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writer555 posted a new Poem titled Change of Plans for Our Dinner Date 2 hours ago
Here you are, all dressed upTo take me out to dinner, our very first dateEven more handsome than in your corporate officeIn your Armani pinstriped business suitSilk tie, starched white shirt, cufflinksPolished black leather Italian shoesYour BMW waits outsideI changed my mindWe will stay home tonightYou will cook dinner for me right hereNo, don't complainTake off those expensive shoes and socks That's right - no shoes for you tonight I want you barefoot in my kitchen [read more]
sandreah posted a new Poem titled Connected to you 2 hours ago
In my mind You linger so softly So desperate, gentle and sad Forelorn and alone Stretched beyond limits Tension all over Hurting with need To ease the pain and loneliness inside. Mad with want And longing that has no right The Shattered heart feeling Like you lost it all, and yourself. Yet I can feel you See you, hear you. Deep inside of me On top of your pedestal of perfection. And No matter what's been said or done Nothing can break these invisible strings I am and always will be Connected... [read more]
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intrance posted a new Poem titled DREAMS 2 hours ago
Would you like to play a game?  with a warning,  it maybe  drive you insane. Pick a number between one and ten, if you choose Ten,  lets start again.   Can you tell me about this card i am holding, look at it as I'm folding. Can you see,  it looks like a little bird, no it cant fly,  that is absurd.   I will make it some wings, now, listen as it flaps and sings. Here take it,  while i make it's brother, release them to... [read more]
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theLittle posted a new Poem titled Curls 3 hours ago
September chill beneath  this crystal ball sky.  You're playing your guitar  and cursing this weather.  You don't notice these tears.  This heart of mine is breaking with every strum, but I don't have the want to make you stop.  So sing to me, my wilted love.  Bring me to my knees.  My curse is that I fall too hard.  Your curse, you could not see.  [read more]
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bl. posted a new Poem titled Single Truth 5 hours ago
I have no words to wrote, but I open my wings to fly directly to my soul. I always prefer to be me, so Today I look in the mirror and I wonder many things, I put my hand on my chest and feel my heart. I take My pen and I start to write, My life is shining when I thinking about Love, My thoughts dancing in my mind when I'm alone. I look to the sky and I smile. My skin feel chills when I'm dreaming,Cause  No one make me feel like this, when you are not around my words are lost,  My... [read more]
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Second-to-None posted a new Poem titled Peace, a word that you should never forget! 5 hours ago
  Peace, a word that you should never forget. Remember it until your very last breath. Lest we forget, may as well forget about tracing setps too because we will never again quite find it. If we can't find it, our hearts are left aloft, forever struck with wickedness and blinded. This is where hate plays trick on us all and transforms the weak minded. Peace is an instrument, a drive for a better world. If we carry it among us, we need not a rock, or a rocket. We need not fight for what's... [read more]
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intrance posted a new Poem titled FOREVER A BROKEN HEART. 6 hours ago
Today i got news my dearest father is not well, devastated by this, all that i own i would sell. There is nothing i can buy to fix his heart, i sit here in silence fighting not to fall apart. He is my idol who raised me to become a man, I fought for his honor time and time again. I pray to GOD for the strength from losing grip, Im helpless in trying,  tears constantly drip. I dont deal well with this issue im afraid, i know we all must go,  without any trade.  But... why is this... [read more]