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Contrasola posted a new Poem titled The Nickels and Dimes I Make Each Day 3 hours ago
I could try to fix my mouth But the way I've been treated My jaws all wired up And I'm trapped in this barbed wire I'm over my head But I'm past it now Cry or faint when I see the red But i did this I put myself behind bars I made the decision  To break out Acne in my psyche  I need to just pop the question And kneel to the ground To accept the fact The nothing is real But if I say yes Will i be happy with this choice forever? I'm not one to go back on my word But it's a lot easier... [read more]
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Valeria.Gl posted a new Poem titled The gift of rain 3 hours ago
The gift of rain       It was a cold, dark day. The sun didn’t come out. There was complete silence on Earth, birds weren’t singing, horses weren’t running, butterflies weren’t flying from flower to flower, the only sound was the fresh wind blowing. Suddenly, the wolf was brave enough to come out its cave and look around to see what was happening. –“It’s gray.” –said the wolf. Other animals started to come out as well to see what the wolf was saying, they weren’t afraid of each... [read more]
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Contrasola posted a new Poem titled The Chamber 4 hours ago
It's a gamble Like the Russians play Pull There's nothing Pull There's fear Pull More angst Pull But when it leaves the chamber There's only a split second to think You're taking a bullet for love But is it hitting the heart? [read more]
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satishverma posted a new Poem titled ABSURD MYTHS 4 hours ago
Crossing the divine, I ask the marigolds to return to the dust. The gods were angry, and dead would not speak and the living were dead. I am now heading towards― the mute bells, disbelieving― the great enlightment. Rebuilding what was not true. A dream will start telling the price of the inflicted wounds. I am not sure: who were at fault. The letters? or the words? [read more]
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satishverma posted a new Poem titled THE STERILITY 4 hours ago
Becoming scattered, the winged visitors in my chest. Is there a home― for sane thoughts in the jungle― of unthruths? How long I will continue my journey in search of grass? [read more]
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baby776 posted a new Poem titled love hurts 4 hours ago
the pain; it tugs at me. just seeing him, hearing his voice; eases my pain. i need him, i want him;  but he has moved on. he found someone new, someone who he cares about. my body, aches. my soul, burns. my heart; breaks.   i spent a century crying my tears over you. when will i be done? when will i let go? i dont know how. how to let go of the one i loved so dear. let go of the most amazing person in the world.   i loved him;  i still love him. all he can say is to move on... [read more]
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orangejumpsuit posted a new Poem titled plastic that looks like wood 6 hours ago
      the numbers on the packages out there ticking ever upward in some refernceless red green flames on the side its suppose to trap you in there immerse you where you dont know what your doing something so real as eating as food just odd based dimensional unit per unit the shine on the celophane that leeches through natures best defence she tried we all tried some forces snowball is the best I can say it not in a messed up power grab or even a game of hungry hungry hippos its... [read more]