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giajl posted a new Poem titled My Light has Gone, and left Me 50 min ago
My Light has Gone, and left Me   All alone, I sit and ponder, why ? The fire in my brain, has died .......and, left me,.....with an ache! It's ashes..... hardened. And stopped....... my heart. In like a lamb it was.... Out, it rushed..... like a lion. Loveś, .....translations, all.... Lost.... My life marches.... On, but   In the dark. Giajl © Jim Love    [read more]
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Hgaut810 posted a new Poem titled The Heavy Load 1 hour ago
She gouges out her insides making room for his torment She is her own prisoner Bitter insult never tasted so sweet   Making room for his torment Medicine comes in many flavors Bitter insult never tasted so sweet The lump in her throat she swallows like dumplings    Medicine comes in many flavors Angel cake her savior The lump in her throat she swallows like dumplings Chocolate Crispy Cremes keep her content   Angel cake her savior The jawbreaker finally breaks her Chocolate... [read more]
Carcass posted a new Poem titled Final Symbol 1 hour ago
Feathers of the Crow Quietly hit the ground Messengers of death Constrain the minds of the bound   Sly and silent demons Twisting fate Like the knife That defined your sacrifice   We are born in blood Hope has been erased There's no getting out alive We have seen His face He is coming He is coming   The God you worship Is the devil you hate Make you suffer in his wake Drag you to your hollow grave   Fire reigns from the sky There's no shelter from his wrath Searing flesh is... [read more]
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palewingedpoetess posted a new Poem titled SOME DISTANT DAY 2 hours ago
my life for the most parthas beenpoetry protectedcarefully clothed in the specifically chosenlavish allure of rhyme's meterand a moderately toned speaker's cadence conversational stanzas I attempt to employso to entice the readerto ponder and absorb for themselvesimages transfused from their own experiences soughtvia ideas I have artfully envisionedupon the pagetruthfully thoughat the onset I was partially the emperor and his new clothesbut with much prolific word fashioningand a good few... [read more]
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DirgeVenustas193 posted a new Poem titled Band Aid for the cancer (Heroin) 2 hours ago
how bout everybody dance This could be our only chance had me from the first glance from all these ghettos to France dont you wanna feel the romance hows that for my evil plans baby i can be your man word bond im your biggest fan and all this hell we began   and Im not made of stone  It all hurts to the bone no Ill never be alone the king is overthrown sorry I'm standalone   Got baindaids for your cancer let me be your romancer these drugs are mood enhancers    Can you... [read more]
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Daniel-59 posted a new Poem titled amidst the morning dawn 2 hours ago
amidst the morning dawn I watch the starsfading silently retreating before the sun as a new day begins the winter desolation of the desert gives wayto the blooming cacti , wild flowers and bushes who of those who'd travelled here only a week ago could of guessed of the beauty of the mohave in the spring rain yet some place deep within I'm shrouded by darkness the brilliance of mother nature's hand stands out showing off all her glory I can see it,but I cannot feel it In... [read more]
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deepinyourdreams posted a new Prose titled Art, Artists and Famous Painters 3 hours ago
My views on Art,  Artists and Famous Painters..."Artists Paint Art"..."Practice makes Painters"... There were a multitude of "Famous Artists" who painted... The number greatly reduced by those who could actually do  a "life-like painting." Many "painters" were (in today's terms), impressionists...colorful and stylish, yet Lacking definition and fine detail...My own discription, "Crayon Painters." Not suprising they were starving if "painting was their only income" Years after death,... [read more]