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deepblue posted a new Prose titled No Turning Back 1 hour ago
Trying to find love in my world is like taking a rock hammer to the Hoover dam everyday.  Even on the off chance you can swing past security time and again, at best you're getting a few chips at the surface each attempt (and obviously not breaking the dam 99% of the time)     That said, once the dam breaks there's no turning back. [read more]
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hemaidy posted a new Poem titled With Sunrise Flowers Bloom..... 1 hour ago
Bruises and fractures will surely heal, Sadness within, with time, will leave, Snubs and sorrows in life we've to overcome, Tragedies and heart burn, can't  keep us down Trek the ravine, view life from the mountain peak, Strengthen your heart, words of courage only speak, With sunset the Earth in darkness and gloom, The past is yesterday, With sunrise , Flowers bloom, A new day dawns and awakens the world, The buds of nature, teach us dreams to unfold, Echo the mountains bird songs of joy... [read more]
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hemaidy posted a new Poem titled OUR TEARS 1 hour ago
Our tears will become a river And keep on flowing, An inner desire  Let you enter into me, Till we meet the sea In rainy darkness When you lose me  And I will lose you forever. [read more]
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intrance posted a new Poem titled The silence as it softens 2 hours ago
  To live under rule, this has been taught early in school. By many a fool, who thought they were so smart, about as smart as tool.  I live under my rule, my laws and my school. Everything is what it continues changing into, Change is the word that im trying to push through. Everything changes and evolves, either gets better or dissolves. Just because it is said to be, does not mean i accept it openly. It goes on, we are too far gone. SO EVERYBODY GATHER AROUND, BE STILL WITHOUT... [read more]
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hemaidy posted a new Prose titled let us enjoy our love 2 hours ago
We have more and more to come Ask the soft breeze Ask the duck soup Easy not hard like a cute kid's play. Warm or cool number one should not act Like number/s two or three .. Fire in. That's it! Set in our minds/hearts. Almost impossible to explain it To those never tasted it! Do we have better choices? Would you like to name an option? I had called you after hearing your old calls. Let us enjoy our love Now and on. Be you by you, Byes are not for us Shall never be anymore. In right, beside you... [read more]
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foreverabigkid posted a new Prose titled FML 2 hours ago
Tired of be patient waiting for you to come to my life. I know it wont happen I just wanna say goodbye. Free my soul and let my fly. But here I sit just hoping to die. Dont wanna hear anything cause I know its a lie. Faith I lost and you can't convince me so dont even try. Only thing I have left is ability to wine. Keep your positivity I promise it wont reach my mind. I may read it but will forever say fuck my life [read more]
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hemaidy posted a new Prose titled within 4 hours ago
I love you I never hated you However, wherever, whenever, whoever me & you see within please! [read more]