Love is Truth


There is beauty in truth


Isn’t that what the poet said?


How do I remove the veil?


So I can see the truth


My truth is pure as the water


White as milk and sweet as honey


This shroud of mystery


You say is beautiful, but


The journey is made beautiful


When the destination is clear


How many will attain to piety


If the gates of Heaven are closed?


Love is a lamp of hope


That guides me through the fog


Sure steps on an uneven path


I’ll burn the oil of my soul


In the wick of my heart


Till the day when I’ll know


That heaven is in my grasp


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Whirling in Ecstasy

I want you
Like the fire needs kindling
My desire will fan the flames
Drunk with the wine of your love
My spirit, in ecstatic anticipation, whirls
Melting with passion
Like a Bird of Paradise in a mating dance
I want to devour you with my senses
And then dissolve inside of you

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In that famed, enchanted place

With all my senses, I felt you

I want you in every way

Passion, like a fire, is lit

I want to hold you in a tight embrace

And let my lips converse with yours

Tangling hungrily in deep discourse

Of the kind that sets the night ablaze

Ripping every veil aside

Rubbing my color onto yours

Tasting what’s never been tasted before

Your moans, convulsions urging more

An entrance breathtaking for both

Your long nails on my back

Convey the urgency of the request

The world shaking in ecstasy

Tremors that rise and fall, and rise

The room tumbling or is it us?

I can’t tell you from me

Like a vine on a tree

You are wrapped around me

And me thrashing, but not to free myself

Until you can feel deep inside

The river of my essence erupt

And coax your stream to merge with mine

A happy, pulsating, breathless fusion sublime

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You Were There

You were there with me, my love

Every moment and in every place

I felt your hand in mine

Your scent was in the lush gardens

I heard your voice in the great halls

Your beauty belongs in a place like this

Your long fingers entwined in mine

Greatness is not just an attribute

A soul can only reach the heights

When inspired by its true mate

I have heard a new call

A strange new resolve it is

Not just to write the tales

But to leave some of them behind

Put your soft hand in mine

Entrust your body and soul to me

The world will resonate for long

With the tales we will create

I’m ready to journey forth

No shackles will keep me now

There is destiny to be fulfilled

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There is a saying that says "I crave a love as deep as the ocean" 

So do I 

But one thing is stopping me 
I am afraid of water 
And the creatures below 
How am I supposed to give my heart and deepest love 
When it is my greatest fear to drown so deep with no way out 
I was taught how to swim, how to float
I was taught not to panic or I'll drown
But another way of drowning is to forget how to swim
Another way of drowning is to forget to see where you swam
Another way of drowning to let yourself go so far and not no how to come back 
Another way of drowning is someone dragging you from below
Another way of drowning is to breathe underwater 
Another way of drowning is loosing control 
Love is a crime to those whose fears are compared to the greatest gift of all 
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“You are but a seasoned traveler,

Seeking respite for a bit”

So said the Garden of Exquisite Beauty

“Awestruck though you may be,

By my lush, cool, inviting shade;

But these odes you write, this love you profess

I’m sure these words were offered afore

Many times in your travels far and wide”

I see a fog of sadness, a mist of worry drifting in

“Will you forget me too, when you move on?”

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry

For I’ve journeyed only over vast deserts

Where a garden such as this is but a mirage

A dream perhaps; a heady longing

True, I’ve sought the shade of the occasional palm

Picked a desert flower or two, on the way

And drank from a few watering holes

I did what I did to keep moving on

To reach my destiny, my true love

I’ve said words of affection before

Those that come only from the throat

But is there any way to compare

The Masnavis of Rumi to a superficial rhyme?

How can I ever forget?

The dream that was always in me

You are that dream and now you’re real

Its things that perish that need to be preserved

You’re in my soul, how will that ever perish?

It may be that I must journey more

And seek treasures still hidden inside

For you, I’d travel to the stars and back

But this flame that I have will burn just as bright

You forget, there are no laws of love

My love, if anything is “written,” it is this

I will love and seek you till the day I die

I feel the Universe starting to move

I know my want, how will it not conspire?

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May I Enter?

You are the road to truth

The city of great virtue

The palace of exquisite beauty

My love, may I enter?

You are the tree of knowledge

The cool spring of reflection

The garden of sweet repose

My love, may I enter?

You are the sun of nurture

The moon of affection

The serene lake of tranquility

My love, may I enter?

You are the wind of fortune

The mountain of greatness

The vale of achievement

My love, may I enter?

You are the ocean of desire

The tidal wave of passion

The fertile plain of consummation

My love, may I enter?

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Me or You?

A moth should be judged

By the beauty of the candle

So said the poet

So if I yearn to dive headlong

Into the brilliant flame of your beauty

How am I to blame?

Why are you so beautiful?

I know the heat will sear me

Burn what is me and leave what is you

But isn’t that what I want?

To be one with you

And lose myself in your wonders

For I have loved myself

Only because you’re in me

And I want to so meet

The part of me that’s in you

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This Heart

This heart

What do I do with this heart?

It conspires with my soul

In cahoots with my mind

Egged on by my body

It so longs for your face

Like the restless ocean

Yearning for the moon

Waves of desire, relentless

The high tide of passion

I call out your name

In the great halls of my imagination

I see your lovely eyes

Those long curved lashes

Write something on my heart

It’s your name

Written on a tablet already filled

With nothing but your name

Pray tell me, love

How will this ever subside?

Can a heart be replaced?

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