A Day At The Beach

The dawn is slowly breaking.

In solitude I play.

Upon your white sand beaches

I will start my day.

I needed just some time alone with you

Dear waves that kiss the shore ~

For soon you will be crowded

With people by the score.

For now, my set of footprints

Is all that can be seen.

You whisper to me softly~

"Please feel free to dream."

The morning chill is lifting

as the sun plays on your face.

Our solitude is broken,

by two children in a race.

Reluctantly, I say good-bye

But I will not go far.

I only leave you for awhile

To trudge up to my car.

Umbrella, lunch, book and shades.

Have I got it all?

Over shouts and people's laughter

I can still hear your call.

There is now a sea of people ~

Between me, and your white-capped waves.

It seems our time of solitude

Is over for today.

Excuse me. Please excuse me!

Did I kick sand in your face?

I ment no harm, believe me.

Hello, my name is Grace.

It was really hard to get here.

It seems I have come so far!

How in the world, did I ever get

all this in my car?

Yes, I do play volleyball.

A partnership with you?

I guess that it would be OK.

Wow, your eyes are blue!

The lunch we shared was wonderful.

It now is time to be brave!

Yes, I'll take your hand ~ I agree

We'll get faster to the waves.

I can't believe the day is over.

Will I stay for awhile more?

It seems, we are now among, but just a few

that walk upon the shore.

Oh look, the moon is rising.

I was here to greet the sun.

I think I am in the very spot

where my day begun.

Of course, I believe in a wishing star!

Wishes do come true.

After all~

I started my day, with just the waves.


I end it now ~

with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To quote a friend ~
The title from HawkSquaw...the poem from me. Hard challenge my friend. ~Lesa~

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heatherburns35's picture

I enjoyed a day at the beach...
nicely written...kepe up the
good work...

chris's picture

I like the beach too. It is a nice place to go to get away from it all. Beach days go so fast. Yes, on hot days you often have to share the space, with people, careful not to kick sand in their face.

Shaketa Copelin's picture

This was so beautifully written!

darkpool's picture

Lesa, thanks for taking me to the beach. I love the beach passionately, and I am very lucky to live in a corner of the world where there are many warm-water beaches and few people to crowd them. If only summer were twelve months long!


Jess's picture

This is with brown as the color and "0" as border="0"

Lesa Gay Aspiring Angel

Jessica's picture

This is the revised one for #2 See the difference? Even one little thing wrong and the whole thing is messed up. Remember that you type your message in here

Lesa Gay Aspiring Angel

Jessica's picture

Hey Lesa, this is one done with "brown" instead of "navy" in the code. Now remember to delete this

Lesa Gay Aspiring Angel

poetvg's picture

lovely poem :*) .

Martin McGinn's picture


thank you for sharing this. I loved the way you captured the experience and played it against the different perspectives of other's day at the beach. I loved the way you captured God/Goddesses influence on you at the beach.


Teresa Jacobs's picture


kat's picture

Very Nice Lesa.
Brings back memories........I lived less than a mile from the ocean most of my life. Now, this California girl is land locked and far far from the ocean. I think though, the ocean's only thing I miss about CA......hearing the ocean pounding the shore in the still of the night, smell of the salty sea air, and the feel of fog cooling your skin. Mmmmmm. Yep. (sounds like the birth of another poem! lol)
I see that this poem was part of some 'challenge'. I have a few poems of that nature also. How coincidential, one is called Beaches. Stop on by and read it sometime. BTW, has Jessica or Teddy mentioned our little poetry challenge game? Titles and/or words, you should join us sometime.

Thanks for the read,


Robert LaFountain's picture

Hi Lesa,

Great poem. I never fail to feel His love and Grace when I place my footprints in the sand. There is no more spiritual power greater than that which I experience when I am alone with Him at the beach. My soul finds peace and true contentment in the gentleness of His awesome power and love.

Thanks for posting this. I'm glad i came across it thanks to your invite to your site. I too had a wonderful evening visiting your site and hanging out with you. I look forward to reading more of your works in the days ahead.

in light and Spirit,

Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

HI~ VERY A+ good,like it very much. caught ya in the post pond ,i'm glad !

Miranda Rae's picture

Lesa, This is beautiful. The relaxed flow is great, very lulling like the ocean's waves themselves. There is something so peace- and life-giving about being near large bodies of water but especially the ocean; you really captured that here especially in the last stanzas where you wrote about starting and ending your day in the same spot....it just reinforces the fact that we all come from the water in a sense. :)

HAWK SQUAW's picture

this was lovely...... you met the challenge so well with this........

I truly loved the ending......

many wonderful images and expressive painting...... well done ...

I really like the title game I find that it really puts the brain in gear.......


Douglas Lazard's picture

I must have just missed you.
I go there all the time
I spend much time beside these waves
If only in my mind...

Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~

darkpool's picture

Nice progression, clear, inviting images, a bold conclusion for the paranoid 00s. much enjoyed!

I too love the beach, my favorite beach of all is in Prince Edward Island, Canada .... but I'll take any beach in December!