Haunting Dreams

-The ropes have begun to cut your wrists,
cutting more and irritating the skin with ever twist.-

-Tears roll down your beautiful cheeks,
how I've been planning this moment for weeks.-

-Bound and gagged I hear you cry,
but don't worry sweetie it doesn't hurt to die.-

-Death is something not to fear,
as every second of our lives it draws near.-

-Can you hear the reaper knocking at the door,
time is up, you'll hurt me no more-

-My steady hand holds the knife,
that will spill your blood and end your life.-

-Yet as I'm about to commit my sin,
I look back at where we were and could of been.-

-Suddenly all goes dark,
ending my quest I would seen embark.-

-I awake to your smile,
I return the gesture despite my hearts denial-

-These dreams I can no longer bare,
soon they will become your nightmare.-

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