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torch posted a new Poem titled whose the victim 5 min ago
12 years of a life has come to an end 6 of these with words deemed violent The last 3 silent One forever tries The other follows with lies Eerily still, a presence of silent cries Once lovers now strangers  In a common home Bodies carry on Doing tasks as they roam Viral it spreads  Absorbing its victims Children watch on With sadness it hits them     [read more]
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bern posted a new Prose titled Trip to the Moon. 1 hour ago
Trip to the Moon.   On invitation from Her Majesty Queen Feeanna I have been invited to visit the moon. The last time I visited the moon I was in the company of about two hundred Fairies. It was not as pleasure trip. We went to clean up the surface of the moon so that it’s light would fill out the whole surface of the moon. This invitation was different we would be visiting the side of the moon that is not visible to anyone looking up at the moon from earth.   Each fairy and... [read more]
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joy posted a new Poem titled MIRACLES 1 hour ago
A woman’s preparing breakfast when she suddenly stops to say a prayer I’ve found the face of Jesus in my toast..”It’s a miracle!” she declares   Another is cooking dinner when she falls to her hands and knees “It’s a miracle!” she screams... “The virgin Mary’s in my grilled cheese.”   I do not doubt their devotion but miracles in food make me a little wary You see I do believe in’s just...our definitions vary.   I believe if there is a higher being then he or she... [read more]
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Layem posted a new Poem titled IT'S A CRIME TO KILL 2 hours ago
(A reply to Tony Jensen's poem 'Right to Kill') No one has the right to kill To slash a throat with a knife No one has the right to kill To take someone else's life It is wrong to kill just for fun It is unholy, it is a crime To blow someone away with a gun At a point in time Sometimes there is a need To deny someone of his life, Because of his characters and greed You can make a widow out of his wife This is a big secret I must spill I have known it since I was born That no one has got the... [read more]
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pbenarumairaj posted a new Poem titled LIVING WITH EMOTIONS 2 hours ago
LIVING WITH EMOTIONS   Emotions in plenty, man is embeded with; And he got to learn how to live with it; Letting out emotions that is uncontrollable, Makes him a demon as he goes heywire!   Animosity and ambivalance make others befog; And people blench as they are perplexed; Excitement touches new peak as one is appreciated! But runs down heavily as the same is addled.   Many a time, people double-speak to contort the truth, Though you graft to maintain your composure, You are... [read more]
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ADAPT posted a new Poem titled If only. (feelings revisited) 3 hours ago
my absent faith seems to block out the sun when everything i know is laying at my feet i feel so unbearably incomplete god save me from this undoing if i could just escape this body i currently only breathe for just the sensation of waiting yet nothing is coming, nothing will well nothing worthwhile to strive for. i have been molded into a shell. To keep people out. including myself if only, i said it so many times i always want something more if only i could teach my self to be satisfied and... [read more]
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Nifty posted a new Poem titled The Step 3 hours ago
I have watched these chubby little legs For over six months now Tremble and shake My gaze transfixed in expectation The bouncy little bottom Moves up and down to a tune Only she can hear    Hands fixed to the lounge Free but not yet free One more step to complete Her head turns with a smile That always melts my heart Her eyes deep pools of innocence Announce the time has come    First one hand then the other Leave safety behind forever Everything will change for us both now... [read more]