Foreign Smile

Song Lyrics

I have this foreign smile

  It drives most people wild

I don’t know why I use it

  I guess I just abuse it

Please give me something

  Something I can’t see

Please give me something

  Something I don’t need

I’m walking away from you

  Cause it’s all that I can do

If I had my way with you

  I would be called a fool

So keep your distance

  Let me go

Maybe then

  You'll never know

Why you have this urge

  To see me daily

Never to kiss these lips so sweet

  I won't let you play me

Please give me someting

  Something I can't see

Please give me someting

  Something I don't need

I'll keep my smile

  And you'll never know

Where it came from

  You'll have to let go

Cause you are a coward

  Too scared to see

Who I am

  What I might be

So never look at me again

  And wonder what's behind my grin

I don't have time to explain

  I know you can't handle the pain

That love would bring if you loved me

  So let me pass by, let me be

Please don't give me something

  Something I can't see

Please don't give me something

  Something I don't need

You just can't handle me

  It drives you wild

As you keep wondering why...

  I have this foreign smile

Revised 11-2000


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Michelle Noel's picture

Another good read here. I really like the style of this one. Love how you tied up the end of the poem with the same line as the first. My favorite line of the poem is "To scared to see.....who I am.....what I might be" Wow....just love that. I recognized it in my life immediately! Thank you for sharing some of your wonderful work with us. Looking forward to reading more Michelle