It's Up To You

Hopes and dreams come crashing down,

Smiles of course turn into frowns.

One ounce of childish stupidity,

Can turn your whole life shitty.

Your soul is left numb and cold,

By all the lies you've been told.

Everything you've hoped and dreamed for,

Has once again gone out the door.

What's left now?  What can you do?

Everyone is taking advantage of you.

Where to go?  Where to turn?

Your heart has been left to burn.

When will you figure things out?

When will you lose your childish pout?

Yes, you're hurting.  Yes, you're lost.

Yes, life is taking you down at all cost.

People use you, and people abuse you.

I'm certain though there are those who remain true.

You've got to fight to make it,

You can't go down by just one hit.

You have to hit back,

Strength you can't lack.

You will be stepped on,

If you sit there being a pawn.

You have to be the queen,

You have to be real keen,

This life is not a joke.

Everyday one way or another you will get broke.

It's up to you though to put the pieces back together.

It's up to you though if you are going to live forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

April 10, 2006

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