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bern posted a new Prose titled They Mean Well. 7 min ago
They Mean Well.             One can get used to being in the Loony Bin. Each day is planned out for one. From waking one up, the daily medication and then breakfast; the work therapy then midday lunch, always a cooked meal with soup the main course and a desert of some kind. The food is brought to the table by the Male Nurses. A prayer is mumbled before and after the meal. Medication again, with those stupid tablets that one has to take. One does not know... [read more]
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saiom2 posted a new Poem titled International TV Preacher 22 min ago
International TV Preacher Many who enter the church of an internationally broadcasting tv preacher see a massive painting of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, climbiing down a rocky hillside to rescue a lost lamb.   And yet, 100 yards away, the church restaurant serves dead lambs.   -saiom shriver-   Footnote: a restaurant volunteer was murdered in the kitchen there.  The auras around slaughterhouses, feedlots, factory farms, places of great pain and despair, are red with... [read more]
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saiom2 posted a new Poem titled Starlove 23 min ago
Starlove   The glow of blazing stars bathing us from afar.. God's love as light saying Love is what all are.     -saiom shriver- [read more]
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saiom2 posted a new Poem titled Seek And Ye Shall Find 25 min ago
Seek And Ye Shall Find Jaguars streak Foxes sneak Owls screech Eagles shriek Mice squeak Humans speak All beings do love seek -saiom shriver- [read more]
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saiom2 posted a new Poem titled Rodeo Rogues 26 min ago
Rodeo Rogues   Callous are the NFL owners who sacrifice the lives, necks, spines, eyes and knees of football players for profit. Even more are rodeo owners who make bulls buck for big bucks. Is the Texas firm Exclusive Genetics. In sacrificing the human riders and the bulls ridden ever apologetic.   -saiom shriver-   Footnote: [read more]
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intrance posted a new Poem titled The game of sin 27 min ago
TO WIN OR NOT TO WIN      I welcome this feeling of balanced equilibrium. so to stay lifted i would give a  Million. .  Of what should be the question,  and i am open to any a suggestion.  Yesterday  I woke up to a rhyme, as apposed to an alarm chime. It had me rubbing my eyes, words hit like lightning from  the skies. I smiled as i read, my inspirational fires it fed. The glue that holds best, the kind that holds together the nest. I KNOW there are... [read more]
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saiom2 posted a new Poem titled Corners Of The Mouth 28 min ago
Corners Of The Mouth   When Mr A smiles at everyone he meets he ignites return smiles...   He doesn't withhold them from anyone.. no matter past history. That would be akin to pouring acid on plants and expecting them to grow.   Imagine an atomic explosion of smiles   so that each time someone stepped out of his home he was immersed in the love of the universe -saiom shriver- [read more]