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Dove posted a new Poem titled Between good and evil, beauty and decay 1 hour ago
           Between good and evil, beauty and decay Rosalynn was a rare blossom wondrous some say thorny personality, a beauty beyond compare men adored her grace they couldn't help but stare death by poison was her lethal weapon of choice Those who trampled her garden lost their voice She buried them in her garden of roses outside So run away from Rosalynn, run away men,  hide   Between good and evil, beauty and decay Rosa haunts the... [read more]
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Dove posted a new Poem titled I Don't Know What I Am Missing! 1 hour ago
What is it that is missing ? Is it an empty feeling inside? Did I ever have it in me or did it go out and hide...? I listen for it in the shadows I really don't know why All I know it nags at me sometimes I just want to cry I don't know what is missing my tears have all gone dry Perhaps its a memory that will make my soul fly For now I gaze at the stars and ask the man in the moon why? What is it that I am missing should I converse with the stars in the sky? [read more]
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Dove posted a new Poem titled Music by the River 2 hours ago
 She danced upon the waves of the sea but the music of the river was where she wanted to be   Casting pebbles into the water stream the river was flowing with pride every ripple reflecting the suns beams   Each little pebble a memory of her love each one a kiss of abiding passion as  if the ripples were blessed from above She saw his smile in every ripple and his eyes were as bright as the sun making her lovely spirit tickle She laughed with... [read more]
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deepinyourdreams posted a new Poem titled "Furniture Rental" 2 hours ago
While looking at houses... He ask her, "Are you furniture, do you come with the house?" She replied, "Yes, although I am used, I wear well." He said, "Do you think they have anything with a Brunette, I'm kind of tired of Blonde furniture?" Also, I would prefer something a little darker. She said, "We can swap the furniture, but you'll have to pay for a clothes mover." He said, "Maybe I'll just rent this time... I can use the closet space!" [read more]
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Chadical posted a new Poem titled Nauseous Innoculation 8 hours ago
Hexed Cursed Slaughtered by the verse of mutagens, Actions answered in high pitch frequencies bouncing off brain waves and FM radios, Sliced Priced Packaged by the pound of flesh Cut from the cuff of our sleeves or the sweat of our brow Boiled in honey oil Gilded and adorned, Collapsing in a rice patty with blisters ear to ear hearing shotguns ring out but it always goes to voicemail messaging for the massacre to listen to later, The feeling of solid cold fingers dead ice crystals form on the... [read more]
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satishverma posted a new Poem titled What Ending 8 hours ago
In your limpid eyes a pacifism slumps. All I could say was, wrong sex was ending in ice. Dark energy: we were not expanding Lies galore : we were casting off our skins. I will not seek afterlife. The hand carries the old coat. Retrodiction. Don't want to shed the charm. Waited for the change which never came. Chicken, wearing love, no bones. Latest navel show. Walking on ramp. Aphrodiasiac for the dangling egos. Let us go for... [read more]
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satishverma posted a new Poem titled The Mosaic 8 hours ago
A leopardess dies on a tree. No molestation was reported. Exploring your breast why were you throwing salt? As if almost needing a space you ran to top. A solid truth looks like a quasicrystal against the nature. Unbosoming myself I am traveling in vacuum. Empty hands don't hold any ancestors. I am carrying my unborn voice. Now don't cry, don't. You are reaching home at the end of a tunnel. A featureless fog will let you in,... [read more]