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Cyndii posted a new Poem titled In the silent of the night... 1 hour ago
In the silent of the night she can feel he's near waiting patiently to make he's steal but he doesn't know her heart is made of steel which it makes it hard for one to heal. She doesn't expect him to, It's not his fault, he didn't know her sky was no longer bright. In the silent of the night she's looking for light or at least something that will make it all right. She starts to write putting her thoughts on paper hoping some how her feelings will start to vapor but all she got was: Be patient... [read more]
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allets posted a new Poem titled Alone Works Okay Too 1 hour ago
The sea is by itself most of the time untouched, existing as myriad drops of moisture. . The night has a magic of oneness and comes and goes, a solo stroller around the earth, hiding from the loner sun. . Nature holds arms full of green and the colors of rainbows and spectrums artificial or natural all by herself. . The stars exist in individual existences giving light across vast distance, each adrift inside a system all alone. . Quiet is a valid status, unmoving an absence of motion, but to... [read more]
TheNightmare13 posted a new Poem titled The Cat In The Night 1 hour ago
I sat alone on a tragic night Feeling completely torn apart By all of the terror and fright That had welled up deep in my heart Then across the way I saw a cat Bright orange with accents of white He came to me on the stone I sat Limping along with all his might I took notice of what he might have gone through Rejection, abuse, hurt, and loneliness But still a smile came to Even over my pain and kindly mess He stood strong, even by himself His white paws were a light to his path And his past... [read more]
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Carcass posted a new Poem titled Between Two Worlds 2 hours ago
This world is all I know Devils flicker with the lights Casting shadows on the walls Fading out to an astral plane Every time I close my eyes   One step further in my grave These scars are the only solace I have to prove I'm still alive Constantly searing my own flesh To escape the icy grip of death   Stuck in a crevice of time Pieces once lost slowly recombine Blistering sun molds the rest In defiance of the laws of progress   Standing on the edge Darkness breathing down my neck... [read more]
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giajl posted a new Poem titled Thank You for.... 2 hours ago
Thank you for....   Silent lyrics. Like a cloud, that hides the moon. Or a coin, that spins...... Music, no longer warms, my soul. Nor, moves my heart..... Stirs..... my loins. Colours, just ......fade away. As within the seasons, moments, merge.... ! Ride, like the wind, chase ..... the sun, before it ......sets. Search, a new tomorrow, before, the end.....of day. My raison d'être, has...... left And....Sadness, now....... holds    my song. Giajl © Jim Love    [read more]
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trustinmiracles posted a new Poem titled Do You Miss Me? 4 hours ago
  Do you miss me, sweet love?  Like I miss you every moment of each day  Then know that I’m always there  Feel my warmth; I’m the sunlight on your face  Bouncing merrily, as I softly kiss your cheek  I’m the glint in those beautiful brown eyes  Feel my gentle caress; I’m the cool breeze  Running my invisible fingers through your hair  Planting naughty kisses on your neck  Feel my fluid touch; I’m the drops of rain  Dripping onto your sweet... [read more]
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DelusionalPoet posted a new Poem titled Make A Memory To Remember You Lived 5 hours ago
Years have passed before my eyes I see the days and nights walking by  But can’t recall any memory of my life   All years of me growing and learning Is like I saw nothing  And wonder where all my life went  What have I learned and where I spent    The different schools, countries, and people  I studied, met, visited and lived in  Is not even a memory  But a dream that I must've dreamed    Nothing is clear  Not the faces, nor places... [read more]