A woman, beautifully poised

Between a lady and a girl,

Gently squeeled to a stop beside me,

On the bridge.


Interrupting my concentration on

My Sandwich,

I looked up quickly, confused,

And fell in love.

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Time with you

I think about you all the time.

I always want to see you smile.

When I'm with you my heart stops.

So few have made me feel so high.

I had a dream.

Just the other night.

I know it was a good dream.

But what it was about.

I can't seem to rememeber.

There are times in Hawaii.

The rains would fill the polli.

The waterfalls would run.

And double rainbows would encircle the sun.

The birds would sing.

And the whales would spout.

These rare wonderful beauties.

You allow me to live without.

I can't count the times.

I dream of north shore beach.

Wading in the tide.

The smell of the fresh sea breeze.

And the mist of crashing waves from the pipeline just off shore.

The time spent with you is more precious than a rare site.

Like Hailie's Comet slipping gracefully across the star drenched sky.

Filling the worlds' eyes with wonder, mystery, and amazement.

Even if only for a few seconds.

The world is at peace.

By: R. Alex Sanders


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The Pirate's Lament

Though I were born a villain

  A bad man thru and thru,

If I could but win the love of you lass

  I swear that my love would be true.


And I'd leave off all my sinnin'

  And leave my wicked ways,

Would your sweet eyes but look kindly

  And embrace me in their gaze.


And I'd no more go rovin',

  Nor sail the Carib Seas,

For this sweet great love's done changed me,

  Done brought me to my knees.


And my heart it once beat quiet,

  Like it didn't want to be found,

But you've set my heart a-racing

  And now all can hear it's sound.


O I wish I were a good man,

  A brave man strong and true,

But I were born a villain

  And must give the devil his due.


And I wish that you could love me,

  And give my love a chance,

Afore they lead me to the gallow's tree

  To do the devil's dance.


So never will we marry

  Nor share the bridal bed,

For they'll take me to the gallow's tree

  And hang me till I'm dead.


And never will I hold you,

  Nor feel the lover's bliss,

And never my arms enfold you,

  And embrace you in a kiss.


And never will we grow old

  And watch our children play,

For I were born a villain

  And I must die this way.


My course now is uncharted

  And leads to places strange.

And I've lost my maps & I've lost my compass

  And I live to speak your name.


Who cares where these tides will take me,

  Who cares where's the port I'll land.

Though I were born a villain,

  I'll die a better man.

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The Record Store, flash fiction story

The record store


It started with gray, gray everywhere. But it wasn’t in any sort of literal way; it was just a really rainy day that most of the room was turning gray. Two girls were lying at the floor with no motivation and lipstick smeared all over their chins. “This Is killing me, man” “Yeah, I know, but you were the first one who wanted to wake up early y’know?” “So what should we do?” “Well, it’s rainy, and we ate most of the food between yesterday and today, do you have any money left at all?” “As a matter of fact, I do, you know I’m very good with my savings” “Yeah? What about last weekend” “So? Do you want the money or not?” “Let’s go to a record store” “But it’s far away” “Your parents aren’t home anyway, and we have no electricity in this place, we might as well just stay here and it won’t change the fact that there’s nothing else to do” “Fine” one of the girls sighed “But if we do go to the record store, I’m not leaving that place until I find something of The Strokes” “Yeah yeah, hurry”. So they left the house and went to the nearest Record Store, and it was still gray everywhere. Gray, buildings, gray sky, gray people. They Arrived. And although it was still gray, it wasn’t empty at all. They entered, and assistant boys with black shirts were stacking everything really fast, because discounts of New Year ’s Eve were getting near.  “You go that way” pointing the alternative area “And I’ll go that way” pointing the oldies but goldies area. The girl at the oldies but goldies was mostly searching for gifts,  but she actually found very good ones by 80s artists such as Robert Smith, Morrissey and other, and of course, Glam forgotten artists. “There are so many” she sighed again. One of the boys with blue shirt arrived “Is there anything I Could help?” “No thank you I’m actually pretty fine” The boy, although he looked tired and as if he didn’t had a shower in 2 days still smiled with kindness “I see you’re holding a The Cure and The Smiths records, do you fancy 80s music?” “I Like it, yeah, it’s ideal for this weather” “I totally agree” “Thanks anyway” But the Boy still smiled and got closer “You know, tomorrow we will have more discounts than today, you should come back tomorrow, too” “Ah, you’re just saying that to help you get more money to your company” “You caught me”, the boy laughed, and leaned towards a stack of vinyl’s “You know, my mother introduced me to The Cure when I was little, I never thought I could like them so much, sometimes I’m very impatient with music, I like it or I don’t, and there’s no in between,  for example” and he took a bunch of albums very rapidly “Out of these ones (They were  New Order, Poison, Pulp, and other) “Do you think I could like them?” “Uh, I don’t know” the girl started to worry but remained calm “Probably, if you listened them” “Yeah I guess you’re probably right, but still, I hate it when bands change their style completely, like the Monkeys, do you like the Monkeys?” “Arctic?  Yeah, they’re good, I have most of their albums” “Well, their new one is terrible, it arrived really early in here, and I got a free sample” The boy started to get closer but still he was getting a childish-like anger. “…And It was terrible, don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I just can’t dig it, it’s not good music to me anymore, and my last girlfriend, oh my god, did she like ‘em, she was just a pain in my butt, always talking about them, not that I don’t like girls that like the monkeys, it’s just, I like more care-free girls, or maybe that’s just me, you know, they say, boys and girls look people who resemble to their parents, I think that’s psychology, not sure, but I’m studying a masters in politics so I’ll have to search for that ”


 “I need to listen to it. And, I guess, wasn’t that a Freud theory?” “We have it right there, but buy these ones today, and If you come tomorrow I can make you a great discount” “Sounds great” said the girl trying to keep up with the boy’s temperament “So, I know this will be me rushing too fast, and It’s illegal, don’t tell anyone, let me buy you a coffee, Starbucks, yeah” “As in, today?” “Or whenever you say” “Okay, okay, let me go back tomorrow” Sounds excellent to me” “Thank you, so that’ll be it, I have to back with my friend” “It was nice meeting you” the boy was still smiling with kindness but it was noticeable the lack of sleep he had “He probably had a lot of coffee” the girl said to herself to calm herself down of the amount of experiences she had with just one person. She went with her friend. The other girl was smirking almost laughing at her face “So I see you had fun ehhhhhhhhhh?” “Shut up” “Oh, come on! He’s not the craziest people you have met, and you know that, he actually looks nice, without that, caffeine, not-showering-in-days-look” “He talked about his mother and his ex-girlfriend with me, and other stuff I can’t remember” “Keeper!” the girl shouted “Shut up!” the other one blushed and gave a little punch to the other girl “Hurry up, please” “No, no, maybe I should talk to him too, he could become part of the family soon enough” “You’re terrible, I’m not buying you albums” “Alrighty, it’s okay, I got everything let’s go, I see you’re suffering” The Girl, still red took the albums and paid for everything.  They went out of the store, the boy was looking at them, but he was attending some other people. “It’s over now, let’s go and eat” “Yeah”. It was still gray, the buildings and people were still gray,  but even though it was gray, they gave the girls something to talk about on a gray day.  

The Search

I once loved a girl

  And she loved me,

But the time was not right

  For our love to be.


I loved this girl

  Yet I watched her die,

And now when alone

  I always ask why.


I held her close

  And felt her last breath,

I tried to save her

  But what she wanted was death.


And so now my life

  Is an endless search,

To find some meaning,

  To find some worth.

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Love Ended.

The days are long.

the nights are cold.

the Lord has taken so much.


From me. I have little left to give.

My family has served.

Since the sun first rose.

And man took his first breath.


Loved and fought.

Died and Lived.

Protected and lossed.

Promised and failed.


Friends and family held.

Promised to save, serve, and protect.

And only able to love and hold.

How could I have failed.


Family and friends looked up to.

And prayed a family to be made.

From a friendship near a decade passed.

Of laughs and cries and love.

You felt you could fly.


Now my life continues.

And hers has ceased.

And the sun will fall and rise.

While I'm numb with guilt.

And our family cries forever more.


The gates of paradise are unlocked.

And broken open.

A better place the pearly gates.

Now open to.


Forever gone is she.

A mothers screams haunt my dreams.

No more pain.

Now she's free.


I've fallen down to my knees.

Cried and screamed.

And clinched and prayed for relief.

ony to be met by silence and disbelief.


The hate of a thousand men.

And the rage of a thousand woman.

And the anger of a thousand generations.


All born from the love of one woman.

And the strength she had.

to instill courage and happiness.

In all she knew.


I love you.

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I Love You

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

They are like humans

And don't have a clue,

About all the good things,

Like how I love you!

Please never leave me,

I want you to stay,

I enjoy your company,

And I'd stay with you all day,

You light up my world,

You're brighter than all of the sun's rays.

I care about you so much,

You are my whole life,

If you ever left me,

I'd be filled with strife,

If anyone ever tried to hurt you,

I'd put them to the knife,

I want to stay with you,

You know that it's true,

I won't ever leave you,

I'm stuck to you like glue,

I will always need you,

Because I love you!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my girlfriend, and she seemed to enjoy it. I hope you do, too!


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The Space Between


Desolate, void.

Taunting, pleading, screaming 

Desires echo through the




Blind, savage.

Judging, hating, dehumanizing

The believers of equality.




In between.

Trusting, trying, hoping

Surviving all odds through




         Between us.

         Empowering, making the

         Rainbow above us more




Author's Notes/Comments: 

22Nov14 - 3:12am (c)angeljerlin

River Of Love


River Of Love

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There is a river of love

which joyfully trips over rocks

minding nothing difficult

done for the beloved.

-saiom shriver-



based on words of Sathya Sai Baba

who also said "To expect love in return

is akin to a coolie's demanding wages".


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