Tiarra Met Me Here Last Night,

I Let Her In And What A Sight.

Her Pretty Face Had Me In Awe,

A Gorgeous Woman's What I Saw.

She's Just The Way I Knew She's Be,

Her Hazel Eyes Had Captured Me.

I Know I Stared I Just Could Not,

She Had My Tongue Tied In A Knot.

We Tried To Play A Little Pool,

I Found It Hard To Just Not Drool.

I Couldn't Even Make A Shot,

'Cuz My Opponent Looked So Hot.

She Wore A Dress & Wore It Well,

I Had Bad Thoughts But Didn't Tell.

I Told Her She Looked Really Great,

She Said "Whatever" & This I Hate.

Her Body Really Looked So Hot,

I Can't Believe She Says It's Not.

She's Such A Cutey I Can Say,

She Caught My Eye In Every Way.

To Talk To Also She's So Sweet,

Sometimes She Sweeps Me Off My Feet.

When We Talk We Talk So Long,

Her Voice Is Sweeter Than A Song.

I've Told Her That I Love Her Voice,

She Tells Me That It Isn't Nice.

She Speaks & I Hear Angels Sing,

Inside My Head Her Words They Ring.

I Think About This Special One,

With Eyes That Brighten Like The Sun.

I Wish That I Could See Her Now,

So I Could Gaze And Just Say Wow!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This Is About A Very, Very Pretty Woman I Finally Had The Pleasure Of Meeting Last Night After Chatting For A Week. Her Looks Knocked Me Off My Feet. Tiarra Baby, You're Gorgeous.

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