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giajl posted a new Poem titled Do You Fear? 12 min ago
Do You Fear?   When there's just two of you, You can feel alone! With nobody to turn to, Anxiety, oft turns, from  Depression, to fear . Fear of not listening , Fear of not being heard. Fear of the improbable! Fear of what might happen, Fear of what you might do. Is it possible,  That you're oft filled with Fear? Or perhaps, is more the case   It's you, that they fear? Giajl © Jim Love     [read more]
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MonteThePoet posted a new Poem titled Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay (Otis Redding Inspired) 1 hour ago
Sitting on the dock of the bay,writing away my problems as I say these rhymes I create,Otis Redding playing in the background I don't hear a single soundof distress my life wasa constant mess,   Until the day I let the blissful wavescleansed me of my worriesand aches,as that Otis record plays I'll further illustrate the way I pray.   Sending the higher power my futurevows to deliver to my beautiful gal,I want to let her know I'll forever bearound,I'm wishing she was here with me right... [read more]
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giajl posted a new Poem titled None For Me.... 1 hour ago
None For Me....   I live, between, the void........ Where life's  Full,..... of make belief!  For I have,...... no one, With whom to share. The sky is filled, with...... Loneliness ,  My heart is filled,with..... Despair. There is none  for me.....   But, you. Giajl © Jim Love    [read more]
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dragonfly posted a new Poem titled Sleeping Bag 1 hour ago
Body burning, Body burning in sexual desire. Body burning, Body burning with juices flowing.   Hearts a flame, Hearts a flame with a tender touch. Hearts a flame, Hearts a flame into a moaning lust.   Orgasmic love, Orgasmic love reveals the hidden truth. Orgasmic love, Orgasmic love dreams of sinful lust.   Hypnotic love, Hypnotic love transcends desire. Hypnotic love, Hypnotic love reveals soft wet lips.   Bare naked, Bare naked clit upon my tongue. Bare naked, Bare naked... [read more]
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Mizundastood posted a new Poem titled Foolish Dreams 2 hours ago
Today, tomorrow, for the very first time. I don't want to attain what I once had in sight. No longer do I dare put up with what is considered as unfair, my reasons I sit up at night lost into a dazed stare. The words of fat fucking bitch, whore, and stupid just swirls in my head. Gestures of pleadings, promise rings, baptism, and swears keeps me in confusion. Me wanting to believe that the harming done was just an illusion. Taught to those new in life is the wonderful "love," fantasized.... [read more]
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GreenSuitcase posted a new Poem titled Mother 2 hours ago
Dreams wouldn't be backed     Lights would be dim     Tears would flow       Head would hang         these words can't explain the heart and the heart wouldn't know how to beat if yr smile didn't guide me       My disrespect was out of stupidity and lack of sympathy to the truth       If I look back I see things we both can't change and I know I don't have to look forward because yr by my side    ... [read more]
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intrance posted a new Poem titled I LAUGH I GRIN. 2 hours ago
    I stand them up,  you push them down. I make you happy,  you bring a frown. I buy you diamonds,  you want a pearl. Im trading you in for another girl. I turn my back,  you tap my shoulder. I look away,   you realize im colder. I check the time,  you think its forever. I grab my coat,   you hope i would never. I can't find my keys,  you laugh and smile. I try and take ,  you wiggle a while. I touch your face,  your heart starts to... [read more]