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joy posted a new Poem titled HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAKESPEARE 49 min ago
Happy birthday William Shakespeare born on this day in 1564. But times have changed and today...we don’t talk like you wrote anymore.   If we did perhaps two new lover’s meeting and sharing their first kiss Would, with my apologies to you, sound something akin to this...   (They know not one another and to further set the scene Jacquelin falls, Joshua catches her and Fate doth intervene...)   Joshua (Turning to face Jackie and gently grabbing her chin) “It would have been a shame... [read more]
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Dadio posted a new Poem titled WITH US TODAY. 1 hour ago
As the numbness of your death wears off, the harsh reality sinks in, bites at the heart and nerves, tightens its grip about the throat, clutches about the heart, sends punches to the head.   I still can’t believe you, my son, are dead; seems unreal despite the reality kicking in, despite the hollowness where once you were, despite the silence of your laugh and humour, despite the absence of your hungry bear walk, the look you gave, the softly spoken talk.   We put fresh flowers on... [read more]
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see-me-inside-out posted a new Poem titled Definition of Bigot 2 hours ago
I'm A Bigot. Yeah, I'm A Hate-er, A sure Intentioned People-baiter! [read more]
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Dadio posted a new Poem titled ELAINE'S NEW HOPE. 3 hours ago
Elaine got off the school bus following her younger sister not sure if John   was on the bus or not she didn't look although she had been   tempted many times to look about her but she just stared out the window   at the passing view listening to others talking and laughing wondering if John   was there and if he had been looking at her she walked on   by the school fence her sister went off with a friend into the girls' playground   she looked at her shoes scuffed... [read more]
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Silver__lining posted a new Poem titled Could You Close This Curtain? 4 hours ago
The biggest lesson learned from you Jen, is i never ish to feel like i did in our end, ever again, maybe when i talk to all as friends, i won't over thik just a simple text i send,   i never want to let the conclusion drag out, i'll open the window then throw the bag out, shoot you one last glance, your looks could fill blanks, i want to say i loved you, but i say thanks,   run to the opening in the window frame, jump out the space and take all the blame, i was built to deal with such... [read more]
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Silver__lining posted a new Poem titled In The Haze Of The Letdown 5 hours ago
Still the same looking heyys, but in the haze of the letdown i entered a maze, called love or maybe just holding on, no one here to talk to that'll tell me it's wrong,   in my dreams, it's fucked up i see, and feel you moving closer to me, then wake up to this cold lonely reality, i'm all alone, no one near me,   i stopped looking and found no where to vent, now i alone deal with the fear of growing impatient, baby hold up, this can't be the way, you wanted it to end that one city day... [read more]
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Silver__lining posted a new Poem titled A Special Part Of My Heart Is Kept For You 5 hours ago
Above all else my past only prevents me, from anything happy, creates doubt and invents me, as a man in the dumps, nothing much to be proud of, only keeping quiet when my mind is replaying my loud love,   if there were a fire and i only a few things to grab, i'd take my cat with all my poems so i never forget all that hap- penned between us and how it could have been better, in another universe we started off together,   my life is beginning to fall into place, i love it, truly i can'... [read more]