The Forest Ranger


Across the dark waters, shimmering with a vision of the Guardian of this night,

I behold the soft whisperings of eagles' down left behind from Their nocturnal flight.

Across the bows of the ancient copse, they are followed by Rainbow trails awash in light,

Disguising the woodlands to be nothing more than a stage to Flirt and share sweet delight

Deep in the night, as snowy owls dance, the creatures that Hide from the day come awake.

The noble, grey wolf enobles its head, to pay homage to the Penumbrae to partake,

In the hunt with the great bear. Each are grateful for the Shelter of moonlight off the lake

Which impedes the feral dangers, until keen obfuscation Becomes certain and slake.

And, across the dark waters, so tranquil and deep, lovers Entwine on the distant shore,

Not discerning nor desiring a reality they can't see as they Step through the door

Of pleasant lodgings filled with old charm. I nurture this Wilderness for man to honor

The night's enchantment of divine visions, cool clean waters, A lovers' moonglow and more.

Only I know the sheltered truth that these dark mystic waters Have guarded with such care.

I am the watcher and the keeper of the mysteries that are Concealed way out there.

Marked trails show me that forest magic is protecting the Regal wolf and the brave bear.

When respect prevails on each side of the shore, no man, or Beast should have reason to fear.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to all the hardworking men & women who serve to preserve our National Forests & Wildlife.

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jesusmyjoy's picture

Very well done,I liked this poem.

Karyn Indursky's picture

There's one thing I don't like about this poem and it's probably because I don't know why you did it. Why do you have the lines set up in this format? The rest is sheer genius. Your visual skills peer at the reader while transmitting emotions of beauty, love, respect, etc. It also served as a verbal portrait of your perspective of nature and what it means to you. I'm glad you appreciate the life God has given to each of us, including the ones unable to speak. God bless you and thanks for sharing such wonderful poetry.

Jim Becker's picture

Hip Hip Hooooorray! Like u I say Hip Hip Hooooray! Great poetic acknowledgement. Jim

Melvin  Lee's picture

U can be a spokeswoman for them, Amy....U describe it so well...i can almost smell the dry scented leaves...and breathe in the moonlit shimmering waters.... Smilesz.. A gem from always.

Edwin Robinette's picture

EXCELLENT!!! I love these descriptions of the outdoors!! You did very well! Good job!