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bishu posted a new Poem titled Scaredy Scaredy Cat 40 min ago
SCAREDY SCAREDY CAT ###################### Scaredy scaredy Cat On a high wall it sat Asked the Cat to her troop Can you do the hoola hoop No we can't we're too old Attenhut and look for gold Time is short sun is hot The docs out there Have been smoking pot Scratch them raw With all you've got The docs have big sacks In reality they're quacks They'll give you pills All your money spills You die one day with All your earthly ills [read more]
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JayGoodman posted a new Poem titled You call Yourself a Parent 49 min ago
I feel like you’re nothing but full of lies, I can see this “you” with my very own eyes. You claim you have a parent’s undying love, Yet your so called love looks nothing like the proclaimed dove. Peace is just the term on the treaty, But you’re always too needy. Ne’er in my days would I have thought I’d get the chance to slay, All the evil, ignorant ways you had me go about in my days Leading up to this moment. Hold it. Isn’t a parent, aren’t you supposed to care? Not just give me clothes and... [read more]
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JayGoodman posted a new Poem titled I want to survive 1 hour ago
Here I am stuck in this prison cell, With only stories left to tell. Oh how this feels like hell.   I watch as the time goes by. At one minute you feel so high And the next you’re waving goodbye   Here I am, and here he stays. He shows me the different ways, But for how many days?   Is time really as short as it appears? For a loss you’re always crying tears, And never escape our fears…   I want to scream and yell. I want never die. I want something that finally pays. I want... [read more]
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deepinyourdreams posted a new Poem titled "Finding A Good Woman" 2 hours ago
  I look for a woman with a sensitive side Not too emotional and no secrets to hide She has her own bike and she likes to ride And she dresses a little on the trashy side One, that likes to get down in the sack A temptress look, with a nice size rack I found one last night named, "Amanda Lee"... Come to find out...She had more balls than me!                         ... [read more]
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Ahoyycaptain posted a new Poem titled The sear 3 hours ago
I sat there, Between the dunes, Leaning on my big backpack, Resting, finally. Relieved.   A cigarette burnt slowly between my lips, My fists slightly wounded, held up in the air, My rifle, full of sand,  Leaning on my hip.   Relief, They didn't kill us, Smiling at each other  Dirty sweaty smiles, Chanting with excitement  At every 5 ton bomb Dropping; in a quick sudden movement of unbelievable energy. Dropping powerful, loud, unstoppable  From the dawning sky.... [read more]
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deepinyourdreams posted a new Poem titled "When Is It Love?" 3 hours ago
Some say, Love comes in the beginning Some even say, "It was Love at first sight" Some profess, "Their Love came from the heart" Some actually know, it was just lustful plight Some see their dream and the endorphins kick in. Some think it's Love, and don't know where to begin Some spend a lifetime not knowing Love when.... Someday you'll realize..."Love comes in the end." [read more]
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JayGoodman posted a new Poem titled Choices 3 hours ago
I feel like I can’t breathe. This will mean the difference of being confined or free. Why did this happen to me? I’m stressing out with all the possibilities. I could not or I could be? I’m not ready, I’m seventeen. Could I be… pregnant? I shouldn’t have made the choice that I did. Everyone is telling me what I to do.   And honestly, I’m really confused. It’s my choice, isn’t it? I’ll abort it. I can’t go through it. It was my choice to make it, so it’s my choice what to do with it As... [read more]