it was the month of july

kites, i used to fly,

the festival of Teej

pleasant cool breeze

i stood on my rooftop

with two kites in my hand

facing my so-called friend

coz it was a game

to earn the best kite flyer fame,

i looked at the kites,

choosed the one red and bright,

as it soared in the sky

started to sway instead of high

ah,! i cursed my luck,

the kite was a muck,

i tried to control it right

looked as if i never might

three minutes hence it was free,

i'd do nothing but grieve,

i wasn't the best kite flyer

and it pinched me for a year,

in despair i sat there,

and thought the reason why i lose,

the second kite if i might've adhere

i may've won and got the booze,

should've choosed instead of picking

and i might have been the kite king





Author's Notes/Comments: 

kites i still fly,,

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I may grill you to the 'n'th degree

Out of habit, nothing more

I may not clearly understand

Yet, I shall try, of that I'm sure

I strive to weigh each uttered word

To hear your point of view

The words you speak, though right or wrong

From them, I'll take my cue

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This speaks for itself!

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I thought--

I thought I had learned how to forget you.

I thought there was no love between us.

Then your picture appeared, a surprise,

at the bottom of the box,

face different but young and fresh.

I thought of you. I searched for you

on my shiny new computer screen.

And when I found you...what to say?

I saw where you lived and who you loved.

I saw what you ate for breakfast.

I saw why you left me, maybe, just maybe.

And I thought, "I will write to her.

I will bury this hatchet forevermore."

But once-friend, I realize: what hatchet?

I am nothing to you now. I understand.

But why, at this moment in time,

when my life is so empty and fruitless

and yours is so full of light,

did I find your picture in that box,

inscribed with words of love

from when we were friends and heart-mates?

I can only think, once-friend,

that your fine-featured face is a sign:

old girl, life keeps moving on!

And I must move on with time, too.

But I wanted you to know I thought of you.

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I Refuse

I refuse to be treated like I do not matter, like my choices are wrong or that I am a child. I have supported myself my emotions and all and when you brought me down my friend wouldn’t let me fall. When you told me who cares or why is this always about you, because in my world I’ve always knew. You care for yourself, you defeat your own, and because I’m not a part of the club I am alone. You always feel like you have to knock me down, no matter if I’m way up high or on the ground. I’ve cried for years, I’ve almost taken my life, because of how you treated me never felt right. Now that I’ve grown I refuse to be, a part of the group that made me see, that on the outside looking in I never want to be with that sin, of being together yet bringing me down I refuse to be, I refuse to see, I refuse and revolt against all of thee.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how I have felt my entire life like I cannot express myself, and like people are always knocking me down and treating me like a little child, well I am not a child I am an adult so treat me like such!

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Light fades

Don't say anything to hurt me

I'm fragile right now,

Just take the space and time to breath

your suffocating inside,

I will sit here in silence

like the gargoyle upon the ancient battlements,

I will sit here till you set me free,

The void for you I'll suffer,

Fly my broken angel

let the time heal your pain,

Light fade's the veil covers my eyes

its time to sleep,

Flesh becomes stone

its away for me to survive

Wake me when the stars shine like they used to

Wake me when the moon no longer displays its destruction

Light fades the veil covers my heart

Only on the whisper of your name will it awaken

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In Time

I have seen many days pass by

All just seem to come and go

Some make me want to break down and cry

Others i just go with the flow.

High school as been a time of my life

Seeing all things and doing all the things i did

Though some of it caused great grief or strife

My feelings were rarely hid.

So now I'm sitting here wondering

What is it that makes her stick in my head

Heart feeling heavy and stomach weakening

No matter the thought still her image i can not shed.

I'm no longer sure if I can handle the pressure

Of having this feeling inside

But one thing is for sure

On the feeling I'll ride.

Not letting it slow me more

But allowing it to let me move on

While still trying to woo her

And keeping my head til all my life be done.

Struggles I have encountered

But I'm not the only one

Yes I have detoured

Only for a moment to relax with some fun.

So when I can get it all together

I'll shoot for it all

And show to one another

That I still can stand even if I fall.

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But the words won't come


But then everyone will know


But it opens a world of pain


But then it never ends


But the images return


But the hurt gets strong


But people look at you different


But the world changes


But how can I


But its been a secret so long


But where do I find the words


But who will hear me


But then I have to admit it


But then I have to accept it


But what will happen...

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Why Grandma Why

Why Grandma what did i ever doto you

you told me to do what i thought was best for me

so i came home where i am meant to be

you said alot of tings that crushed my heart

i really dont want this family to fall apart

but i know my wish will never come true

because mom cant gt along with you

i know you love each other way deep down inside

i know this because i give you both alot of pride

but i guess tis is the end

of me and you being best friendz.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love my grandma with all my heart but we all cant be friendz and it tears me apart.

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letting love in, again.......


In the dark, sharing secrets with one another, moving closer into your warmth, leaves me breathless. Anticipation builds, but still I put up my shield, I can't show my real feelings, its too soon. We share the laughter of past events and I think this could be it! I will fall for you and there is nothing you can do. I can't stop myself now, its too late. I'm afraid of what I feel, but damn I love the thrill of what could happen or maybe never begin........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm beginning to fall again, I hope this time I don't break.....

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