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PudinsHeart1 posted a new Poem titled You 1 hour ago
You are my sunshine so close and near  You makes me see star's, like the ones so fair and clear  I wish for you to bring me closer to you my dear, so I can see through the mirrors to see your soul I never thought I would feel a love so deep and pure But look in to my soul and you'll know it's true and you'll see it so clear I love you my purest of angels, my darkest of demons And with my love so great and true I'll scream so vociferously  to heavens and hell of our passion and... [read more]
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Free-Spirited_Wolf posted a new Poem titled Poetry With Age 3 hours ago
Along with poets, their poetry does grow. It doesn't make our older poems cruddy or anything...Those are still good in heart. But as we grow . As we experience more in life. Our poetry grows to. Growing better. Growing stronger. Poetry with age... Does indeed grow. Our poetry grows with us, as we progress into the person we become. It grows stronger as our heart beats stronger and faster. Poetry does come with age. [read more]
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SirWigglesAlot posted a new Poem titled My Life 3 hours ago
“Is this seat taken?”The first words you ever spoke to me.As you wondered in from the rain.“Go ahead, nobody's sitting there.”I said as I looked up from drawing in my notepad.You smiled and said thanks.We talked for hours that night.I still remember how I fell in love with your smile.Close to a year later we are running late.Reservations for two at your favorite restaurant.You didn't believe me when I said you looked so beautiful.So you changed three times until you found what you wanted.... [read more]
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SirWigglesAlot posted a new Poem titled This Addiction 3 hours ago
I'm addicted.There 's nothing I can do.This addiction......is you.That sweet taste,I'm craving more and more.I can't quit...because I can't get enough of it.Your lips...so inviting.So is everywhere elsethat I am kissing.That pleasant sound,keeping me awake at night.I do not want it to end.it makes me feel so high.Your voice calling out my name.drives my senses wild.Moans of satisfaction filling the air.I'm addicted.There 's nothing I can do.This addiction......is you. [read more]
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Free-Spirited_Wolf posted a new Poem titled The Keeper Of Hearts 4 hours ago
  There's a place where broken hearts can go. They call this place... Broken Heart Heaven.   There's an Angel. She watches over the hearts. They call her, The Keeper Of The Hearts.   See what happens is... When a heart gets broke, she'll take the broken heart to Broken Heart Heaven. She starts tending to the hearts. Giving them total love and care.   She returns the hearts, when they've healed and there's  not even a scar or scratch to be seen.   So, if you're... [read more]
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Free-Spirited_Wolf posted a new Poem titled Moonlight Love Story 4 hours ago
  She's sitting gracefully upon a tree branch. Feet swaying in the crystal clear water. Playing her instrument... And singing with her heavenly voice, a song searching for her love.   The moon shines her light upon her... Listening and gleaming over song.   But her love... He still does not show. He has heard her song. She just doesn't know that.   He's trapped inside. Inside the moon.  There's no escape... Not till the moon decides  it's time for her light to... [read more]
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LittleLennonGurl posted a new Poem titled Hidden Strength 4 hours ago
WeakenessesPreyed uponLeaving youBeaten onBroken downJust wanting To be left aloneNothing leftOr so you thinkBut dig a little deeperSee what you findSee if there isn't Any hidden strengthYou never even Knew hadJust waiting For the dayWhen you might find itAnd choose to use itFind itSee it Accept it Yes embrace itAnd go with it For that is whereYour trueCharacter liesThe strengthWhen everythingElse is gone [read more]