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CynicalLiberal posted a new Poem titled Hate 4 hours ago
Hate: Fear in an offensive posture.  Shout to cover underlying self-doubt. Shame others just to avoid blame.    [read more]
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CynicalLiberal posted a new Poem titled In Fear 5 hours ago
Jolting awake, as if thrust from Hell. Drenched in sweat, freezing in fear. Staring at ceiling, expecting it to fall. Covered in regret, wishing you here.   [read more]
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Coerulescent posted a new Poem titled Early Evening Epiphany 7 hours ago
Get hold of yourself.  Be no longer troubled.The worldly wisdom that has long been yours(in generous political profusion)suggests an obvious, final solution---(as obvious as that nose on your stubbledface)---for which you need only a first date.These men are gullible:  mere foreigners,and neither Caesar's spies nor messengers,nor exiles seeking rest, nor predatorsstalking flesh; but scholars---astronomers,asking local directions.  (Oddly, oneresembles---with some age---... [read more]
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Intothelight posted a new Poem titled HIS 7 hours ago
  HIS    Opinionated, educated, sensitive   strong, a leader, fragile   “That girl’s got moxie!”   Betrayed by her sisters   Shunned by her brothers   “That woman’s a Bitch!”   Shame, Fear, Loneliness   Strength, Peace, Frailty   “That child is mine.”   [read more]
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SSmoothie posted a new Poem titled mother-sister egotismic anxiety. I wish I didnt care. 7 hours ago
its the right time to let it all slide but its not going down hill with out a rude ride I am sick of everyones jealousy and shit thier fragile egos because they cant get off thier butts no education above the mandatory and I have to hear the endless douche from the mindless minds "oh the professor speaks!" oh the professor knows everything!" you want to do it all your own way and stick the blame on me when things dont go right well i aint your ego matress and I aint no stupid fool yeah... [read more]
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echomonkey posted a new Poem titled I only see her in nightmares 11 hours ago
Here I am posting a poem trying to preserve my last bit of pride   talking to the faceless audience about my pain   its easier that way   I must be thankful.... i never see her outside of my bad dreams         [read more]
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mdziaulhaque2013 posted a new Poem titled Kingdom of Love 11 hours ago
Where is the kingdom of love? It’s not below the earth or in the sky above, Each human heart is a kingdom, Where reclines love’s true wisdom.   I wish I could enter, Like a thief in the inner, Part of your world of love, And steal you, my dove.   Is there a little space left, For me in your sky-like heart?    Remember you must, Those unscrupulous you mustn’t trust.   They’re playing games alone, Before time’s gone, Let your sense reign, Removing my rust-like pain... [read more]