At The Procurator's Office In The Fortress Antonia

In those religions called the Mysteries,
they reenact the dying of young gods
(so says the whispered gossip).  Each of these
performs rites that depict a gruesome death
upon the god.  The man in front of me---
conveyed here by the grim priests' perfidy---
makes all those idols merely fantasies.
His bearing speaks regal reality,
of which those idols are but parodies.
Am I a joke's butt, whom the high priest prods?
Or am I something more---the nominee
appointed by the choice of History
to sacrifice this god from Nazareth---
with what rewards? or, worse, what penalty?

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You Missed

When sat in the field,

taking in everything you could yield.

I came by and sat next you,

You looked sad I said "don't feel blue!"

The moment you nodded your head,

I felt alive and awoke the dead.

You wasted it all,

you got to clever too tall.

I wished you changed your ways,

Instead you robbed and killed your days.

Change happens when you put your foot down,

do it fast before it puts you six feet underground.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When a person has to stop something they are doing, and only they can.

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This Is How I Describe Her Mind(Fortune Cookie/Nostrad


the opal sky cracks like a fortune cookie

and i wish upon a shooting star

just as quickly

my fortune burns up before i can read it

i wonder what it was?

it was like heedance from nostradamus

but i mean it could have been good, should have been good

like a "meet me here" message in a bottle

but what if i'm not there when love washes in?

suddenly i'm looking for a rain drop

in the massive sahara desert

yes, it was like heedance from nostradamus

when i don't know what's gonna happen i don't like my odds

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is how i describe her mind

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Organic Appeal

Human man and matter formed

So dull and boring and listless

Shifting in discomfort with no one to please

Growing into something from another world

Raising a hand and settling down

Asking a question, learning not to speak

Wondering of the appeal anything has

The weight is no burden, it's all we own

We scurry away from our philosophies

Killing time until our destinies arrive

Not finding anything at all

Maintaining stature and creating polish

Dedicating ourselves to starting over again

Trivial and stoic, nothing is or ever was

We'll rebuild it high, make it holy

Start a war and tear it down

Because of the nothing that flashes red

And tempts any one of us to stop living a lie

The luster is gone, glitz and repose

Posthumously divine

Nobody gives it a second guessing

Or tries to deal it a proper burial

The shaking of our pocket change

May it be exactly what we need

To realize the right of things

To remain skeptical

And delighted

In wonder and in trial

And in the most desperate of times

And maybe, just maybe

It will prevent us from ending it all in advance.

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I lie awake and count the ceiling cracks

If I dream these thoughts wont change

Staying awake hasn’t worked either

And the aching behind my eyelids

Feels like my head could explode any time now

How do I make this right again?

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From 2008 and on

"Never", then "probably not".

Now "hmmm..." - No answer.

My heart has grown cold on you,

I feel bad that I can't feel for you.

Perhaps I never really loved you.

The more I think about this,

The more I think this is true.

I think I have misused you

And I'm sorry.

We are friends, truly.

We listen to each other,

But it does not feel enough,

When something so much stronger

Exists for somebody else.

Existed before I even knew you.

Denied for so long as I

Looked for a way to get past it.

I lie near you at night

Dreaming of happiness with somebody else.

I give myself to you,

But nothing.

(Why can't I love this man

Who says he loves me

And forget the one

Who says he does not?

If I divorce

Will being single

Lead me to more loneliness

Than I feel now?

It wouldn't change the fact

That my desperado doesn't love me.

I might be able to give husband

His life back, but

He seems so content in

Status Quo.)

My body has been yours,

My heart has been his,

And my sanity with nowhere to go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing this.

All my friends say that I should have walked away.

All my friends say I should not give you a second chance

All my friends say that bipolar people other lie and can’t tell the difference

All my friends say you really hurt me.

Wait a minute let’s flip the script.  You see all my friends say…

I should not give you a second chance due to the ultimatums that haven’t just started.

All my friends say take the job at Berkeley they liked you before they love you now

All my friends say that she’s not the only one giving out second chances here

All my friends say my heart has been exposed again only to be crushed

All my friends say… they don’t give a damn about what other people think, because at the end it’s just a decision between the two of us!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i really love my friend and love marla however at times i wish she would think for herself.

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The End

That pretty thief of hearts may have made my broken heart bleed once again,

But it will mend, and it wont be long, and i will learn through my pain and i will stay in the game,

And one of these days I WILL WIN!

Just know, there is no more coming back this way,

You never really tried or so should i say

It seems Ive had enough of everything and this time it is THE END......

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01-02 Just Kidding


We were ready,

fully prepared.

We were primed

for the journey ahead.

Stocked up,

ready to roll,

armed with checklists

for the journey ahead.

We switch vehicles,

switch seats,

switch perspectives.

Taking turns driving parked cars

6 speed transmission imagination

sometimes the clutch


We made progress,

promise, potential.

We made plans

for the journey ahead.

Bumping rhythms,

sitting low,

shaking foundations

for the journey ahead.

We switch vehicles,

switch seats,

switch perspectives.

Suddenly the road splits, read the signs

the same destination either way,

but the distances are all



covering ground,

now I’m hitch hiking

for the journey ahead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My cousin and I had just finished collaborating musical ideas and just hangin out. This poem relates our parting of ways to the literal and figurative driving we'd been doing, inspired by my reflection on the drive home.

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