New Dawn

I experience a new dawn,

Each time I am with you,

When like a lily you smile,

I find it awesome so!


I cannot control myself,

And feel like kissing you,

Holding you tenderly in my arms,

Mingling into one, of us two!


My life opens a new page,


With you in every stage!

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Loving You is like...

Loving you is like ecstasy,

The way two black holes merge,

Together and become one in love,

In such a way with you I want to converge!


Your every corner, the neck,

The breasts, the silky waist,

And below the navel,

I would discover with no haste!

I would like to feel you inside out,


You would know what I am all about!

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To That Night


I instantly remember
The time you held my hand,
The time you kept me warm.


The first time I felt alive,
Was because of you.
Strong feelings and emotions
Attract our bodies.


I wonder will we go back
To the night you made me like you again.
No promises, no assumptions.
I hope to see you again.



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Love By Any Name




If I'm a bee, you're the honey.

If I'm a bank, you're the money.

If I'm a plant, you're the flower.

If I'm a clock, you're the hour.

If I'm a bottle you're the wine.

If I'm a sprinter, you're the line.

If I'm a dance, you're the dancer.

If I'm a question, you're the answer.

If I'm a bluebird, you're the skies.

If I'm a winner, you're the prize.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is love, by any name.

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Hurricane Eye




I thought I saw you last night,

Holding a hurricane in your hand!

I beheld you in the fading light;

Although I failed to understand.

I'm sure I heard you in the morning,

Teaching the birds how to sing.

They all took wing without warning;

It surely was the strangest thing.

I dreamed you dreamed about me;

But who has faith in dreams these days?

I don't believe some things I see,

So what do I make of your strange ways?

You have dark, disturbing powers

Hidden deep within your lovely eyes.

I could look at you for hours and hours,

And still not find where your secret lies.

Girl of the sun and moon on high,

You thrill and you enthral me.

Will I be safe in your hurricane eye?

Too late to run now, what will be will be.

Will those songbirds sing tomorrow?

Or have they flown, never to return?

Will my future feature joy or sorrow?

Either way, my love for you will always burn!



My Personal Feelings for You

At times I feel,

To crush you under my chest,

Until you are utterly content,

Until you say it has been the best!


I also feel like kissing you,

For thousands of years,

I wish to mingle with you ever,

Like the fusion of two galaxies occurs.



I want to discover your every part,


I want to love you from my heart.

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Portland THE Oregon


My streets were paved in yellow dreams and setting suns over bodies of water

and blues music followed by the smell of cigarette smoke that I find comforts me now as I’ve moved away.

My angels were bridges that enveloped the sky and my heaven was the blurred lights off of tall buildings that were the stars in my city.

My canvas was the Gorge and my painting was the sweat of summer adventure committed by a coniferous childhood.

My happiness was shutting my eyes and taking in everything I couldn’t see. Smells of campfires, songs on guitars, gasoline burning behind our rocket to the memories I cherish most.

My freedom was escaping into the night to sit on the shoulder of green giant and have conversations with her but never needing any words.

My relief was to exclaim all my furiosity to the water, and take it out on the rocks by the dock. To mock back at the seagulls who first mocked me with their judging eyes.

My guidance was light posts that flickered and signaled my return to home.

and still today I reserve a section of my heart and mind to Sauvies island, with its bushes painted red in the summer and its ground splattered with orange in the fall and its pine scented traditions growing in the winter.

And my childhood romance was with a City whose outer beauty was comprised of skyscrapers and waterfronts and inner beauty was the acceptance of the people who resided there.

And I bought her love in return, not with money, but with hours of my life spent roaming the trails, and the tracks, and with all the times I got lost in a City that I know like the back of my hand, and with all the times I loved underneath those rain clouds, and smiled at a bus stop, or let my arms get slapped with wind on a long car drive while blaring billy joel in the back seat of my mother’s minivan.

I earned her love.

and the problem with moving away is that you leave different parts of your heart in different cities, which never allows you to fully feel at home ever again.

Yet the price is worth paying a million times over.

But what I know today is that I left

my untamed spirit,

my wild abandon,

my insatiable hunger for color,

the smell of rain and lavender,

the jumps to the trees

the mowed grass

the smashed cherries on the ground

the feeling of being small and big all at the same time

the finite and massive details that I captured with my blue eyes

in a city that flies with her own wings

and will forever be my start

P.S Suck it Seattle

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I'll never forget 
I remember when 
Forever meant eternity not;
Until you found a better me. 
I'll never forget 
I remember when 
You said you love 
Me for Me 
Not for who I was 
For who i will become 
I'll never forget 
I remember when
We talked everyday 
About everything
About Nothing 
I'll never forget 
I remember when 
Phone calls where hours long 
not seconds fast and done 
I'll never forget 
I remember when 
I Love You 
Was said 'cause you 
meant it 
Not 'cause you though
you had to say it back
I'll never forget 
I remember 
All the lies 
I'll never ever forget

In Your Arms

In your arms,

There is celestial bliss,

There is the joy of living,

There is nectar I cannot miss!


In your arms,

I find the meaning of life,

I find the long-cherished treasure,

I find the sturdy traits of the afterlife.


Hold me tight with your arms mad,


Make me feel special, make me glad!

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