The Race

I stand here looking out at my future

I am frozen

Unable to move from this spot

All of my friends are rushing by

I see their brilliant smiles

I hear their twinkling laughter

My heart skips a beat

"What if I fail?" I ask myself

My fear paralyzes me

I can't breathe

Tears start to run down my cheeks

Yet no one else sees this

They keep on running, smiling, laughing.

Why can't I be like them?

Why do I freeze?

I want to yell "Stop!"

"Help me! Wait for me!"

Now they are almost gone

I stand alone


Wishing I had found the courage to run

Wondering if I ever will

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Come Back

She gives a grin, a smile, a dimple in her cheek when she's decieved

Back in your world, I gotta pick a part lies

Oh GOD I hope my heart dies

Staring in your dark eyes, I ... I wouldn't have believed

Tears could go on for days, I just don't know how you're still around here

No one stonger to help me out of here, I gotta feeling i'm putting down near

Where your eyes can hear

Simple words to say, she's out on a limb on her way

No sorry from her; no pretending to stay

Before the last time passes, I want to yell come back

And wipe the black mascara off her eye lashes

But it just keeps running away

Since you've found your love, after your heart belonged to some

Don't set your eyes back on me

After a while i'll close my brown eyes

And in the outcome i'll find a different way to see

He hurt her heart before, having it as hard as she had

This time is pretty bad staring at her walking out the back door

And I just can't go on calling this life any more

She said just let me leave

Before you see the tears show you I'm defenseless to your face.

I just can't believe

I called this life for so many days

It all doesn't seem so right like that

But her bags are packed... and...

Before the last time passes, I want to yell come back

And wipe the black mascara off her eye lashes

But it just keeps running away

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Flower of Paradise

Every day is a new day

Life becomes an interesting challenge

if steoreotypes, phyco-complexs and routine

is put aside, and we face a reality

full of dreams in the last days

of this (still) beautiful world,

where we are JUST

a single flower of paradise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

SMS to my Mate R.E.

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Wasting Time

Sitting in my bedroom watching TV,

Seeing all the people and things I could be.

Models, looking fabulous on the runway,

Doctors, saving lives everyday,

Actors, acting like they own the world,

Dancers, with their dresses swirled,

Painters, with their artwork splatters,

Lovers, going at it like nothing else matters,

Singers, all singing their songs,

Writers, writing about the world’s wrongs,

Mothers, having the perfect families,

Teachers, telling kids about similes,

Hunters, shooting the biggest deer,

Firefighters, fighting fires with no fear,

All the things I could be, but never will

Because I’m sitting here watching TV still.

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Torn Apart

Broken heart

Promises I've made

Now feel broken

Torn between two

Yet knowing the truth

i love one more

Yet knowing we wont be

For we are a thousand miles apart

And I'm left to wallow in my missary

Life is unfair cruel and misleading

And as i venture on I wonder

Is there a meaning

For all the pain and false hope

But I dont know No one does

For life is a mistery

My life has a meaning

But I'm not sure what

For as I go forth

I do not know what is beyound

Left to wonder how life goes on

The people in pain fight for it all

Fight to live to get that they want

How they do it I'm not sure of

Life is weird wonderful and grand

But what happens when it end

Will we all dissapear

Ceac to exist be gone

Become forgotten

fade away when all is left

Is a memory a thought a name

Your name, and as the world goes on

WE forget even more, me i do not fear

Life will end its how it will be

Nothing you can do will make it go away

We dont live forever so we must live great

Don't hold back anything,not hide what we say

Be true to yourself and others too

Do not use or abuse cause you want too

Do on to others that you want done to you

Dont treat people badly for it will be done to you

Be who you are not what other expect

For everyone is amazing in there own way

Me I've changed I've ran I've hid who I was

I gave up the things that I wanted

The dreams that I've had I have up everything

Just to feel loved, I've let people down

Led people on for me it was all a mistake

But nothing I will do Will change those bad days

So I'm trying to get back be who I am

No more will I change Who ever I am

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Can You

About Someone

Can you ever let go

Of what was meant to be

Can you ever move on

After losing the key

Can you ever return

After the last bell toll's

Can you ever be calm

As the thunder rolls

Can you ever admit

Maybe it wasnt meant

Or will you forever declare

Your love was everlasting

Down the the very end

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Birth, life, aging, then death

Each lasting a mere 3 months

Summing up to a total of

525,600 minutes 365 days

One year thrown in the trash

Now on the eve of a new year

I cocoon myself like a caterpillar

To be reborn a more beautiful creature

More graceful, flowing and flying free

Instead of inching along the path of life

An unfinished list lies flat on my bed

Promises I made exactly one year ago

To improve myself drastically in many ways

Half of which were left unfulfilled

This year my list is no longer on paper

No longer frail, and easily forgotten

With a chisel I have etched into my heart

A stone-clad set of instructions to better myself

Held in a binding to create a book of resolutions.

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Phasers Set To Stun

Personal World

Phasers set to stun
Are you ready to run?
Can you get away
From the pain that follows you around?

AK40 honed in on you
Are you ready to run?
Can you get away
From the pain that follows you around?

Your emotions causing you pain
Are you ready to run?
Can you get away
From the pain that follows you around?

Face your emotions
Do not run.
You cannot get away
From the pain that follows you around.

Grab the pain.
Do not run.
This helps you get away
From the pain that follows you around.

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I arrive to the park

An anxious kid on my way

To adventurous wonder

I’ll make up today

I glance all around

My choice to play any

I can’t play too long

But the choices – so many!

I weight my options

What to do first

Where to end up

I guess start with worst

Gotta go through that

To end with fun

Can’t just stay with the best

Without doing the undone

Learn from each before

What makes it bad and good

Until I find my favorite

I’ll be at the best, or should

Then play time will end

I’ll have to go home

But I’ll leave sufficed

From things found on my roam

Inspired by: My relationships

Dedicated to: The person I marry

Created on: November 30, 2006 – 09:44

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