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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled You, The Hater 1 hour ago
Will you the haterEver know betterWill you ever Finally learnFrom the painYou have caused With all the shitYou have doneTo all the peopleAbout whichYou sworeYou didn'tGive a fuckWill you everSee the light Of humanityShining brighntlyRight beforeYour eyesOr is it For youAlreadyFar too lateTo come backFrom allThe gamesYou have playedIs there stillHumanityIn youTo be seenOr will youJust forever Hang your headIn shameLiving a lifeOf pure hateTell meAt the End of the dayWill you Find a way To... [read more]
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DefineMystic posted a new Poem titled Streets Governed Criminal 3 hours ago
Can you grasp something that's invisibleIn the streets governed by the streets driven criminalIn the sheets, painted up with a face that isn't yoursand your hands tainted with the blood of others, and unopened doors The sun has gone down, and the homeless are freezingSome dancing around, and with food appeasingWhile you and some others are in the room all alone..and the air smothers you, and anxiety brings life out of the zone A hand comes out of your thumping heart, and suffocates you sillyIt... [read more]
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DefineMystic posted a new Poem titled Parade of Despair 3 hours ago
Through the wet and rainy streets,Cloaked in the liar's contacts. and bloody sheetsYou know not of where you go,But the blood you walk over and sew. In this time, you believe you are okay,Okay with murder that goes throughout the dayThrough the homeless cries and terrorIt's not your life or your own error What's another's heart to hold in your hand mean?If it doesn't give you the satisfaction and the attention of a queen?Maybe somewhere, within your sickest dreamsPerhaps piercing the thickness... [read more]
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intrance posted a new Poem titled hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 3 hours ago
empty room.    that was quick.   hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. you showed him ........fixed him good . eh!!   hahahaha     up up  and awayyyyy!  [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled Live Long And Prosper 3 hours ago
Live longAnd prosperWhen it comesTo those Who don'tBelieve in you Don't even botherTheir lack of faithAnd their hateIs illogicalAt bestSo justRememberWhat theyThink of you In the long runDoesn'tEven matterWhen comparedTo the ImportanceOf whatYou think of you So be yourOwn biggest fanInstead of Your ownWorst criticAnd beYour ownBiggestSupporterBecausePeople Believing in you Is great But if youDon't believeIn youThen it stillMeans nothingNever lose sightOf what Truly makesYou whoYou areAnd by... [read more]
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deepblue posted a new Poem titled Lashing Out at the Rear-View 4 hours ago
If I could find the words to change the worldDon't you think I'd spill them out by now?Out of all the ways to turn this pageDon't you think I'd know how?   Another heart belongs to another oneDon't you know I'm aware?Solitary minds won't varyYou'll miss me when I'm not there [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled RIP Mr. Spock 4 hours ago
Leonard NimoyAn actor forThe agesA manWhoseBrillianceWas endlessA hero To nerdsAnd everyone The world overYou taught us allTo "Live Long And Prosper" An inspiring personWith a beautiful soulAnd a greatSense of humorA true artistFor sureWe lost a great one Today When weLost you But yourLegend willLive long And because of itWe will continueTo prosperRIP Mr. SpockYou will surelyBe missed [read more]