Touch Up Humanity

The world is neither white nor black
But shades of gray.

So is nature.
So are our lives.
To see the perfect whole – impossible.
Each value system so unique.
Like you.

Be true to your beliefs.
Your peers.
Your community.
An live within yourself to the fullest.
It’s the small imperfections
That make you human.

Always grow,
Touch up humanity.

Look at greatness.
Emulate the best.

But always return to yourself.
You are temporary.
You are not eternal.
Nor is the world and planet.
Live for now.
For the future.
For posterity.
For love.
For kindness, benevolence.
For the magic of your unique human quality.

For that I love you.

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A new beginning

Flowers bloom, birds sing……..,

Surrounding me are the times of spring.

Gazing up the bright blue sky….

Plead god….. I will never again want to cry.

A new beginning sought for so long….,

I still wonder will I be loved after all...?

Feel I need you near….,

Holding me close and to surround my fears.

Let‘s walk the paths of life together,


Sharing happiness & love, which will last forever…..! 

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Its being long years since we first met,

Happy I was, with no deep regret…

Things were so fine with a great success,

Everyone now has made me to feel breathless….



Slowly day by day passed by,

Times of which birds flew high…

It’s you, whom I think of everyday,

Wish you will be there and for ever you stay……



You came close and whispered sweet words,

Unsolved story silently hurts…….

Your love touched me deep inside…….

Will it last long or will it always divine?



This day I will never ever forget,

Tears in my eyes with a lifeless threat,

I feel im lost, in this world of depress,

Are you there or have you already left?



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We were together all weekdays,

Eight hours together in the same place.

Time passed by not meeting face to face,

No sign of love, and nothing to praise………


Things started to change suddenly,

Calls begin to flow frequently,

Missing each other endlessly,

Caring for each other so lovingly…………


Through the silence of the gloomy night,

I see you standing through the light,

It’s no disgrace nor it’s not right,

Love beings to flow with immense of sacrifice.


You give me love, which I always will divine,

Heavenly places I build with pride,

I love you darling, through night and sunshine,

No one can part us ever in this life………




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It’s a Dream…

Darkness stands in front of me,

Surrounding emptiness is all I see,

I look around in the windy breeze…

To see you through the mid night dreams.


In the silence of the night I hear,

Your voice whispering sweet words in my ear.

The moment I realize I’ve been dreaming,

I just can’t help the tears falling…


I get you in the day,

But I loose you in the night,

If I compose this song………

Forever will you be mine?


Your sweet little smile makes me wonder,

How you healed my heart with tender.

The things you say breathlessly, I ponder,

Love for you I’ll always remember…


I take a walk in the heavenly stars,

Hand in hand and it’s hard to be apart…

The friendship revealed with so many fears,

Shattered in minutes leaving only the tears………..



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Heart Break

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, 

Then I'll wait for you just a bit longer...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Only if they're willing to wait for you too...

Heart Ache

Heart Break

My heart aches everynight I cry myself to sleep, When I have the thought that you aren't mine to keep. 

My heart aches every morning my notifications are baron, and so are my arms. All I can do is keep caring for your attitude and your charms.

Everytime I hear a bird coo, or when I even put on my shoe, all I can think of is how

My Heart Aches For You.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cherish them while they're still there.

Time Hurts

Heart Break

Wanting time to go slowly, But it always flies by.
Now it trudgingly drags on without you by my side.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Learn to cherish

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Field of Gray


He is a burst of color


in a world painted gray


painting vibrant scenes


in his own special way


shining on me  


like a broad sunshine’s ray


he is the smile 


that brightens my day

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