Cold Transparent Glass

Black disheveled hair gathered into ponytail,

lithe of limb & tall for her tender age,

her wet white baggy t-shirt--diaphanous

transparency of woman-child breasts

blossoming sunflowers on cold concrete

in a monster city of fumes and shadows.

She sprinkles soapy water on my windshield,

hand shaking circles rocking car and driver inside,

her fresh girlish smile is a lot more valuable

than the dime I offer her;

yet, she takes it satisfied before she slips back

into the night--a splendid vision in a troubled dream,

this fair fallen angel working miracles

on cold transparent glass.

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enolalily's picture

Lost innocence and fading hopes of a fragile man...leaves me somewhat perturbed.

Dewey Davis's picture

Another beautiful picture painted by Jim. The imagery is so vivid... the reader sees the girl or wishes he could. Jim, you're the man.

Jen W's picture

i like it...its been one of those days and nice to read something so interesting. thanx. someday soon