You know how I get

when we’re alone.

I have never been as needing,

found my heart as physical,

felt as magnetic as now,

with you.


I have never given this rush,

folded this body into anyone else

until you

but I know you have always been giving,

your scent is scattered across the ground

so much that I don’t know how I haven’t loved it before.


You have given so much more physical than me-

somehow that is a relief.


There is something like madness

and magic about this,

there is something like dreaming

when I’m awake.


I love this intimate

even if it doesn’t last,

even if the road ends…

you know how I get

when we’re alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/25/17

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My Stand

To edit

This is not how I wanted it to end. 

You used to be my closest friend.


We loved and lost, but always together. 

Until one day you changed the weather. 


I think of you now with both love and hate. 

And sometimes I wish I didn't remember the date. 


Time and time again you've come into my life. 

I hope this was the last time. 


Self-care and self-loathing go hand in hand. 

But this is something I would expect you to understand. 


I educated and taught you the ways of the world. 

But you threw me away once you found your own swirl. 


Now I grow and have philosophies to show. 

I have my own path to help me know. 


I suspect no other can join me on this journey.

So I must let you go for eternity. 


I cherish our past time together. 

But I have passed through nether. 


An experience I don't expect you would understand. 

Yet this is my own plan. 


My, own stand. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just something that came to me this morning. I would appreciate any comments. I would like to expand and improve it. Thank you all!

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There is not enough space in here for you.


I spill my sins into flames and floods instead of

into your hands where they belong,

on your lips like I want to.


I bury my sins on paper

so they can disintegrate,

but sometimes I would rather just

let all my thoughts turn to ashes

and start over over over

I don’t want them anymore.


I don’t let myself know you like you want me to

because I know I can’t ever know you like I want.


I want you to see

all the ways I can move when you’re not looking,

how this outlet does not have a ceiling

and it fills me with furious,

how this alone shovels out all the black in my head

and helps me be what I am with you,

how this overfeel keeps overflowing

and I’ve run out of space to build any more walls.


You say you are


but I know, I am forever splintering,

I will not worry

as long as you know how to love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/20/17

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Negative Space


Can you forgive

all these sad songs,

all the words tagged with your name?

Don’t waste your flowers on me

Can you forgive

all my worn-out secrets,

the things I threw like a hurricane?

Don’t waste your minutes like me


I worship a world

with no other fortunes,

stuck in the dark holding the same flint

I can’t let go of the perfect I see

I lie with you

or for you again,

all the not-enough nights that I’ve spent

Tangling your fate again with me


Please walk on water

like in all my dreams,

white lies that blind me till disaster

Soak up all the space I can’t see

Where do I touch

when I feel your lonely,

movements you forget hours after

Take up all the air I can’t breathe


Too high to come

down where you need me,

can you forgive when I’m in the wrong place?

Don’t waste your flowers on me

Too close to press

my shivers to yours,

can you forgive my negative space?

Don’t waste your minutes like me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/22/17

The most Beautiful Woman

Your Beauty extends the universe to my delight,

It warms  and shines where there is no light,

Your Beauty holds me so bright, I’m ready for any fight,

Your Beauty beholds me with an epic sight.


And If one day I lose my sight,

I’ll have Your splendor all for my heart delight.

And You’ll forever be the most beautiful sight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Marianka



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I Am Not A Realist


I wrap myself around these sound waves

so the memories don’t fall,

drown in starlight that will speak to me when you’re gone.


I am not a realist so I will cover my walls in sirens,

undo buttons I will never press,

romance when all the confusion collides.


I am not an artist so I will feel the change in altitude

without climbing high,

pull your misleading silver down over me.


I am not a soul to save but I will tell you how much I want it,

the absence of white noise,

this is such a good place to give up and fall.


I am not a realist but I will hold this together,

a heart born with the burning,

I am so delusional

I will drown in you and call it the best oxygen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/17/17

The Amazing Hamilton


The Amazing Hamilton


A beautiful girl, named Hamilton B.


She went to the store, B. Hamilton shook.


Shock and awe, Hamilton could not believe it.


It was another, beautiful female.


Her name was Yuriah. They saw each other.


“Hello!”, said Hamilton. Much to her shock.


“Oh, hey!”, replied Yuriah blushing soft.


Two females star struck by their lovely gaze.


As Yuriah blush and Hamilton awe,


Their lips come together in strange appeal.


They sing and they dance all through the midnight


They laugh and they cry running side by side.


It comes to the end, the fade of their day.


“Yuriah, oh Yuriah, won’t you stay?”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I co-wrote this sonnet with a buddy of mine upon the request a young highschool girl. We thought, "Why not?" as we had nothing better to do anyway. 30 minutes late, this short was written.

I hope all readers enjoyed this and maybe chuckled a little.

Have a good one! :)



Stealing glances, picking little fights

when you’re the only one I would never push down-

you are already too sunk with your ship,

rooted in lonely chaos.


We are tangled because they told us to

and when I reach past you

I could swear you almost take my hand,

there is no shame in this

unless I want there to be.


Scribbling secrets, spring midnights

when we paint the sky open with laughter…

we will regret breaking dawn

but we can never regret as much as we will miss.

And when you’re across the table

I could wake the whole world

with these deafening glances.


I want to tell you how you talk,

how it builds this sun around us and

I see it like a comfort that could break any moment

but somehow you still manage to hold it up.


I want to tell you how you sound,

tired and happier than you’ve ever been in daylight,

like no matter how late it gets you’d rather be here,

like you’ll never hold it over me if I trip.

I want to tell you how you sound,

hands that can’t hold you up at this hour,

a voice stumbling over itself,

a voice tired and messy but I love it that way.


I want to tell you how you look,

not even trying to stay awake,

you don’t need to when these bonds are unspoken and

so I keep glancing over at you,

seconds then minutes at a time,

hoping you might catch me,

wishing you won’t.


I want to tell you how you love,

tired and you’re still better at human than me,

if we are marbles or minutes or just what someone needs

you give so so so much more than you take.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/16/17

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Goodbyes are the only promises I will make.


You can pretend we won’t hang by a thread tomorrow

we can survive the fraying

but from this far away I can’t color you in,

I can’t fit smiles and leaving together like puzzle pieces…

this is the first and last time you will see me cry.


Goodbyes are the only things I will leave here.


Now I seem to slip down all the slopes,

can’t hold myself to the ground without you,

I have always been afraid of the sky

but I’m more afraid of being buried alone beneath my feet

so I will take a running start.


Goodbyes are the only things I will let fall like hope.


When I tell my words to touch you for the last time

you know I will take any excuse to stay here a second longer,

I will write you into quicksand so I’m rooted.


But goodbyes are the only promises I will make.

Give me a different hello

and I will make you a better promise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/15/17

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