From 2008 and on

"Never", then "probably not".

Now "hmmm..." - No answer.

My heart has grown cold on you,

I feel bad that I can't feel for you.

Perhaps I never really loved you.

The more I think about this,

The more I think this is true.

I think I have misused you

And I'm sorry.

We are friends, truly.

We listen to each other,

But it does not feel enough,

When something so much stronger

Exists for somebody else.

Existed before I even knew you.

Denied for so long as I

Looked for a way to get past it.

I lie near you at night

Dreaming of happiness with somebody else.

I give myself to you,

But nothing.

(Why can't I love this man

Who says he loves me

And forget the one

Who says he does not?

If I divorce

Will being single

Lead me to more loneliness

Than I feel now?

It wouldn't change the fact

That my desperado doesn't love me.

I might be able to give husband

His life back, but

He seems so content in

Status Quo.)

My body has been yours,

My heart has been his,

And my sanity with nowhere to go.

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This piece is wonderful

This piece is wonderful

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