All the negative space around you

turns into positive space,

all the particles charged and

in the face of this bottled up explosion I’m breathing in

I have to get out of your atmosphere.


But I’m rooted,

you get me,

you can translate these pages

better than I can

but you don’t get to go down in flames

when the pressure’s building.

I will smoke you out.


This inverted world

tipped back upright,

glued together with more than sealed lips and feathers

like you know how to walk when I can’t

This inverted world

tipped back upright,

spilled out of your mouth

every time you fly up behind me.


Here I am reliving all these moments,

here I am not telling you

you can translate these pages

better than I can

so you don’t get to break the glass,

I can’t get out of your atmosphere,

we will ignite or

we will smolder

and even then they can use our ashes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/16/17

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Library (day 200)

I have made this challenge a library,

over half a year of shifting

I have tried to tell a pretty tragedy

but somehow the pretty’s missing


Good intentions, I want to spread heart

Gray creeps up around my grin

This year’s library is how I keep

knives from slipping under my skin


Still grass grows around sinkholes,

showing just how we survive

We try to shine in our own spaces

pull magic out of staying alive


We have made this challenge a library,

a year of change and how we show it

We have tried to tell a pretty tragedy

and that’s what I call a poet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/12/17


Love to all the other writers doing this challenge! I'm so glad I did it and that now I have something to look back on. These have been some rough months for me- a lot of change, starting college, family issues, confusion, losing a lot of people and finding so many more. But I think this made it a lot easier to fit my chaos into a language, and it's made me see how much I depend on writing.

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An objective point of view


Call me fractured, call me broken

Call me the handhold you can’t quite reach

Call me the buildup, flames to embers

Call me everything or something or nothing

Call me silent, call me scarred

Call me rhythm but please don’t touch


Call me something I’ve never heard,

let me speak in the third person,

my nails are cracking,

my blinks crumbling,

my bones snap like memories,

I am stepping out and leaving this frame behind me,

I don’t want to own anything I can’t fix.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/12/17

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The Search

She searched high when

they said it was difficult to find.

A magical flower some swore

didn't exist at all.


She searched low when

they said it was 

impossible to forget.

She yearned for that kind

of remembering.


She searched far and wide.

It was only when she gave up

and turned for home that

she spied it. 


The reflection of sunlight

dappled the bloom

nestled in the moss 

of the ancient tree.


She knelt beside it and

drank in its sorcery.

She set her basket down,

stroked the velvety petals.


The flower whispered, 

"Leave me be."


"Because I am."


She reached into her pocket.


She gently placed it in the basket.

"And now you belong to me."

d.s. hill ©

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The Taken (day 198)

sometimes I envy

the taken

because of the words

they can say to you,

she’s got a boy back home

so she can give you compliments that won’t come off biting like my fist in my mouth

or too sweet in a space covered with salt.

sometimes I envy

the taken

because of how simple

they can be around you,

the carefree

straight shot smiles

with no strings.

I watch this scene

like it’s the last time I’ll see it

through your eyes.

I watch your movements

like I’m learning how to be a mirror.

sometimes I envy

the taken

because of how close

they can get to you

without leaving a handprint

or lighting the room on fire.

most of the time I envy

the taken

they don’t miss you like this

but how can I miss you

when you’re always around?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/10/17


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Haqueian Verse


Is like a gift,

A celestial one,




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I Am The Liar


I bleed in borrowed snakeskin

and staring down at it I can’t wrap you in the blame

no, I am the liar

and I can’t help but wash away in dreaming

when you leave like this.


I am hollow heavy eyes

following your current and

I wrap you in the shadows to separate you from the sparks

but they still find their way to your window,

piling over each other until all I can see is blinding

so I throw myself on the ground outside

hoping this city can love a liar

and the streetlights all go out at the sight of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/12/17

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Forbidden Enemy

My feelings for you, my worst enemy.

Lying in bed, my eyes resisting to close.

Thoughts of you that I’m trying to dispose.

Have gone from hours, days, weeks, to months.


This forbidden feeling.

It’s taken over my mind and heart.

It’s become my greatest fear.

And yet I can’t stop.


How every time I see your beautiful face and hear your voice.

I can’t describe this happiness that you seem to bring.

But those painful words uttered,

Became the sword to my heart.


Why is it that we hang onto the one who doesn't care?

Many times I’ve tried knowing and changing it.

I just continue to torture myself.

And I have my own life to spare.


If I’m near, you’ll be rankle.

To spare you from galling.

And my heart from dying.

I have to forget and move on.

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Baked potatoes and regret

i long for your comfort 

but dare ask not. 

I long for your attention

but give instead of got. 

 i must escape for sanity

reality crushes too harsh 

so instead i just retreat  

To the bites and Pages 

savoring the comfort, however meek

refusing to ask you

i seek to comfort myself

alone, with baked potato regrets. 

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