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allets posted a new Poem titled Snowed-In 17 min ago
As if the world did not have enough barriers, snow fell and fell. Now, locked in by white, again, kept from my goals by ice again, cold is...
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millyardo posted a new Poem titled Endearing Hatred 45 min ago
He resents her for the love she gives, now he is stuck. he would rather be content in misery to be tied to a soul he cannot control,  y...
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CKKmate posted a new Poem titled Shadow Spell 2 hours ago
Under weeping willow tangled bowssoftening shadows of the deep…‘neath the light of harvest moontears in dreams while fast asleepThough shiv...
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joy posted a new Poem titled JUST LIKE OUR PARENTS 3 hours ago
It’s funny how time changes things…like the shores that are transformed by the sea… For instance there was a large generation gap between my...
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Stephen posted a new Poem titled SUAVE 4 hours ago
  On my first conversation with him He spoke with a brash familiarity As if he had know me for years Words flowing with a genteel ease...
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lokman posted a new Poem titled Travel to the Best 2 business hotels in Malaysia by bus 7 hours ago
Some of the best business hotels in Malaysia are located in the prime business districts, have convenient, and hassle free access to public...
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Flash_Reincarination posted a new Prose titled Granite 8 hours ago
You've followed me            with impulsive abandon, and              ...
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