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hemaidy posted a new Poem titled Meeting 38 min ago
By chance, Meeting an old friend After two decades Nothing has changed Happiness. [read more]
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Sophisticated posted a new Poem titled Lust, vs Love 2 hours ago
The moon lit night   passes and all I have is this pain!    I fell asleep on a tear stained pillow! The wind must  have felt   my heartache as it wailed with my sad soul the unending cries of a heart that loves   you!    This maddening dance we play, one step forward   and two steps back! Its great when we are skin to skin together, but  apart we face reality !    Love is taboo, and lust just your revolving door   Maddening , but... [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled Give And Take 3 hours ago
There is aGive and take To the worldBut not the wayYou thinkIt should beThat we give as muchAs we do take But no my friends I fear it is notAt allThat wayThere is Too much takingWith so little givingAnd yet somehowWe are still wondering Why society Always seems To be fallingWhen will weGet it When will we seeAll the taking All the greed And all the bitchingAbout how muchMore we need Has made societyNothingBut stubbornAnd weakWe need to takeA step backAnd be grateful forWhat it isThat we do have... [read more]
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PeterChristophe... posted a new Poem titled Dreaming I Were Still Alive 6 hours ago
By Peter Christopher Raymond   Copyright 2012   There are statutes forbidding the things I desire Contentment is a virtue that I haven't yet acquired I'll squint to catch a hint of the splendor in your gaze Snatch that ray of rapture as it streaks across the haze Begging your pardon while perusing your garden I'll cherish your expression 'til it's once again hardened It would shake my illusions and cause me to tremble If all of those dreams were disassembled Carelessly torn or treated... [read more]
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millyardo posted a new Poem titled Breaking Tide/ My Fragile Heart #2 7 hours ago
In the end I'm a coward, because I can't face myself. It's, hard and easy, the knowing. Steadier I go the rhythm, if you learn it, whatever you want is yours. But It is a hard path to follow. I kiss my lovelys through the thorn Bushes  , and make my way to the next, if didn't love them then I'd bare no burden, but with my whole heart, my darlings a garden, I love them all. [read more]
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PUSHKVA posted a new Poem titled FLY AWAY MY DOVE 9 hours ago
Fly away my White Dove, Your wounded wings have healed. Fly away from this cage of love, Let the winds of a New and more Pure Love Take you to lands yet revealed.   Fly away my Dove, Loosen the bandages which once seized you. Fly away and escape the torment of being downward held. Gates of Love are opened wide To where The Sacrifice of True Love Forever Abides.   Fly away my Dove, Stretch your wings anew. Fly away and breathe again, For a fresh new healing is about to begin. Higher... [read more]
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PUSHKVA posted a new Poem titled WATERS OF TRUE LOVE 9 hours ago
Waters of true love flow surely and deeply Gliding in the flow of life’s river Stopping for no reason but always runs the course to completeness From the beginning of eternity unto the end. A single drop falling from heaven’s throne Landing in the heart of one loved Multiplying as it travels, grasping one then another Until the surge cannot be stopped Rushing from mountain tops to the sea Rising with the sun to fuse with the invisible Together forming clouds which move across Blue Sky To... [read more]