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I am planning to improve the mobile version of the site so it'll be much easier to use on tablets and mobile devices. Also would like to improve the backend managment and editing functions for everyone. 


I would love to hear any suggestions or feature requests any of you have. 

I also want to thank those who have generously donated recently. Should PostPoems ever transition to a subscription service or offer premium features, I will see that all who have recently supported the site are rewarded!



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intrance posted a new Prose titled SPUN, is the keyword 1 hour ago
this is a simple release of what my eyes are witnessing but my poor brain is on high alert.   SIRENS AND BEACONS ARE ON. I suppose i am not in the right dimension,  you may be thinking otherwise infact its a fact.  Do you remember the polka dot door old school kids show..?  At the end the adult in this show looked through this hoop like the casing of a handheld mirror without mirror.  She looked through this hoop and seen all the people calling out their names..... [read more]
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allets posted a new Poem titled Perdition Detour 1 hour ago
. It is easy to live in limbo where the soul has no out and the thoughts are all bleak as mud. . Whenever the outlook is painted ebony. crystalline stars go behind clouds so dense the sky weeps black tears. . Pull up an old memory of a crescent moon amid eternal slate scapes and watch Sol fingernail the darkness. . Star 03-05-15 1127a .     [read more]
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giacomolawless posted a new Poem titled She Turns Heads 1 hour ago
  She Turns Heads   An excerpt written by Giacomo Lawless   4th March 2015           She enters a cold embraced room, heads turn like earth on its axis, like a swift change from winter to summer.       It’s for her, it all is. The spark of ingenuity in her eyes, for seeing her pure love. Blue isn’t as captivating as it is brown. You’re drawn in, like the first word spoken in a film, alas when the first leaf falls in autumn, towards the... [read more]
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schmuckjones posted a new Poem titled Cereal Whimsy 2 hours ago
As I lackadaisically gaze inside this glowing window, I want nothing else then to be sailing thru milky waves... Accompanied by the Captain of Crunch. Please excuse my poetic discharge, Lest my surreal cereal dreams find you in good taste. [read more]
bern posted a new Prose titled Fortune Teller. 3 hours ago
Fortune Teller.   Dartford Park in the early summer months. I wandered around looking for anything unusual A tent with coloured Lettering promised me that Madame Bunyonhead would tell me my fortune. All of this for just two shillings. I have never had my fortune told before this day and thought that it was cheap, just two shillings to be told what would happen in my life. I entered the tent a red haired woman smiled at me and asked tp see my money. Taking the loose coins from my... [read more]
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FireXVulcan posted a new Poem titled Terms for Thought 4 hours ago
My heart beats slower and slower When someone calls me honey.   I find it difficult to breathe When someone compliments me for how built I am.   My body is cold and stiff When someone compares me to an animal.   I make awkward faces When someone calls me sweetie.   Words of endearment that used to make me smile Are now like a bad-tasting egg in my mouth.   Words of endearment are bitter-sweet reminders Of the period of time I felt inferior and insignificant.   Save... [read more]
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mdziaulhaque2013 posted a new Poem titled চোখে চোখে কথা হল 7 hours ago
  চোখে চোখে কথা হল,  তার চোখের ভাষা পড়ে মনে হল,   সে আমাকে ভালোবাসে,  দেখলে আমায় চাঁদের মত হাসে।     ভালোবাসা ভালোবাসা খেলায় মেতেছি যেন,   দুজনে, জানিনা কেন,  মনে হয়,   এর পরিণতি যদি কণ্টকাকীর্ণ হয়!     পরমুহুর্তেই ভাবি আমি আশাবাদীর মত,   দেখা যাবে, আসলে আসুক ঝঞ্জার পাহাড় যত।   [read more]