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touchofink posted a new Poem titled Skah Wah-kee-ahn-lah 1 hour ago
        SkahWah-kee-ahn-lah, you are a splender   Your loving heart is passionate and tender. Love you render. May comfort lighten your ever loving heart. Among the brightest of stars you will always be a part.   SkahWah-kee-ahn-lah, you are a splender   Your hopes and dreams fly upon your fragile wings. Much joy your friendship brings. Pure is your love. You surely  were sent by an angel from heaven above.   SkahWah-kee-ahn-lah, you are a splender... [read more]
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chris posted a new Poem titled RESILIENCE 1 hour ago
     RESILIENCE                                    I will get through this night.                                             It will be alright.                          There will come the light.    ... [read more]
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saiom2 posted a new Poem titled sandstitching 1 hour ago
SANDSTITCHING The sea sandsifting Birds sandshifting The wind sanddrifting    but the grass....  sandstitching -saiom shriver- [read more]
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intrance posted a new Poem titled He and i both are misunderstood 1 hour ago
  I am slipping away into uncharted territory,  a place where there is not one single story. If i enter it i will most likely never return,  looking in a keyhole saw no fire but i felt the burn. Pain and i we go back a long way, sometimes he shows up without much to say. Delivering a wave of pain through depression,  I see him regularly,  but  he does not leave an impression.  Still im knocking but im not allowed in, could it be I've become immune to... [read more]
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saiom2 posted a new Poem titled thoughts on forgiveness 1 hour ago
  THOUGHTS ON FORGIVENESS Kabir: Forgiveness is a game only saints play. Jesus: Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Bible: Judge not lest ye be judged Sai Baba: The actor who slaps you on stage waits behind the curtain to congratulate you on your performance.   Francis Bacon: A man who studies revenge keeps his wounds green. "Say: O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is... [read more]
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sowhatimagymnast posted a new Poem titled Catch the Moon 2 hours ago
A reminder of a choice I can't make again But I don't want to change I've dropped my soul before And I'll do it again   A silence falls at the same time as sound But it says So much more   I can't meet your eyes I can't control my mind I'm a lone dancing star I'll never know who you are   I want you to throw me Past the River Seine I want you to touch me Open your fingers, kiss me again   But you're just about as likely to kiss me As you are to come back soon You're just... [read more]
EvieTravieAllie posted a new Poem titled Homeless 2 hours ago
You assume that you know me, through vacant ties. Unstable but faithful, we lie in lye. My life is but a metaphor, For bloodletting and paramours. You tell me that I'm drowning, but I feel fine.   Your quotes from Matthew, Mark and Philippians, make me want to drink again. Sleep in silk and vomiting- Promises to change rattle your spine.   My life's becoming more heavy than some At the age of 21. You tell me that I'm loved, but I feel alone.   Screams that seep beneath the skin... [read more]