Organic Appeal

Human man and matter formed

So dull and boring and listless

Shifting in discomfort with no one to please

Growing into something from another world

Raising a hand and settling down

Asking a question, learning not to speak

Wondering of the appeal anything has

The weight is no burden, it's all we own

We scurry away from our philosophies

Killing time until our destinies arrive

Not finding anything at all

Maintaining stature and creating polish

Dedicating ourselves to starting over again

Trivial and stoic, nothing is or ever was

We'll rebuild it high, make it holy

Start a war and tear it down

Because of the nothing that flashes red

And tempts any one of us to stop living a lie

The luster is gone, glitz and repose

Posthumously divine

Nobody gives it a second guessing

Or tries to deal it a proper burial

The shaking of our pocket change

May it be exactly what we need

To realize the right of things

To remain skeptical

And delighted

In wonder and in trial

And in the most desperate of times

And maybe, just maybe

It will prevent us from ending it all in advance.

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