Bellla Vox, Bella Voce

Bella Vox, Bella Voce

Bella Vox, Bella Voce

Beware your friends more than your foes.

Love your foes more than your friends.

For a once lush valley,

May grow a blanket of thick thorns,

Surprising and strangling you in it's grasp.


While the night, 

May get no darker than Midnight.


To Say or Not to Say

To say or not to say ‘I love you’,

That is the question appearing like a déjà vu,

Over and over again,

Bringing for me unbearable pain.


Sometimes I think in the affirmative,

Sometimes my mind gets negative,

The three diamond-like-precious words fail,

To reach my mouth as if they were in jail.


Gain courage I every night,

To tell her ‘I love you’, that’s right.

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*Give ME Back My Heart*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Give me back my heart

I gave it to you

To take care of

Not tare it apart

I'm not someone you can push and shove


The pain it went through 

When you went behind my back

How could you hurt me

How could you think I wouldn't find out

You said I could believe

Well I have something to tell you

Sweetheart I already knew


All I want is for you to give me back my heart

Yes the one I gave to you

The one that is in a million pieces

Because of you

How stupid of me 

To think you would be true

You said I could set my worries free


Sometimes I cry

Because I remember our good times

Then your evil strikes me

Now my soul wants to die

Why couldn't you just let me be


Give me back my heart

I should of known

From the start

Only if I could of forseen the future

You took me off my gaurd

And I got thrown


The rumors that went around

Were they always about me 

The things about you I found

Made me see clearly

We just wasn't meant to be

My heart wasn't treated fairly


All of those lies you told

I would of figured it out someday

But I didn't have to wait too long

Everything came to unfold

When you were so weak

I always stayed by your side

You turned out to be a little sneak

I was the one who was always strong

The only reason I always cried

Was because I knew deep down we didn't belong


Give me back my heart

Take back these tears

Today is a brand new start

My heart will never hurt again

Heart broken all those years


I should of left you then

My love for you

You threw down the drain

Your soul was never true

You're not worth "a could of been"


Now it's your turn

To feel all the pain

It's your time to burn

Tears and heartbreak you will gain


My love for you will never be

This is why you must go away

From you I'm finally free

I no longer want to stay


All I want is my heart back

To stop all this pain

You're not worth it that's a fact

Baby you're done playing this game


Give me back my heart

And lets never try this again

Baby we're through

My life you're no longer apart

I'm no longer in love with you



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*Don't Give Loneliness A Chance*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins

 Dedicated to my highschool sweetheart Derrick Mann


 I will love you more then that

Dance by your side in candle light 

I never knew you could make me feel this way

No matter what "we" become to be

Promise you'll stay

Promise you won't set what we have free


Don't give loneliness a chance

To take away the romance

Promise your kind of love will never disappear

And you'll always be by my side 

To wipe away the tears

To capture my fears


Now and forever

We'll be in eachothers heart

I'll always be your lady

This friendship I promise I won't let it part


Lets forget our shitty past

And make a future so kind

A passion that'll last

One in no other we can find

No one else can compare

Not a soul can share


Don't give loneliness a chance

To take away our first dance

To take away our first kiss

Don't let loneliness take our romance


Don't give loneliness a chance

To keep us from eachothers arms

Let us have a moment to experience with our charms

Let us see the true light

Enjoy eachother with delite


Always forever and a day more

I will remember my truest crush

You're the one I always have adored

I will never forget your gentle touch

The day I got to experience your magic

My heart soared

I felt butterflies in my stomach


That's why sweetheart

I won't give loneliness a chance

To take away what I always have on my mind

To this day from the start

You're a special man one that's so very kind


We will always remain

Best friends forever

Our lives will never be the same

Our hearts will always stay together 

Promise me you won't give loneliness a chance

And we'll stay close to one another

Promise you'll forever remember my name 

Forever keep this romance



*You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All*


  Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Your kiss says it all

Your touch tells me 

You'll catch me if I fall

Your stare lets me see

That you'll never forget to call


Sweety you say it best 

When you say nothing at all

But I must be certain not to make a mistake

To make sure I can put my fears to rest 

I'm still going to wait to let my heart awake

For I promised myself I would not hurt again

And for me to do that I must not feel

For true love is not pretend

I got to make sure your heart is real


But with you the one sent from above

From the bluest skies of heaven

I have a feeling... with you I could fall in love

Because You say it best

When you stare with your eyes

When you touch me so gently and nice

When you hold me under the starlit skies

When you say more then twice

I know you truely mean it from your heart

And whenever I start to cry

You will surely be the first one there

To gently wipe it away from my eyes


I tell no lies

When I tell you my heart skips a beat

When I have you by my side

I really can't wait because next to you I have a perminate seat

And when that time comes when I can truely trust

The way I feel I won't hide

Now I know its a definate must


Even through my body may shake a little bit

You holding me will calm me down

I want to be the one in control

On top I want to sit

After you remove my night gown

As we listen to our favorite hit

As we start to make love

We bothcan feel it...Together.. a perfect fit


You say it best

When you say nothing at all

Your own person your won soul

You're finally not like the rest

Making you mine is my goal

In love with me someday you;ll fall

But now lets just have fun and play

For we both are having a blast

Our true feelings lets share another day

Right now I just want to try

To make you forget your past

In every possible way

Let them bad memories pass you by


My love you say it best

When you say nothing

You express with no words at all

Just let there between us be something

And remember when you want some fun

You know who to call



My Mother


"My Mother 

is my hero. 


She taught me, 

raised me, 

by herself, no less, 

and while doing so, 

imbued within me, 


the lessons she had learned herself. 


From the sunrays that broke through my blinds

in the morning when I was a child, 

to the day I left the rainy Pacific Northwest, 

to learn about myself in ways of old, 


she has always been there. 


I am a US Marine, 

like my father before me, 

and his father before him. 


But I did not join because of them.

To be frank, 

I don't know them. 


But my Mother, 

the toughest woman in my life, 

got me started on a pathway 

that would transfer into a ever-growing journey. 


My Mother 

taught me how to love. 

She taught me to give my heart, 


and to be vulnerable. 


She taught me how to treat a woman. 

The difference between loving our other half, 

and 'claiming' your 'right' 

to the most beautiful thing in a mans life. 


My Mother 

taught me to be strong. 

To give everything into what I do, 

and to never falter. 

To rise, to fight, to believe 

in myself. 


She gave her Son 

everything she had. 

She gave her boy, 

her own flesh and blood, 

the life she wish she had. 


Maybe we didn't have every thing, 

and even that was a class, 

my healthy contempt for comfort 

has made my life no chore. 


My Mother

is my hero 

because she made me the man 

I am today. 


I do not even come close, 

to expressing my debt to her,

the long nights she stayed up, 

tears on both of our faces, 

wishing life was different. 


But the day she watched me march

across the parade deck,

where so many Marines before me have done. 


And she watched me march 

from the review box with generals,

her Son the top graduate,

she beamed with affection. 


Every moment in time blurred,

every time I pushed her back, 

every time I ran into her arms, 

and every time I made her proud, 


poured out into one moment of completion. 


"That's my son", she said, 

and it was because of her, 

that I have grown

into the selfless person I strive to be. 


To give, 

to sacrifice, 

she gave me the gift 

to enjoy doing so.


To serve is its own reward.

To never give in.

To love.


This is why

my Mother

is my hero." 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where to start. 

I don't really think this poem does her justice. But she's definitely my hero.

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Slowly, slowly, slowly...

This is the speed that I can feel you

slipping through my fingers.



The way you act around me now,

is so different thank it was before.


You may let me be near you,

but your body language

is speaking volumes to me.


You sit stiffly,

not looking at me much.



I can see, day by day,

that what we used to be

now is just a fantasy...


Slowly, slowly, slowly

I can feel you just

slipping right through my fingers.



You'll never be mine again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about this guy I'm in love with but has said we're a bad match, and shouldn't be together... 

can feel my heart breaking 

let me know what you think please

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Streets Governed Criminal

Can you grasp something that's invisible
In the streets governed by the streets driven criminal
In the sheets, painted up with a face that isn't yours
and your hands tainted with the blood of others, and unopened doors

The sun has gone down, and the homeless are freezing
Some dancing around, and with food appeasing
While you and some others are in the room all alone..
and the air smothers you, and anxiety brings life out of the zone

A hand comes out of your thumping heart, and suffocates you silly
It comes out screaming, and dumping the pain of the world, and you get chilly
You wish you could save the world, and cradle the ill in your hands
Bring, pave and stretch out the curled, lost, to comfort the bullied trans

What is the world, when you walk around to live with someone else's blood on your hands
To live when you ignore and talk happiness but can't give and end the flood to the disappearing lands?
Don't you ever wonder what the world means when there's a bunch of so called nobodies?
Acting like a blunder is a murder and people just have a hunch who you are, and lay on our tragedies?

What is morality?
When we are bathed in brutality?
Laugh it off like we don't know,
While people are screaming below
and someone has to pay and die
and all people say is "I'm sorry, I can't, goodbye."

This is humanity.
We all try to ignore the insanity.
and someone's on the floor crying for someone to be there
and others just seem to kick, scream and glare
but for their sisters and brothers they'd probably shed a tear
But for anyone else they say they can't be here

It's truly disgusting
Respect is forever rusting
Screaming "Equality!" yet fighting and burning homes in it's name, adding blood to the unnecessary sea of issues of gender and "race" and the others trivial differences we try to hold
Through actual frivolity of rewriting and turning around simple non-offensive words like its a game, yet somehow determining what you are by shape of your face, through privileged or how old
When we both share the same organs, the emotions, and planet
breathing the same air, through the grass and granite
and still we fight which status, and hands matter the most
Competing with our apparatus and plans, that catch the eye to bleed one of our fellow brothers as a host

What's the point if we stand on dead bodies to live?
To disjoint lives that are so much more meaningful and bite the hand that gives?

This must be the meaning of our lives
To bleed a poor soul and find the next one that arrives.

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Resurrection at Hudson Lake

Blindness.  I quietly open my eyes.  Under the glittering stars, I detect consciousness and vibrancy.  There is a certain depth to this darkness, the velvety richness of the night.  Ill disposed,  I resurrect the forgotten constellations and a myriad of pulsating galaxies.  I passed by Hudson Lake today, the icy sidewalks canvassing the town, I felt immune to the cold and the sparkling frost.  Powdery Memories, cascade like snow drifts, creating mountains that will never disappear.  I plow into this metaphor, sculpturing the texture of love, in this endless winter abyss, still haunted by the spiraling mystical ghost of you.

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