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Dove posted a new Poem titled echoes 1 hour ago
In the echoes of the night Inside a heart  in despair Are slow aching  beats  A soul filled  with too many cares   As the endless darkness Consumes the nightly air The blood  drains from its chambers and pain flares     every beat is a struggle any every cell fight for   air gasping for life tears start to flow and veins  flare   The soul struggles to live but cant stay without air The body limp and pale and the eyes almost  have a... [read more]
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Mgartland1037 posted a new Poem titled Pain 1 hour ago
why do I feel your pain...why can't you feel mine... Where we not connected once?? Am I losing my mind? Is that why I still feel your pain? Maybe it's just my own...oh how I wish the pain would go away... [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled The Misjustice System 2 hours ago
The so called Justice systemWhat a jokeAlterior motivesJust to get aheadBy way of anInnocentTo death rowThey did sendModern dayWitch huntsThey denyThose exist Yet the evidence Of themIs everywhereFor thoseWho care enoughTo lookThe West Memphis Three caseWas just One exampleIf we trulyLooked into How many PeopleLike themThere truly areIn our prisonsWe would be Appalled Tell me peopleHow many innocentPeople have to SufferJust for ProsecutersAnd judgesTo get aheadAnd benefit fromHow... [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled Be The Solution Not The Problem 2 hours ago
Be the dreamer That dreams ofSomething betterBe the believerThat believesWhole heartedlyThat betterCan happenBe the doerThat canNo longerSit backAnd watchShit happenBe the oneThat changesWhat is happeningBy making goodHappenInsteadBe the oneWho is too fed upJust to put upWith the wayThings areAnd realizesThat the way Things areWill just keepHaving us Going in circlesInstead ofGoing farBe the oneWho is Brave enough To stand up And enoughIs just enoughI may notBe able to Change everythingBut I... [read more]
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beccaloni posted a new Poem titled Dare 2 hours ago
They didn't have to die. They were given fair warning. Don't mess with this guy. There's no one else like him. I smell blood. I move in for the kill. Formal attire, Official regard. Easy meat, Walking suicides. [read more]
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kaliforniakick posted a new Poem titled He Doesn't 5 hours ago
She has already shed a tear    For he doesn’t have a clue. He thinks she’s strong,    For he doesn’t see it clearly.   She’s seeing things in the future’s perspective    Causing her to think about them soon. It’s getting serious each second,    But the question is    How much time can he sacrifice?   She always understands him,    He barely has time for her. How can they make it work?    Can they survive? For he... [read more]
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word_man posted a new Poem titled paradise`s loft 6 hours ago
I cry out to god with no avail afraid to die afraid of hell placed here through no fault of my own a cake on the table but told not to eat for when i did my life would be complete angels and demons pulling from both sides i`m rolling in a ocean caught up in the tide no place to run no place to hide emotions building up inside paradise a place of beauty and a place of lust brought forth from the man of dust eve now twice deceived after that demonic encounter she has conceived cain brought... [read more]