't stop the occasional bastard from polluting it and causing some severe damage.

These poems, these writings... They're small droplets of my life. Little mirrors. If you look into them, you can see me.

Thanks for your time. - MK


[Silent Night]
[Saint Unbroken]
[Virginia Jean]


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