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Stephen posted a new Poem titled LUNCH WITH A LESBIAN 5 hours ago
  As we sat together in the restaurant conversing, “I am a lesbian,” she said without my inquiring Her need to express it vital not my...
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EventHorizon posted a new Poem titled Alien 7 hours ago
impregnated by the black goo, unknowing of what is due, inside something grows, an evolution of its host, the offspring of hell, a spawn to...
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MdZiaulHaque posted a new Poem titled গাহি সাম্যের গান 8 hours ago
“গাহি সাম্যের গান- মানুষের চেয়ে বড় কিছু নাই, নহে কিছু মহিয়ান।” বলেছেন কবি নজরুল সেই কবে! যুগ যুগ ধরে তা রঙধনুর মতই উজ্জ্বল রবে!  ...
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joy posted a new Poem titled WHY WE REMEMBER 8 hours ago
So many people have died in wars so our flag can remain unfurled. Died defending our freedom in different locations around the world.  ...
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thelostpoet posted a new Poem titled Grave dressing. 10 hours ago
The encounter of a bad experience, the trauma. The pain.   The mind repairs, by rewriting the story.   Editing the characters, the...
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NightOwl61 posted a new Poem titled The Moo Bird 12 hours ago
  ..........................................................   Wilbert Wikdewbee Gave us a new bird. An out of the Blue Bird, A st...
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arindhol posted a new Poem titled A missing are 14 hours ago
the test that is this moment, our proof that we're here   just this moment, you must explain how this all gets worked out   under...
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