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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled Do You Want To be Left Behind? 4 hours ago
A little message To the hatersOut thereThe world is changingYour hateIs no longer winningFor their eyesAnd hearts People are openingYes the masses are LearningAnd they areChanging tooAnd it mightBe a good ideaTo rethinkThe hate You have Wasted soMuch time spreadingAnd think about changing as wellEvolving with rest of usBecause if you don'tYou are onlyGoing to get left behindOnce again on the wrong sideOf history  [read more]
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lizardking posted a new Poem titled pavement 6 hours ago
"convenience" is pagan for "i prefer condemnation,if dying is much easier, then life isn't worth saving."when sex is more accessible than love it is quit temptingto fall into the fake freedom that leads you to enslavement.because true love would be anarchy and giving life away, and anarchy's impossible in a culture so depraved. it'ssome illusion game of selfish love and living life for payment.if i could gain the world, i'd still be sleeping on the pavement. [read more]
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lizardking posted a new Poem titled rainbow 6 hours ago
a rainbow colored haze blinds the eyes of all the thirsty with a desperate need of change and a deeper sense of hurting with an ego scared to say that this is wrong and i'm unworthy not a single word was spoken about freedom. feel deserving. because disagreeing with the herd will lead to ostrication and no one's working hard and still we all need a vacation and society has shifted from progression to escaping. it's crumbling in agony rejecting God's creation, fighting against love and being... [read more]
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allets posted a new Poem titled Rain Expected 7 hours ago
Mourning the rain's gifts dry with loss earth grieves alone on sky watch thirst waits. . Lady A 06-30-15 101a [read more]
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AnotherPoet posted a new Poem titled Her 7 hours ago
Every time I close my eyes, I can see her standing there.  She beckons for me to come closer but, by the time I finally recover from the awe that come with her perfect being, she has turned and faded away into the dusk. I can still recall the first time I laid my eyes upon her. The butterflies in my stomach flew around as if they were being tormented by a hurricane. My cheeks became flushed and as red as the shirt she wore to symbolize the next chapter of her life. Lightning struck twice... [read more]
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trustinmiracles posted a new Poem titled A Love Like This 8 hours ago
I never thought I could love like this Though I dreamed of it, all of my life Thought I was just a hopeless romantic Chasing every pretty form, for a good time How did you remake me this way, love? Why is it that just looking at your face No, just thinking of you, takes my breath away Why is there such longing to just Look into your deep brown eyes? What priceless treasure lies behind them? Why does the sound of your voice Send such thrills through my entire being?... [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled We Are In This Together 8 hours ago
Don't tell me You understand meWhen you don'tEven know meDon't tell me You know meWhen you have Never even Taken the time To do soDon't tell meYou know What I am Going throughWhen you have neverTaken evenOne stepIn my shoesDo not tell meHow to live my lifeWhen you aren'tEven close To having Your lifeTogether eitherDo not judge meOr questionMy decisionsAnd I will notJudge youOr question Yours eitherWe all haveOur ownCrosses to bearAnd we should... [read more]