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foreverabigkid posted a new Poem titled more like uncorrupt me 39 min ago
I dont feel like me. Dont know what I believe. I hate it when I think. Nightmares replaced my dreams. Now they happen when I'm not even asleep. Taking over me living an evil fantasy. The younger me dressed as a hero and walked the streets. Older me trained to help defeat and crush the bad to protect those happy. Not only this country, ever man woman and child should feel free. Knowledge is power but need to teach some new history. There are somethings the young can wait to see. How can you... [read more]
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Projaz posted a new Prose titled The gift of rain 1 hour ago
The gift of rain   It was a cold, dark day. The sun didn’t come out. There was complete silence on Earth, birds weren’t singing, horses weren’t running, butterflies weren’t flying from flower to flower, the only sound was the fresh wind blowing. Suddenly, the wolf was brave enough to come out its cave and look around to see what was happening. –“It’s gray.” –said the wolf. Other animals started to come out as well to see what the wolf was saying, they weren’t afraid of each other, but of... [read more]
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sweet posted a new Poem titled new beginning 1 hour ago
There are no stars without a feeling, no butterflies without someone who makes you feel chills, no dreams without desires, no better artist without a good song,  not love poems  without inspiration, there are not a new beginning without a ending. [read more]
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DelusionalPoet posted a new Poem titled Dear If I Could 1 hour ago
Dear if I could only tell you How you make me feel I sure would do   How I want your embrace How I want to hold your face   Dear if I could show you What I can give you I will do   How I want to make you mine Be with you till the end of time   Dear if I could just love you Knowing I’ll never feel blue   I sure would do  [read more]
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DelusionalPoet posted a new Poem titled Imagine A world Of Your Own 1 hour ago
    Imagine a world of your own Sitting under the trees  Feeling the warm breeze  Of the nearby seas  No one empathizing you  Being you will just do  Never feeling so blue  Just enjoying the view  In the garden you'll be sitting  With your friend you'll will be meeting  Flowers open this spring  Flying without a broken wing  Having a smile on your face  No one on your case  Feeling God's warm embrace  Living life... [read more]
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mdziaulhaque2013 posted a new Poem titled খুব সুন্দর মেয়ে সে 1 hour ago
খুব সুন্দর লাগে দেখতে তাকে, পরীর মত   পড়ে না চোখের পলক একটুও,     দেখলে মনে হয় তাকিয়েই থাকি,   আজীবন, ইচ্ছে হয় যত।   কি সুন্দর চুল তার! অসাধারণ চোখ, মুখে লাবণ্য ভাসে, হাসি যেন ভিঞ্চির মোনালিসার!   যেমন সুন্দর তেমন তার মন, বললে কথা কিছুক্ষণ, মনে হয় কত আপন! [read more]
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DelusionalPoet posted a new Poem titled In God's Eyes We're All Little Kids 1 hour ago
    Life is pretty  But sort of witty  People deserve a little pity They are lost  Lived life at most  But always had to pay the cost  Of their pain and their shame They lived dark lives till the death came  To live in peace and never live the same  A life of bitter and sweet  They are hurting so deep  People's words make them weep  And when you love someone, they are not yours to keep  But when you forget they remind you Of what'... [read more]