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Dadio posted a new Poem titled WHAT'S IN A NAME. 2 hours ago
What names shall we give our children when we get older?   Judy asked as we walked through the woods behind the house   towards the lake(as she called the pond in the woods)   I’m no good with names I said you must   have some idea what names to call your children I haven't got children   not yet but when we're older you will she said the trees were   coming into leaf the sun was straight overhead birds were flying from branch to branch   what if it's a girl?... [read more]
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anotheramethyst posted a new Poem titled meteorite 3 hours ago
broken black charred fragment fits in the palm of my hand imperfect and ugly but for your glints of sparkling mystery   made of the stuff of stars rock of interstellar dust so easily missed by passers by unassuming and secretly foreign   cold hard edges are all that remain of your spectacular fiery entrance to one insignificant orbiting body that just managed to populate itself   i look at your imperfections and know we share the same dust only you exemplify our origins... [read more]
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humanpulse posted a new Poem titled Half and Half 4 hours ago
Okay, You don't need to rush, Let me do the rushing on your behalf. Let me slice my brain, Give you a half And Keep a half. But No matter how far I run I will be back to you Trying to be That old good amigo Amore. =======   =======   [read more]
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DefineMystic posted a new Poem titled Lost to Sea 4 hours ago
I light a fire just to watch it burnSit across the street with empty handsBehind a tree unnoticed so it's not my turn I have infinite thoughts but empty plansEnding up only to be pretty hollowIdeas only stay for portion of a secondEchoing through the empty walls and then comes nothingDiffusing into the air, to become a forgotten particleand nothing comes to follow To set the ominous breezeOver the most vibrant sea that suddenly lost colorand the skies are now gone and dullThey paint... [read more]
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Amatee posted a new Poem titled Love 4 hours ago
      Love sweet love     It is like a white dove     I feel so happy and sane     But there is a lot of pain          I feel its sweetness in my        bones     Sometimes it feels like        cold stones            It makes me feel great     Other times it's a heavy       weight     How could this be... [read more]
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pnklvr posted a new Poem titled Forever 6 hours ago
Forever seems like a long time Without you there It was inevitable Everything was done We all knew It still hurts Your smile Your love Your warmth Time heals and yet it hurts Broken pieces I Love You   I Miss You [read more]
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SharmaineMarie posted a new Poem titled In The Moment 6 hours ago
We Already Started Taking Eachothers Dreams. . . Take It . . . My Everlasting Love Is Never Ending.   [read more]