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Dove posted a new Poem titled Good bye 1 hour ago
    Yep, this  your  song alright Your words of goodbye  Pondering each lonely  night but my thoughts ,were just lies    I  assumed with all our fights     our  love would never die   we'd hold each other tight through the tears and sighs   our last battle and fight   you finally said good bye though i long to hold you tight i know your love finally died   You can break a heart alright you can break it over and sigh... [read more]
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Sgdoherty posted a new Poem titled when hell freezes 2 hours ago
You said, "when hell freezes over,"  Well, I went there and the walls were lined with frost, I looked around the barren expanse  and I found all the souls to be lost, Satan looked to be long gone; I don't think I would have ever found him there, I looked up at crystal-like icicles, And let out my cry of despair. For, you told me once, a long time ago, You told me as we looked at the stars above, "Only when hell freezes over,  will you ever lose my love."       [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled Memorial Day Weekend 3 hours ago
This memorial Day WeekendWe remember thoseWho have madeThe ultimate Sacrifice For our freedomAnd rightsThis is notA weekendTo justGet drunkParty with friendsBarbecueAnd enjoyA day offIt is a weekend To remember thoseWho paid the Ultimate priceSo we can evenHave the rightAnd freedomTo do such thingsAnd to thank themFor makingSuch a sacrifice RememberThey gave their life So we can live oursThe way We choose to Never forget that [read more]
spiritallover posted a new Poem titled bone 6 hours ago
Bones so thick Bones so small   My life is wierd but not feared   My life is fun but not in pun Its wierd how to meet someone but not how you connect.   Its wierd how you feel about them but not how you touch   A kiss 4000 miles away kind of wish they were here   A love so strong  Its wierd how i feel   When i talk to you its like... And when you talk to me . butterflies   Will you be mine forever. I hope you say yes   Please tell me i am... [read more]
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AdamsCapri posted a new Poem titled Special Delivery 7 hours ago
          Special Delivery   It's time to wake up America, Our society is going crazy. Cops beating black men, Killing our babies, Raping our ladies. Is this insane, Or am I going crazy?   Special delivery   It's time to wake up, White American. Next the cops will be your men, Kill your babies, Rape your ladies. No this ain't crazy.   Special delivery   It's time to wake up, Stand as one nation. Peep what I am saying. There is no skin color,... [read more]
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trustinmiracles posted a new Poem titled Rebirth 8 hours ago
Rebirth   Why does it all feel so new?   Like I was just born again   There was a life before you   It seems, though, a detached, distant past   Like a river going over a waterfall   Leaving behind the forest of its past existence   Flowing anew through the opening arms of the cliffs   Onto a lush, wide, open plain   That is how it feels   Or maybe the river of your being   Just merged into my stream   The waves eagerly lapping... [read more]
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Free-Spirited_Wolf posted a new Poem titled Love Hurts 8 hours ago
Love hurts more than anything.   Love hurts more than cutting yourself, and watching the blood fall.   Love hurts more than your regrets.   Love hurts more than screaming in your ear hurts.   Love hurts  more than punching a wall or car.   Love hurts more than scratching your arm or biting your arm.   Love hurts more than the darkness that creeps into your soul and squeezes the breath out of you.   Love hurts really bad... [read more]