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Free-Spirited_Wolf posted a new Poem titled Through Your Phone 1 hour ago
I went through your phone. Was it wrong of me? Yes. Yes it was. But you did it to me before, so I returned the favor. Through your phone... I found pics of you and her. I was told you stayed the night  with her when we split up, but you said that was a lie. I seen the pics. You claim they were old, and that they were there from where they were in your back up files. But here's the thing... The text messages was recently. They were around that time. The time your car broke down and you had... [read more]
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Vampire_Kisses posted a new Poem titled I Have To Continue To Fight 2 hours ago
I could set there an wonder,Why it is, that I am upset.But I find my mind is completely blank,I don't have to ponder, don't even have to think.   The sadness, is just there.The pain, sorrow and despair.It is a constant ache, I can never seem to shake.   It hurts my heart ever day,Because I am not sure if I can keep going.When it becomes to much to handle,When it finally makes me break.   I'm not sure, of how much more of this heartache, I can take.   There is no dreams when... [read more]
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Whispers_From_T... posted a new Poem titled *A Night So True 2* 2 hours ago
   October.31.2000  Trisha Barrek Hopkins   As we hold eachothers hand It brings my heart to beat fast May this be it could he be my number one man Wanting this feeling to forever last    As you guide your fingers through my hair I don't want this night to end But of course it must nothing in life is fair I wonder if we'll become more then just a friend   But for now i must let your warmth go Telling by your kiss Your return will be soon I just know  A... [read more]
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Whispers_From_T... posted a new Poem titled *I Will Be* 2 hours ago
   February.15.2001  Trisha Barrk Hopkins   I will be your strength When you are weak   I'll be your shine When you are in darkness   I will be your compass  When you are lost   I will be your air When you can't breathe   I will be your future  When you want to forget your past    I will be your life When you feel like dying    I will give you love When you feel like hating    I will be your tissue When you feel... [read more]
PrincessDenise32 posted a new Poem titled A Mother's Love! 3 hours ago
A Mother's Love A Mother's Love is Special. Her Heart is so Defined. For things are unconditionally, done for us at times. "NO matter What the Problem", it may seem Big or Small. She's there to lend a Helping Hand. To make a "Right" from "Wrong". A Mother is a Best Friend.   In her I'll always Trust. To look to her for Guidance. Because must I know I must. So Mother know this always. Straight from  "My Heart" to "Yours", There is "No One"  more Dearly Loved. Or as Precious as... [read more]
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dbwalters26 posted a new Poem titled New Age Feel 3 hours ago
The pounding into my ears reminds me of war drums,  but insted of pushing fear into my veins it gives me nerve to push harder.    And now I glide,  the day still dry,  the streets giving way to the wheels that make the ride into that of the Sea.    No, this isn't another piece to express how my soul feels  about the passion I have  for my boards or waves.    Or the combination of the two.  Rather, a relapse in memory of the lives I... [read more]
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Whispers_From_T... posted a new Poem titled *Untitled 9* 3 hours ago
February.8.2003  Trisha Barrek Hopkins   Where to begin where to end  My love is all I want to send To be with you  To hold your hand  To really know you is to know To take a stand To be a friend  To say hello good-bye good day goodnight  To tell the one you love  What a sight  To forgive after a fight  Finding bad news  Holding eachother while taking a snooze Taking care of each others heart  Saying you love  Trying not to fall... [read more]