Bitter Despise

Lost Love

I wish I could still be your everything,
I wish you looked at me still with love in your eyes,
But we've drifted apart,
Now all I can see staring back at me is bitter despise,
I'm sorry for all that went wrong,
I wish you still looked at me like a dream come true-
Where did we loose our dreams?
When did I become nothing to you?
And as I watch you drift further away I think to myself,
Good bye my dreams and goodbye my heart.
Part of me will always hold you close,
Even though we drift further apart.
Time has taken it's tole on us,
It's left me heartbroken at best.
I couldn't be the wife you wanted,
Now you are leaving like the rest.
You can't stand when I'm near,
And I'm sorry it's all gone wrong,
I'm not the wife you wanted,
Our love is all but gone.

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For Josh

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