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satishverma posted a new Poem titled Scything 1 hour ago
Why did your hand become the fist? You were thinking about the indignities heaped upon the lake, when you were retrieving a song of freedom from the depth of questions. There was no capitulation. You went on opening the congealed- blobs of blood to know the keynote of violence. The sectarian hate. It outlives the love of brotherhood. You want to go back to, from where the jungle starts. It had swept away the snow-white young... [read more]
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satishverma posted a new Poem titled The Iron Gate 1 hour ago
Do not remember the names. Somebody is waiting in the wings. It is very dark here. The drums will break the mother’s heart. The death will not accept the dew on the grass. She wants tears; The Buddha is taking a turn in his sleep. Why is he so restless? O, my father, I am watching the fields turning into piles of ash. Cannot shut the eyes for a jiffy. Will you write something for the god? [read more]
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marc posted a new Poem titled This is what I know. 3 hours ago
This is what I know. And that by the time I finish this sentence it will no longer be true. I spin to the stars in equal parts they do to me. The difference being that I pretend to block out the whispers they cannot hear. I wish I was a star in equal parts that I am. If I tried to sync my cycle to theirs I will have already tried too hard. If I tried to sync my cycle to hers… likewise. I return to the top but then it is gone. Not because I did but because I told you about it. Clarity and effort... [read more]
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DanielAlexander posted a new Poem titled Love 3 hours ago
My wishes are free My curse won't let it be I believed in love I used to dream No mercy for me My world isn't what it seems   She's why I believed She's what I let go She's what I want to know Now that she's gone There's nothing left to come Love for me is done   If only I was who I am today How did I end up this way My heart all to myself I'll walk alone I'll keep all the pain It's what I have to remind me of her, her name   A smile to cover up the hope The hope that is gone... [read more]
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paperkutz posted a new Poem titled oh, me 4 hours ago
From me now to me from before... they don’t win and my dear you don’t lose. There is a light at the end of that and it comes in the shape of an odd occurrence. Listen to me when I tell you love is a scar he will open and seal correctly. Instead of lips sucking your soul they will be filled with an awakening passion you won’t fucking understand. His hands wont rip open and grab hard or force down...I promise you this…they will be warm and safe and letting do will be just fine. His hugs will be... [read more]
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allets posted a new Poem titled Snake Boats & Artificial Canals 5 hours ago
Where is Cochin? Where is Cochin? tourist site aligned with coconut palms. . At December's end Indira's snake boats gather. . What is in India? What is in India? Artificial canals the orginal site of Vasco De Gamma's grave, an ancient christian church, an annual Jewish Festival. History happened here. . Lady A     [read more]
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DanielAlexander posted a new Poem titled Reason 5 hours ago
I'm used to being used So keep your words, I'm not a fool  I've done this before, I know what to do I see through the beauty, I see through you I'm a good idea, You're not used to getting the truth Keep your body, I don't want your self - abuse Can't claim me your lover, Can't claim my lust A loving heart that won't give, A lonely body with everything to prove I'm one of the few You've been here before, trying to walk through the closed door More than skin, theres more to something this... [read more]