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Him posted a new Poem titled Their Pets 1 hour ago
We must endure the stings from these wasps that keep us in line, because we are their pets that work in the mines  [read more]
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bern posted a new Prose titled A Few Why's men and Women. 1 hour ago
A Few Why’s Men and Women. No there is no mistake in the title of this piece of prose. Some people are born that are from childhood up to and beyond their retirement asking why. Gave you ever thought about so many questions and very few answers. Yes you, you think that you have had a good education and have learned much at school under the influence of this or that teacher. Are you really as knowledgeable as you think? Down the ages there have been many, both men and women that have asked why... [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled What Do You Think? 1 hour ago
Open your mindAnd your eyesTo seeThe far too manyWho go un noticedYes unseenDay after day Month after monthYear after yearStarvingBeyondOur understandingOf what it meansTo be hungryAloneAnd freezingDying on the streetsFor all sortsOf reasonsAnd yetThe saddestPart isNot onlyThat theyExist But thatThey existRight beforeOur very eyesHell many of usWalk past themEverydayAnd yet not onceDo we everSeem to noticeWe are justToo absorbedWith our own livesTo actuallyGet involvedTo take evenA secondOut of... [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled My Favorite Holiday 1 hour ago
My favoriteHolidayIs here at lastAnd I hope you allHave a blastTrick or treatCandy cornWitches and goblinsVampires galoreDecorationsAll over townAnd a littleMischeif And mayhemTo be foundThats how I like it My HalloweenA day ofInsanityAnd funI wish This dayWould never endMy oneMy onlyMy Halloween [read more]
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allets posted a new Poem titled Happy Halloween! 3 hours ago
Halloween Wishes I wish you and yours candy enough to rot a tooth tricks that break funny bones I wish myself and mine little goblins at the doorbell masks and enough candy distributed so the folks at work do not lose fillings on November 1st.   Lady A 10-31-14 3:16a     [read more]
Him posted a new Poem titled Texting 3 hours ago
The Pretense that texting allows, draws one in to a dillusional state, where you think you possess some kind power over the other person to whom you communicate with, and thus you cannot be as  authentic; you cannot be who you are in your vunerable state, where you naturally speak words that are not fabricated, unless you are like a politician who can lie with a strait face, and un-quivering voice. [read more]
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thisandthat posted a new Poem titled demons 3 hours ago
Bound in the desert, it's hot as hell Nothing good here for old Azazel No rain, stuck brain, wretched smell Nothing good here for old Azazel Wildlifes dead, like my blood is red  Things don't look good for Azazel Even lead, all the signs just misread   Nothing is good, still here for old Azazel [read more]