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PinkHairedLady posted a new Poem titled ODDS! 2 hours ago
ODDS! she crow'd and threw down her card then gazed out yon window across the courtyardIn a silver shaft of moonlight stood her prize, a Peg...
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Stephen posted a new Poem titled FAINT REMINDERS 5 hours ago
  Certain energies are left behind as reminders Especially by they who left this world violently Leaving only the energy of unresolved...
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burkej1h posted a new Poem titled wayne 8 hours ago
my first kiss was a boy though he had no father love i carried him with coy girl teases because I was a ladybug --- I grew up to respect the...
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dove posted a new Poem titled Pieces of Me 8 hours ago
  Look into my eyes  gaze into my pain read the wrinkles on my face Do they tell you lies Am I really insane does my skin reveal m...
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joy posted a new Poem titled A JOURNEY OF SURVIVAL 9 hours ago
Life is a series if journeys…not all of them on the map… A myriad of adventures…that some times overlap.   We look at these overlapping...
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tedhairreviews posted a new Prose titled How to Find the Right Wholesale Hair Vendors 11 hours ago
How to Find the Right Wholesale Hair Vendors   Wholesale hair purchased directly from the manufacturer, can save money and time. For sh...
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Starward posted a new Poem titled The Long And Pleasant Drive, A Pilgrimage 12 hours ago
The other day, my Lady, Certainly, and I decided to take a long drive, heading southward on I-Seventyfive, into Kentucky's sacred, holy land...
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