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Seraphim posted a new Poem titled Thoughts On Life and Mortality 1 hour ago
The ancients declared that all is meaningless A chasing after the wind   The modernists claim that nothing is real A consuming, constan...
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catherine posted a new Poem titled Heros no more 2 hours ago
Hero’s they don’t -walk anymore they crawl they stammer   birds, no they don’t seam to soar anymore  they pick at the trees' bare...
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dove posted a new Poem titled hungry for love 2 hours ago
    It was that sultry look in thy blue eyes seductively teasing my aching soul  I was hungry for love, I realized  and...
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allets posted a new Prose titled Food Stamps 3 hours ago
The food stamp program is now called SNAP. Per Google:  "SNAP benefits cost $70.9 billion in fiscal year 2016 and supplied roughly 44....
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giajl posted a new Poem titled Cry Me a 3 hours ago
Cry Me a   Silent dream.....  Theres a melody in my heart. That’s yet to be played. For, I have no singer, for the song. And the w...
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eleven_eleven posted a new Poem titled Two Halves 3 hours ago
    Two halves  To a whole Creatures of The coital pose  Day break Day demise Paramours under Blanketed skies.
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Artic1904 posted a new Prose titled GENERIC DRUG PRICING AND THE END GAME 4 hours ago
Generic drugs have been hailed for the impact they have had on the United States healthcare industry. These group of medicines has ensured...
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