Tiarra Met Me Here Last Night,

I Let Her In And What A Sight.

Her Pretty Face Had Me In Awe,

A Gorgeous Woman's What I Saw.

She's Just The Way I Knew She's Be,

Her Hazel Eyes Had Captured Me.

I Know I Stared I Just Could Not,

She Had My Tongue Tied In A Knot.

We Tried To Play A Little Pool,

I Found It Hard To Just Not Drool.

I Couldn't Even Make A Shot,

'Cuz My Opponent Looked So Hot.

She Wore A Dress & Wore It Well,

I Had Bad Thoughts But Didn't Tell.

I Told Her She Looked Really Great,

She Said "Whatever" & This I Hate.

Her Body Really Looked So Hot,

I Can't Believe She Says It's Not.

She's Such A Cutey I Can Say,

She Caught My Eye In Every Way.

To Talk To Also She's So Sweet,

Sometimes She Sweeps Me Off My Feet.

When We Talk We Talk So Long,

Her Voice Is Sweeter Than A Song.

I've Told Her That I Love Her Voice,

She Tells Me That It Isn't Nice.

She Speaks & I Hear Angels Sing,

Inside My Head Her Words They Ring.

I Think About This Special One,

With Eyes That Brighten Like The Sun.

I Wish That I Could See Her Now,

So I Could Gaze And Just Say Wow!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This Is About A Very, Very Pretty Woman I Finally Had The Pleasure Of Meeting Last Night After Chatting For A Week. Her Looks Knocked Me Off My Feet. Tiarra Baby, You're Gorgeous.

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Moonlight Sonata


In the tranquility of my dreams,

That carry me without a choice,

I float above the red fires of hell,

To touch the tips of angels' wings.

In the tranquility of my dreams,

I waltz with sylphs adorned in white frost,

Quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow,to and fro

Beneath the diamond studded trees.

In the tranquility of my dreams,

I frolic with sirens in the sea,

Float with dolphins in guilded coral,

As Neptune summons me to come home.

In the tranquility of my dreams,

Where nothing is right or what it seems,

I yield to the possibilities,

That these joys are now my reality.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is in memory of my mother who passed peacefully from life in her sleep a long time ago. Her last thoughts, I am sure were this beautiful.

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The Forest Ranger


Across the dark waters, shimmering with a vision of the Guardian of this night,

I behold the soft whisperings of eagles' down left behind from Their nocturnal flight.

Across the bows of the ancient copse, they are followed by Rainbow trails awash in light,

Disguising the woodlands to be nothing more than a stage to Flirt and share sweet delight

Deep in the night, as snowy owls dance, the creatures that Hide from the day come awake.

The noble, grey wolf enobles its head, to pay homage to the Penumbrae to partake,

In the hunt with the great bear. Each are grateful for the Shelter of moonlight off the lake

Which impedes the feral dangers, until keen obfuscation Becomes certain and slake.

And, across the dark waters, so tranquil and deep, lovers Entwine on the distant shore,

Not discerning nor desiring a reality they can't see as they Step through the door

Of pleasant lodgings filled with old charm. I nurture this Wilderness for man to honor

The night's enchantment of divine visions, cool clean waters, A lovers' moonglow and more.

Only I know the sheltered truth that these dark mystic waters Have guarded with such care.

I am the watcher and the keeper of the mysteries that are Concealed way out there.

Marked trails show me that forest magic is protecting the Regal wolf and the brave bear.

When respect prevails on each side of the shore, no man, or Beast should have reason to fear.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to all the hardworking men & women who serve to preserve our National Forests & Wildlife.

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She could sing the blues,

oh, how she could belt them out.

Heart must have been stomped,

more than one time from the sounds of it.

She had a voice that was unique,

the tinkling ivory's in the background,

soft sound of horns, barely able to hear,

she was a gifted woman, her fire burnt out too soon.

She had a way of making you hang,

waiting for the next word sung,

thinking about her next sound,

you are intoxicated in her presence.

Oh, the one and only Billie Holiday,

I love to sit and listen,

she sings with such strong feeling,

must have been a heavenly connection.

The soul of this lady, mature before it's time,

Listen with an open heart, listen between the lines.

Does she sing from experience, is it just that gift,

able to make herself one with the listener.

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Foreign Smile

Song Lyrics

I have this foreign smile

  It drives most people wild

I don’t know why I use it

  I guess I just abuse it

Please give me something

  Something I can’t see

Please give me something

  Something I don’t need

I’m walking away from you

  Cause it’s all that I can do

If I had my way with you

  I would be called a fool

So keep your distance

  Let me go

Maybe then

  You'll never know

Why you have this urge

  To see me daily

Never to kiss these lips so sweet

  I won't let you play me

Please give me someting

  Something I can't see

Please give me someting

  Something I don't need

I'll keep my smile

  And you'll never know

Where it came from

  You'll have to let go

Cause you are a coward

  Too scared to see

Who I am

  What I might be

So never look at me again

  And wonder what's behind my grin

I don't have time to explain

  I know you can't handle the pain

That love would bring if you loved me

  So let me pass by, let me be

Please don't give me something

  Something I can't see

Please don't give me something

  Something I don't need

You just can't handle me

  It drives you wild

As you keep wondering why...

  I have this foreign smile

Revised 11-2000


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