The Cycle

-You scream at me, and I yell back,
our relationship has gone beyond being whack.-

-You slap my face, and I throw you against the wall,
smashing the phone so you have nobody to call.-

-I hit you, and you start to cry,
you tell me we can make it work if we try.-

-I apologize and now show only love and care,
you play along despite all your despair.-

-Kissing one another, we embrace one anothers passion,
making love in a sinful fashion.-

-We pretend all is well and long forgotten,
both refusing to accept our love has gone rotten.-

-Fake smiles to greet you when you wake,
as we forget all the bullshit we force ourselves to take.-

-Hiding our feelings of dismay,
awkward silence filling our day.-

-Soon the shouts will be heard again,
here we are, a place we have already been.-

-Our bruises from the night before still on display,
tempers rising as we begin our violent play.-

-A vicious cycle that we keep going,
even when the blood is flowing.-

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