I used to say forever will i never fall for another fella.Never will i forever be in love.I'll never let a guy keep me mezmerized with his hugs.I was so wrong to say never forever.Cause here i am in love with a fella' so clever.So decieving he tricked me into believing,that his love can't be touched.Never did i know that he loves me so much.I thought i was chasing another challenge,but it's all in balance.I fell for his hard to get.Now forever will i never say never again.Cause i'm in love with my friend.Never will i forever want a man so clever,whatever!!So true,so new without him i'm blue.He trapped me in his eyes and much to my surprise,this chase was a lie.Finally i know better,and i will forever never say never.

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Are Women Weak

Around the world women

Are considered weak

Making them invisible

In most societies

Demarcation lines at front and rear

Women stand putting themselves in gear

Working in fear

'At home is where she should be'

But her inner eyes help her to see

That she will be free

Are women weak?

Doing the work of man

'Yes! They can.

Keeping the house from a band

working as hard as any man

are women weak?

Expecting nothing but doing everything

enough to make ones heart sing

a goddess in her own rite

Deeply crying in the night,

But never losing sight

Are women weak?

Taking up where the man left off

Leaving her the boss...

The unheard of she does

Her voice slowly whispers

'I'll be free the woman in me

Punish me if you most

I can rise from the dust

Are women weak?

Having a child here and there

Maybe that is not fair,

And she make no delays

Even when the man is out to play

The best thing that ever

Happen to man for man

Is a Woman… (right)… in his hand

Given props to his plans

Thinking that the world is his land

Forgetting of God's touch

Who loves woman just as much

'Foolish, foolish, man'.

Are woman weak?

Women suffer because men refuse to see

Woman is just like he

Man does not understand that

they are cool just keeping woman Fat.

Not in heels but in flats

imagine that.

Are women weak?

The fear men have makes him strong

By God he know he's wrong

Still  women work hard and long

Are women weak?

Woman no matter where you may be

you have a friend in me.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Like so many minorities...women are viewded invisable to most men because of the way men are rised...unless she is naked or fixing dinner...

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My Tunnel

On Trips

It's not the Lincoln or the Rolland

Nor the midtown or the battery

Nor between First and Bedford

Not between Clark and Wall

Or Bowling Green and Borough Hall

My tunnel is longer than those all

My tunnel carries my hopes, my dreams

My mistakes, my misfortunes

My aspirations and inspirations

as well as my trials and tribulations

Side by side

Filed in 2 lanes

Doing 35 to keep these dreams alive

As I reach the light at the end of the tunnel, what will lay ahead?

Another road or an end that is dead?

Exit only or merge ahead?

Or just an offramp with the traffic light at red?

As I watch the lights go by as I hold my head high

Ready to tap the brakes to give you just enough space

God knows that I'll get out of it someday

But for now, this is where I am today

As I drive this not so lonesome road

Yea, this is my tunnel

Let's see what happens when I reach the end

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If you hold on to all you own, with all you have, then what you want most will be out of reach.  

...Jeff Bresee

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I wrote this poem from sad experience.

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{Only} Yours

Depressed Poetry

{Only} Yours

I paint the walls of my cell

but they always bleed your name.

Close my eyes to escape

but its there I always find you.

You taunt me with a piece

of your heart.

Only a piece.

Inside I am broken,

a lost soul searching for its mate.

I believe the devil created

the oceans and sea,

for all the 'fish'

turn their backs on me.

I am only a shattered

dream of my former self.

I enslaved myself to you,

and my soul pays the price.

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What I Don't Deserve

What I don’t deserve is someone like you

Someone who really cares

What I don’t deserve is someone like you

Someone who was always there

What I don’t deserve is someone like you

Someone that’s always around

What I don’t deserve is someone like you

Someone who lifts me up when I am down

What I don’t deserve is someone like you

Someone that is just so real

What I don’t deserve is someone like you

Someone who I can feel

What I don’t deserve is someone like you

Someone who always gives

What I don’t deserve is someone like you

Someone who really knows how to live

I Simply can’t be with someone like you

Someone with such a big heart

I really don’t wanna be that stupid gurl that tears it all apart

So I appreciate you trying and the kindness you’ve shown

But I honestly don’t think I’m the one you need to hold

So I just don't deserve you and now I think you should go

One day you’ll find the right one and you’ll know

You’ll know that I’m not right for you and this wasn’t meant to be

And I’ll be alone to myself hurting oh so desperately

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a bit long but hey lol

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Untitled -- 1.11.2008

When I said good morning to you,

I lied....

I was thinking of how I could keep asleep for all time....

but, ever so selfish to do so.....

So much to long for

So much to fear for

so much to fight for....

Wishing I could be there for you,

yet I feel I dont deserve it because of it....

Wish I could feel the warmth of your body next to me in time to fall asleep....

Wishing to share the laughs and smiles with those I love....

wishing to share my body with my prince....

wanting these things back and more....

complications arise...

wanting to make up for lost time from so long ago from my family....

but now, I must depart....

beginnings aren't so simple...

many times, saying good bye is the only way....

good bye...

to live my life where my heart is...

with my friends and much more....

Tearing me apart, just not seeing them....

I've lost them once and cant loose them again...

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I Gave up

Dear love,  I Gave up on you a long time ago

And I told myself that you were something I’d never want to know

I tried and tried and yet was hurt every time

And I figured that finding you was never meant to be mine

I gave up on hoping for you to come my way

And I Hoped that once here you would stay

I gave up on wishing for you to come into my life

And I said “Why am I wasting my time?”

But I hoped that eventually you would come

And my hearts song would finally be sung

I looked for you in every person I met

And most of those acquaintances I truly regret

I hoped that you would catch me by surprise

And I would see you when I looked into his eyes

I saw you everywhere but couldn’t have you for myself

And thought that maybe my personality needed help

I told myself that maybe you just weren’t for me

And no one out there could love me possibly

So Finally I told myself “This is it”

And I decided that I gave up on you

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Ten Feet Small.

you see these tears stream down my face today

are from a long time ago;from things i've heard and didn't say.

because your words broke down my walls they were limp and weak already

as i learned to expect the lowest of the people i thought the highest of,i became emotionally unsteady.

and now i stand here 10 feet small as my disguise towers over the rest.

i've come to decide maybe,

just maybe,

i just don't deserve the best.

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