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stars posted a new Poem titled My reason 54 min ago
You are the glow in my eyes, You are the Joy when I see your name. You are the peace and The sparkle when I feel alive.   You are the flame in my veins You are the wishes in the morning and day. You are the blessing that comes to me when I write, My thoughts.   You are the sun that bring me, warm to my heart.  You are the passion in my soul. You are my smile when I wake up. You are my desire to grows You are the strenght, when I need to fight.    You are my stars in the... [read more]
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bern posted a new Prose titled Hidden Knowledge. 2 hours ago
                   Hidden Knowledge.                        I ask myself once again, what am I doing here in this place? I do not belong here. How did I get here I have no recollection of ever wanting to be here. The choice was definitely not mine. Where am I? Why all the mystery?       ... [read more]
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AffectlessLove posted a new Poem titled The man 3 hours ago
Affectless dreams, of love,, intwine with sonder as the man walks down the road, attired to the correct shell of this capitalist code, he wonders,, far and wide but in his own concentration with an elated sense of feelig and emotion. But no old sport,, this man is not happy. The art coursing through his veins is that of beauty and sorrow yet he is smiling. For there is an inate pleasure, about this state. The power of it is intoxicating as he is torn between the shadowy depths of his last... [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled There Is No Planet B 4 hours ago
Tell me societyAnd tell me trueI am fed upWith mankind Taking the earthAnd all within itForgrantedHow about youWe huntWe killJust forThe thrillOf the killWe poachEndageredSpeciesJust forThe moneyWe polluteThe skiesRivers and streamsAll with outA damn careIn the worldBut I will say thisI'll bet weWill all careWhen one dayWe don't reallyHave this planet anymoreBecause of all ourIgnoranceAnd greedThis planetAnd subsequentlyOurselvesWe will havekilled offWe can keepThat from happeningAnd we need... [read more]
Him posted a new Poem titled Drug Dealer 4 hours ago
I am the drug dealer of negativity who's high on his own naivety who does'nt care, what effect his words have on other's. But, their is a choice to read, to inject negative energy into the diseased mind, to partake in the orgy of words, to share the high with the confirmation bias?       [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled Stop Hating Start Learning 4 hours ago
Instead of hatingSomeoneBased onWhat makesThem differentTry learning from themFor what makesThem uniqueFor in myOpinionThat is indeedWhy we are hereTo learnNot to hateNot to killNot to takeForgrantedBut to learn From each otherSo as toGrow as individualsAnd find In the processOur very ownPurpose [read more]
Him posted a new Poem titled We are God's 4 hours ago
Everything you are I am, and Everything I am you are, we are the same bright star that never dies, allways there it is in the night sky, It may be lose it's glow for a while, but in the end it is revived to eternally fertilize the great force of the universe, that we all can connect in to, if we open our minds, and become the same essence, that is divine. We are gods, We do not die, We rule to conquer everything that is, and everything that has been. We are the rainmakers, the breadmakers, the... [read more]