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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled Never Under Estimate (The Human Spirit) 55 min ago
Never underEstimateThe human spirit No neverCountAnyone outFor clarityAnd determinationCan do a lotFor a personClarityAbout who you areAnd determinationTo be what othersSwore youCould never beYeah I gotta sayAre powerful thingsSo find that claritySee yourselfFor who you areAnd show them allThat their hatredAnd nay sayingMeant nothing Because in the end Despite of themYou ended upUnique and You ended up beingJust they wayYou were meant to beAfter allAnd no oneCan take thatAway from you [read more]
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bishu posted a new Poem titled Knock Knock .... 1 hour ago
Knock Knock.... This is a sequel to Water Day. Haru left about an hour ago after grumbling that he was paid less Rs.50/- "I had to buy extra 2 kg cement.It cost me Rs.50/-" I am a miser at heart though I appear not  After completion of the water pipe work yesterday today he put the mud on the trench. A short while after he left someone knocked. I assumed it may the postman or the courier bringing Durga Puja Greeting cards.Then I became "normal" .. No one sends greeting cards nowadays... [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled When Will We Learn 1 hour ago
What are weHere forThe eternal Question Is it just meOr does Anyone elseFind it sadThat we tryTo find the answerThrough war,Greed, hate,And violenceOr is it thatThroughThose thingsWe are notReally looking For answersRather we areJust lookingFor what makesUs feel better What makes us happyTrying toFight for whatWe think we needAnd just for whatWe are toldTo believeIts sickThat so muchIn societyIs basedSo muchOn greedAnd conformityWhen will weFinally Get it throughOur thick skullsThat whatWe... [read more]
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palewingedpoetess posted a new Poem titled SUPREME METAPHOR 1 hour ago
careful, he saidtwo hearts can bea train wrecktender fleshunacceptablecollateral damagethe momentum of inertiayour voice in my eara veritable life changeryour clever come hitherthat tone of sincere loveso plaintive now in your eyescome let us rebelagainst the laws of societyfor gravity shall never againbe our friendI am yours entirely my dear, lovely mad, in love manthat I am so be careful not look againwe are wedno train wreck after alljust a life time's journey on the rails............(Sept.... [read more]
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bishu posted a new Poem titled Annual Girlfriend 2 hours ago
Annual Girlfriend 6969696969696 We love each other most dearly though she has a husband who is very fond of her. Yes  an extra-marital affair She stands unblinking For four days and nights Pretty ,lovely,elegant,awesome  She leaves me in tears As long as she is here We flirt to our hearts content I will not tell you who She is However much you pester  She always returns to me ©bishu [read more]
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mdziaulhaque2013 posted a new Poem titled আমার কবিতা 2 hours ago
আমি নই রবীন্দ্রনাথ, কিংবা নজরুল, জীবনানন্দ দাস, বায়রণ, উইলিয়াম ওয়ার্ডসওয়ার্থ, লর্ড টেনিসন।   আমি ‘আমি’, নিজস্ব ধরণ করি অনুসরণ, লেখায়, কল্পনায় এবং চিন্তায়, চাইনা লিখতে আমি অন্যের মতন, দেয় না মন তাতে কভু সায়।   মরেও শান্তি পাবো আজ থেকে বহু যুগ পরে, যদি কেউ গুমরে কাঁদে কিংবা প্রাণ খুলে হাসে মোর কবিতা পড়ে। [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled Set Yourself Free 3 hours ago
Express yourselfStop hidingYourselfI mean yourTrue selfThe part of youThat makesYou differentYou are uniqueStop fighting itAnd startEmbracing itBecause untilYou doYou are notTruly livingTrust meFighting The part of youThat is theTrue youAnd is always Fighting to be freeIs like trying to liveWith somethingMissingAnd that somethingIs youSo stop TryingTo be SomethingYour notIn the endThat will neverReally bring youHappinessAnd if youRememberNothing elseRemember thisAlways be true To you [read more]