Monthly Archive for December 2010

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
You Think I'm Crazy Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 1st
That's When You Know Poem wishful_thinking Dec 1st
If I Knew Poem AnimalFarm11 love Dec 1st
Am I dreaming Poem geneconner2008 Dec 1st
a thought for the ocean Poem iaminacocoon 1 Dec 1st
Sky Poem K-S 1 short Dec 1st
What Makes You Any Different? Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 1st
Our World of Emotions Poem 2bpositive Dec 1st
A love poem Poem deathangelsdarkrose Dec 1st
Poetry Is... Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 1st
Spenserian Sonnet Poem indian_princess 3 English Assignment Dec 1st
Grow Up Poem afewobservations Dec 1st
Whispering Insanity Poem onemanwar insanity, mental illness, voices Dec 1st
Same Dream Nightly Poem Silver__lining Dec 1st
Roads And Rivers Poem K-S 1 short Dec 1st
Hate me Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 1st
we're through Poem amanda_1590 Dec 1st
a brighter Tomorrow Poem humanpulse 1 Dec 1st
Triptych Wright's Profile Poem Triptych Char, Profile, story, Triptych, Wolf Dec 1st
Waiting Poem hannah Dec 1st
Finally A Chance to Catch My Breath Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
Out there belongs to Nick, in here belongs to me Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
The Future Is Not Sealed Poem vilmazab 3 Dec 2nd
Ida's luck. Poem thelostpoet 2 Dec 2nd
I miss you my ex-best friend best friend Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 1 best friend, Dylan, ex-best friend, ex-best friend best friend, friendship Dec 2nd
Stay or leave Poem Silver__lining 1 Dec 2nd
Strong words (Adult wording) Poem thelostpoet 4 Dec 2nd
The irony in life Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
COME LET US REASON TOGETHER--LET EE UU. a cuenta Poem heatherburns35 Dec 2nd
God should be adored Poem randyjohnson 1 Inspirational, religion Dec 2nd
Dreaming to Escape Rules Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
Nobody puts baby in a corner Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Dec 2nd
More Powerful Then Fists, Love Poem lyrycsyntyme Dec 2nd
A good pair of jeans is hard to find Poem running_with_rabbits 5 Dec 2nd
Yes, I would Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Brother, lying brother, Trade brother Dec 2nd
The last thread. Poem EllieFrancesss 1 Dec 2nd
My Love Is Your Eternity Poem 2bpositive Dec 2nd
For reasons I cannot explain Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
That's Enough Knowing Poem wishful_thinking 1 Dec 2nd
He Was No One Poem exkaijadesatiro death, Suicide Dec 2nd
Outsider Under My Skin Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
I owe you nothing Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
Pathway of Love: Beginnings Poem frank_d_newsome Dec 2nd
Untitled One hundred and fucked if I know Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
DEDICATION / AFZAL SHAUQ DEDICACION / AZAL SHAUQ Poem heatherburns35 dedicacion Dec 2nd
Sitting next to God? Poem randyjohnson Inspirational, religion Dec 2nd
Hum-monica In My Mind Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
I will hate myself no longer! Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
Like An Arctic Sea Poem wishful_thinking 1 Dec 2nd
I claim you Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Brother, family, friendship Dec 2nd
I Got Lifted Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
Daydream on a dreary afternoon Poem josephus 1 Dec 2nd
Holes in empty pockets do little harm Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
AFZAL / AFZAL Poem heatherburns35 Dec 2nd
READ ME--LEASE - Poem heatherburns35 Dec 3rd
What hurts the most Poem geneconner2008 1 Dec 3rd
WANDERING--ERRANTE - Poem heatherburns35 wandering Dec 3rd
Sailboat Poem sanctus 1 Dec 3rd
I Wish I Was There... Poem Avantgarde Dec 3rd
Orgullo Isleño Poem orishaman for Puerto Rico Dec 3rd
Pink Rose Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 1 Dec 3rd
Blue Rose Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 4 Dec 3rd
Schizophrenic Spring Poem Avantgarde 1 Dec 3rd
Glad I didn't believe you Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 3rd
Orange Rose Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 3rd
Love Shaded Black Poem onemanwar 1 broken, Depression, lost, love Dec 3rd
My only wish this Christmas Poem geneconner2008 2 Dec 3rd
There Was A Time Poem sanctus 3 Dec 3rd
Hoi Polloi Poem Avantgarde 2 Dec 3rd
Yellow Rose Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 1 Dec 3rd
White Rose Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 2 Dec 3rd
Red Rose and Red Dragon Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 1 Dec 3rd
SWEET PERSUSION--SWET PERSUSION - Poem heatherburns35 Dec 3rd
As Are Beasts Poem wishful_thinking 1 Dec 3rd
Rainbow Rose Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 3 Dec 3rd
THE WIND--EL VIENTO Poem heatherburns35 EL VIENTO Dec 3rd
Purple Rose Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 1 Dec 3rd
Broken Glass Poem sanctus 3 Dec 3rd
I Am No Longer Here Poem lyrycsyntyme Dec 3rd
Green Rose Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 1 Dec 3rd
YOUR LOVE--TU AMOR - Poem heatherburns35 amor - love Dec 3rd
Red Rose Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 3rd
Eternal Love Words Poem Avantgarde 6 Dec 3rd
Gutted imposters eat Legos beachside Poem quidseeker longing, love, Nuclear War, romance, solitude Dec 3rd
See Your Face Again Poem mandy4650 3 Dec 3rd
WITHOUT YOU---SIN TI - Poem heatherburns35 Missing You Dec 3rd
Black Rose Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 3rd
Fail Poem K-S 3 short Dec 3rd
IT WAS HE Poem heatherburns35 great poet Dec 3rd
Difficult Poem BackstageMarine Dec 3rd
I Do Poem anflanagan Dec 3rd
You make me wanna... Poem divysia 1 Dec 4th
The Beauty and The Liar Poem wishful_thinking Dec 4th
Till' Death Poem Slim_G 1 alone, death, sad, sadness Dec 4th
Separated in the Corridors Poem Sivus Dec 4th
Mourning. Poem thelostpoet 1 Dec 4th
Jazz Poem Slim_G 1 Music Dec 4th
Reminisce'in In Solitude Poem Slim_G depressed, Life, sad, sadness Dec 4th
ex-best friend needs to be took out Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 4th
Haiku : Letter to the Past and Future Poem Slim_G Life Dec 4th
Boy Ascends Poem Sivus Bliss, Enlightment, Happiness, Triumph, truth Dec 4th
As If Anything About You Mattered Poem sanctus 2 Dec 4th
G Valley Poem Slim_G alone, death, Life, sad Dec 4th
Missing you Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 4th
TIME TRAVELERS Poem heatherburns35 keys to life Dec 4th
A QUEST FOR PEACE Poem heatherburns35 Peace Dec 4th
A WIND SWEPT DAY / DEDICATION AFZAL SHAUQ Poem heatherburns35 wind Dec 4th
Afternoon Eye Treatment Poem arindhol dream, emphasis, eye treatment, Memphis Dec 4th
No One To Trust Poem 2bpositive 1 finding love, friendship, Lost love, love, trust Dec 4th
A PRAYER FOR AFZAL SHAUQ Poem heatherburns35 Prayer Dec 4th
A Negro Soldier's Journey Poem Slim_G inspiration Dec 4th
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Poem shannon 1 dating, sex Dec 5th
drops of life Poem alkaharuno 1 friends Dec 5th
Dark Angel Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 5th
Behold my misery Poem Slim_G Lonely, sad, sadness Dec 5th
ridden corners of my mind Poem katie47404 Dec 5th
Not Gone, Just Away. Poem UNIQUE_SOUL 2 Dec 5th
I'm doing wrong Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 5th
No Hesitation Poem lyrycsyntyme Dec 5th
Rape of the Soul Poem sanctus Dec 5th
I Too Once Bought A Dream Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 5th
Twenty Four Seven Poem trumpet7 1 Dec 5th
He's Like a Crappy Roommate Poem Sivus Cats, Pets Dec 5th
NUMBERS 11-13-2010 DEDICATION AFZAL SHAUQ Poem heatherburns35 Dedication Dec 5th
Sweet agony of love Poem claytonderby Dec 5th
don't let go Poem alkaharuno 2 struggle.......... Dec 5th
FIRST DATE Poem chris Dec 5th
Souls of the Chrome Poem Slim_G 1 death Dec 5th
ode to a spider Poem necro-zydrate Dec 5th
Stanley Karpierz 8-1-47 ~ 5-10-07 Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 5th
Dead Man's Dream Poem Slim_G 1 depressed, dream, Life, Reality, sad Dec 5th
Sad tree. Poem thelostpoet 1 Dec 5th
AMOUNG THE FLOWERS Poem heatherburns35 fflowers Dec 5th
Silent admirer Poem claytonderby Dec 5th
The governments' law firm sucks ass Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 5th
CHRIS H Poem chris Dec 5th
Mates Poem K-S 3 Dec 5th
Today Poem exkaijadesatiro Dec 5th
Just A Dream Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 5th
Rising High Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 2 Dec 5th
Jonzac_Almighty Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 5th
I no longer know who to trust Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 1 Dec 6th
Pathway of Love: Reminiscence Poem frank_d_newsome Dec 6th
dream-to make a band Poem alkaharuno 4 faith.. Dec 6th
Pathway of Love: Dissonance Poem frank_d_newsome Dec 6th
Postpoems Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 3 Dec 6th
Of Everything I Now Am Poem wishful_thinking 2 Dec 6th
At The End Of That Afternoon Poem Seryddwr 1 Dec 6th
Pathway of Love: Fading Dream Poem frank_d_newsome Dec 6th
Hopes and Dreams Poem anflanagan Dec 6th
'10 Molested Modest Mess Poem Joel 6 Crazy Dec 6th
I'm getting to the point Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 6th
A LOVE SPELL Poem heatherburns35 amor - love Dec 6th
Love Hakui Poem K-S 1 Dec 6th
Don't commit suicide Poem randyjohnson Inspirational Dec 6th
Emotional Parasite Poem Intuitive2u 6 relationships Dec 6th
~Hostage~ Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 7th
Pathway of Love: Sustentation Poem frank_d_newsome Dec 7th
The Only Reason Why I Still Dwell Poem vilmazab 2 Dec 7th
Hatred and anger. Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 7th
Greener, Longer Slumber Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
forgotten journal Poem juliothegreat bleh Dec 7th
Interesting Poem anexod 1 Dec 7th
Relize Poem Slim_G 3 Life Dec 7th
GAMBLE Poem pikurpoison Dec 7th
one of my friend Poem alkaharuno 1 Dec 7th
Be What I Once Desired Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
"Balance Me" Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 7th
The Perfect Ass That Begged Poem Sivus 1 hurt, Lost love, whore Dec 7th
Anything Poem K-S 2 Dec 7th
The Last Ninja Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 7th
Moonwalk on Pluto Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
King Psycho Poem Intuitive2u 2 Genius touched by insanity is common Dec 7th
UnInteresting Poem anexod Dec 7th
Pathway of Love: Enmity Poem frank_d_newsome Dec 7th
Divine Chaos Poem Cindercrush Dec 7th
Time Poem K-S 1 Dec 7th
Closed Off By Our Own Arms Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
Tell Me One More Time Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 7th
Pathway of Love: Completion Poem frank_d_newsome Dec 7th
Dear Toledo Free Press Poem susiemayee Dec 7th
I did the right thing Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 2 Dec 7th
Knock Down Walls Leading to Blue Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
Crouch & Hide Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
A Prisoner In Your Heart Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 7th
Pathway of Love: Labyrinth Poem frank_d_newsome Dec 7th
13 seconds Poem Cindercrush 2 Dec 7th
قراءة في رواية عجلة النار لكُليزار أنور Poem gulizaranwar Dec 7th
I Once Had the Spirit Poem Silver__lining 1 Dec 7th
Prayer For Michael Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 7th
How Can You Not Believe? Poem cathycavalcante Dec 7th
FIRST DATES Poem chris 1 Dec 7th
music Poem alkaharuno Dec 7th
You Are Going to Notice Me Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
Good Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 8th
....AND IS THOU NOT AS RARE AS YOUR SHE?* Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 8th
A LONG WAY TO GO Poem chris Dec 8th
VIDEO ARCADE Poem chris Dec 8th
to make a destiny Poem alkaharuno Dec 8th
His response, my response Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 8th
Silent Pain Poem Cindercrush Dec 8th
STORM Poem chris Dec 8th
untitled Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 8th
LITTLE PURPLE BOOK Poem chris Dec 8th
court of the fair maiden. Poem iaminacocoon 1 Dec 8th
WHAT I REAP........* Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 8th
Now, Everything Is Just Throw Away Poem wishful_thinking 1 Dec 8th
VIDEO GAME ADDICT Poem chris Dec 8th
Always Poem thomasoh 1 love Dec 8th
Sudden Inversion Poem MjrHeadInjury 2 Dec 8th
I Struggle To Not Care Poem da_fluffy exhusband, love, struggle Dec 8th
A Gift From God Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 8th
VIDEO ARCADE Poem chris Dec 8th
I SHOT MY TV Poem chris Dec 8th
Revenge Poem shadow88d 1 Lost love revenge Dec 8th
In the back of my head Poem BrightEyes89 1 depression society delusional Dec 8th
Fear Poem Cindercrush 1 Dec 8th
TOY STORE Poem chris Dec 8th
Through Our Valley Poem wishful_thinking Dec 8th
I want to Poem geneconner2008 1 Dec 8th
You said... Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 8th
Uptown, love. (Downtown love, revisited) Unpublished. Poem thelostpoet Dec 8th
Oh, Freedom (Is The Girl Across The Street) Poem wishful_thinking Dec 8th
CHOICES Poem chris Dec 8th
I'M WALKING OUT ON YOU Poem chris Dec 8th
moving on Poem shadow88d 1 breakup lost love Dec 8th
Bread Crumbs Poem wishful_thinking Dec 8th
Cold Poem Cindercrush Dec 8th
Kiss Poem phoenixrising 1 Dec 8th
I Don't Know Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 8th
WISH I WAS'NT HERE Poem chris Dec 8th
DON'T STOP Poem chris 2 Dec 8th
insomnia #1 Poem iaminacocoon 3 Dec 8th
LIFE AND LOVE Poem emmenay Dec 9th
I hate being an American Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 9th
The Sun Set (The Carrier Kit) Poem Sivus 1 drums, Instruments, Music, Playing Music Dec 9th
Entropy Poem tajuta 1 Dec 9th
Protection Poem afewobservations Dec 9th
My soul mate Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf 2 Dec 9th
Want to go to Japan(Why) Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 9th
symphonizes Poem katie47404 Dec 9th
separation Poem alkaharuno Dec 9th
Americas problem Poem Free-Spirited_Wolf Dec 9th
Something kind of like lost love Poem followinlove relationships, Unrequited Love Dec 9th