She could sing the blues,

oh, how she could belt them out.

Heart must have been stomped,

more than one time from the sounds of it.

She had a voice that was unique,

the tinkling ivory's in the background,

soft sound of horns, barely able to hear,

she was a gifted woman, her fire burnt out too soon.

She had a way of making you hang,

waiting for the next word sung,

thinking about her next sound,

you are intoxicated in her presence.

Oh, the one and only Billie Holiday,

I love to sit and listen,

she sings with such strong feeling,

must have been a heavenly connection.

The soul of this lady, mature before it's time,

Listen with an open heart, listen between the lines.

Does she sing from experience, is it just that gift,

able to make herself one with the listener.

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