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intrance posted a new Poem titled blah blipity blah 2 hours ago
    Show me a safe zone blah blah blah not in here dear poetry stalking [read more]
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allets posted a new Poem titled My Fuckin' Way 3 hours ago
. The entire world of people are messing up a lot, and since there is no cure, my way of fuckin' it up just as much works for me. . Fuckin' things up my way creates a kinder world with words and deeds forever stamped on the forehead of all times and spaces penetrating the depths of desperation, mining the pits of pout-mouths. . Fuck it up my way! Twist it, twonk it, tear it to ribbaldry and replace the ill sent wishes of those too sad to believe with the sanctity of smoother... [read more]
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kaliforniakick posted a new Poem titled Fate 3 hours ago
People come and go, He left her in the cold. She suffered from the idea Of confusion and pain.   The dark days are over She was happy and contented. She wished he wouldn’t cross her mind anymore. But fate always finds its way back. [read more]
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DenisJhhickey posted a new Prose titled How to Get Skinny Thighs 4 hours ago
    How to get skinny thighs? This is the question eagerly asked by every other person these days. People might not appear chubby and fat but most of them do have the problem of fat thighs. Why is this so? Probably because fat gets more easily accumulated in the region of thighs and it is pretty difficult to restore the circumference of your thighs to its healthy and satisfying measurements. The answer to this question, how to get skinny thighs? It is not that difficult, a handful of... [read more]
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withinyourheart posted a new Poem titled My heart was tethered by choice   4 hours ago
My heart was tethered by choice   to the sound of your hearts voice it spoke of  warmth and affection a friendship  without  deception         [read more]
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DenisJhhickey posted a new Prose titled Keyword Suggestion Ideas 4 hours ago
Keyword suggestion ideas are a must to know by a blogger. Keywords help the search engines to tag your website in the search results, and the more appropriately you have chosen keywords for your website and have applied accurately in the blog's content, the more is the chance for your website to appear among the top results. Therefore, we have gathered information pertaining to keyword suggestion ideas that you can apply and find the helpful keywords for your website's content. Due to the... [read more]
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intrance posted a new Poem titled profile user monicalif2015 one of many. (ultimately one and only) 5 hours ago
  She wants me to email her at,,, notice how the first part is a highly used spanish name second part is muslim or something. wierd?   also she joined right after a comment was made by one of her scytso  personalities.  I have been watching to see if any of her personalities  ever go on at the same time.  They never do.   I could go on with data ive collected,  lets all email this pysco and see what she wants to share. [read more]