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cdj410 posted a new Poem titled To the Girl I Dream About 45 min ago
To the Girl I Dream About You are the most beautiful girl I know I want to be with you more than you know Those eyes of yours hide a soul unbound Full of love, boldness and courage There is no one else like you that I have found No friend, lover or person quite like you You don’t know because we’re just friends But for you I would put my search to an end These walls I have built Have built within them a door Just for you You have the key You can come in and do as you please If you were to rip... [read more]
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StarSpared posted a new Poem titled /*+^/ Easter Vespers 53 min ago
[on my first Oorthodox Pascha]   Pascha has passed over another year; human excitement lets down with a tear. The whole experience helps us to feel both joy and sorrow---proof that it is real.   StarSpared   [jlc] [read more]
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FallenAngel38 posted a new Poem titled Running in circles 1 hour ago
I'm screaming in the darkness Alone and no one cares  No one hears  I'm facing the monster in the mirror  Behind smoke and glass  Illusions haunt my eyes Making me wonder What is real and what is not What is here and what is gone  The monster in the mirror  Masters my every move Disguising itself among the living Sometimes it's the monster people see Sometimes it's the victim I'm the victim  Running in endless circles  Trying to escape the impossible... [read more]
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pnklvr posted a new Poem titled In the Shadows is reality 1 hour ago
Lurking in the deepest corners Enveloped in darkness Anger, Sadness, Alone Waiting, waiting, waiting Stalking through the emptiness Looking for something A Sign, A Signal, Anything It has been too long Has it been long enough? It is ok, I’m fine Keep it up                              The perfect façade Perfection That’s what they think If only, If... [read more]
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palewingedpoetess posted a new Poem titled SWEET TEMPEST MINE 2 hours ago
whether sunlight through my trees or moonlight through the lush, private fields know that your voice holds sway in the ear of my hamstrung heart carriage steps ramble shaken across prairies of feelings yet fully traversed by you and me fosters, I feel we are for the emotions in each other we have yet to name 'Sweet Tempest Mine' tip your tea cup into the light of my every hope surge your marvelous tide thus my shore is yours to beautify or destroy for in the pantheon that is this life there are... [read more]
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Poempassions posted a new Poem titled Touch and Climb 3 hours ago
Slightly Brown Beautiful Your Skin as It Touches Mine Deep Abyss Blood Red Lips; Yours As They Climb Closer To mine My Eye.. While Watching As Your Chest Caves In And Out Our Hearts Pump Together Keeping Perfect Time I Feel Your Tongue As It Finds Mine Like Old Still Aging Unbottled Wine We Make Love Together Always In Perfect Time [read more]
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giajl posted a new Poem titled Do Bayonets Glisten Before You 3 hours ago
Do Bayonets Glisten Before You   Zzzzzzzzzzit ! Zzzzzzzzzzit ! Zzzzzzzzzzit ! Slow.... and rhythmic . As the steel....slowly fed, The sharpening stone. And eventually  ..... It began shine. Along a fine...... Thin, line. Where tapered steel  Now had an edge. To cut and slash, As well as......   Stab. Giajl © Jim Love    [read more]