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joy posted a new Poem titled WE STAND WITH MANCHESTER 26 min ago
Orlando…London…Boston…Paris…New York City…San Bernardino…Aurora…Columbine…Brussels …Sandy Hook…Charleston…Virginia Tech…Texas…………….   T...
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DaddyO posted a new Poem titled "The Mandela Affect" 51 min ago
by Jeph Johnson   life awakens in the moment outside the realm of a reality memories cannot interpret.   eyes seem so important bu...
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matter_of_fact posted a new Poem titled Manchester. United. 1 hour ago
So I suppose you think you're clever with what you've gone and done?To target those so innocent and young, who were simply having funYou may...
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shine_dark posted a new Poem titled Petals 2 hours ago
A petal falls... With a heart-felt sorrow; I shed tears for tomorrow.    I watch your beautiful petals curl; I watch your colors f...
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Vero_shush posted a new Poem titled Its ok 2 hours ago
I've known you for a long time, and you tell me you care, you kiss me with those lips but you kiss me with one hundred one white l...
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bolt posted a new Poem titled They love you back. 4 hours ago
Words, these words never enough  These words need space  For they create their own When they mean, Feel,  Heal, Deal; These w...
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Nash posted a new Poem titled The Alley 6 hours ago
In this alley once walked the feet Of young men and women whilst making their way to study the day. Tailored shirts all nice and neat. Such...
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