On Lesser Men


"Absolute shock,

and I mean that in its purest definition,

wracks my body as I am come to the 



that other men are not like me.

I mean,

I am not a god! 

No descedant of Hecules,


there is no blood in my veins

that once flowed in Hephaestus.

No glory in my name,

except the one I make now.



why are there Men

who are weak?

Who flinch at the sign of danger,


who hold their own lives

above all others?

This I do not understand,

and it's infuriating. 



what is a Man?

Is he a mighty warrior,

who must first conquers armies to be such?


Is it the one

who builds cities with his bare hands,

who turns the Earth into 

a Metropolis?


Is it a person

who seeks retribution?

Or is it the one

who turns the other cheek?


There are many,

many pieces of the puzzle,

criteria that can be placed on all of us,

myself included,


that would determing what makes

what who,

who what,

a Man a Man.


But two ways,

I like to gather around,

is how a Man treats animals,

and how he is as a father.


No Man

can be of good heart,

of He that does not give kindness

to animals.


Dogs, especially.

Angering, seeing littering the news

the way some Men hurt them,

the way I want to hurt them too,


see how they react!

How could you?

Automatic despisal

for this lifestyle,


the bottom of the pit

that sits dormant inside me

boils over with hot fire.

I will reiterate,


I am no saint,

by any means.

But I am not low,

I am not lesser like that.


And worse than that,

the ones who drop the ball,

the will, and commitment

to their own children.


Their own flesh and blood.


I don't think I am even writing

well enough


to convey that complete,

utter cringe.My ultimate


of this train of thought.


To be gone,

to even be away from your child,


or son


should not be a desire,

or even a compromise.

There are reasons we all go,

work, life, war.

But to do so


in a manner

that we give up time,

months, years,

for the principle


that lost time doesn't matter

is sad.

I am sad

that there are little ones


who are not loved,

raised by their own fathers.


and even more so 


the confusion with Men

who are gone because they have to be.


this is life.


I am writing,


about the lack of will,

of desire,


to be a father.

There are those who understand,

and those who don't.



My father wasn't there,

and I don't care,

even with the reveal

that my dad and father weren't the same,


and what would it matter,

if to life events they came?

I had hate fill my heart,

for Men I didn't really know.



life has raised me,

my Mother kept me out of gangs

with a library card


and hindsight is perfect,

not hazy,

unlike the thought process of some Men

who pick things that are hard


for me to follow.

To allow

others to suffer,

to not be there for their own.


Read this line, 

stay for your son.

I'm trying to save people grief,

I'm trying to get to you 


with the words of this piece.


Take it from me."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is to not a piece meant for every Man. But every single reader can relate to this. They know one.


I know many.

Love Blossoms

sunset blossoms with hues

to awaken loves heart

Lavander , tangerine skies, blues

colors awakening spark

Open those lashes and reveal

what closed eyes hide 

Like a curtain indoor conceals 

the beauty that is outside 

Let love be born as sunset falls

and let passion inside 

Feel the beams of heaven call

and fill your soul with pride

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Allets

"love blossoms at sunset"

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Solitude is such a beautiful thing

Confine the body, let imagination run free

The world takes you away from me

I reclaim you in my isolation

O what joy in unfettered expression!

I can uncork my emotions, pour them out without fear

I imagine you drunk with that emotive wine

That timbre of your voice that resonates in my soul

Ah! Ecstasy has so many sublime forms

Your dark, sultry eyes pierce my soul

Mesmerized, unable to even blink

Drawing close almost imperceptibly

That gravity unleashing a torrid, breathless storm

The craving to give competing with a hunger to receive

Consideration, impetuousness, love, passion

Whirling together at impossible speed

Body, mind, heart and soul; indistinguishable

Until the climax of cataclysmic proportions

I cry out your name from depths unknown

The sum total of articulation in that moment

All words forgotten in that flash of dying

My spirit awakens from that little death

And you’re not there anymore, but I smile

Because I can call you back again, and again

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A New Trail

Not the turning of the seasons

Nor the phases of the moon

It’s a thing everlasting

An unending heavenly tune

Not a flood that subsides

When the source is spent

It’s a spring that gushes

Whether there’s drought or rain

Like a color it dyes the heart and soul

Throw cold water, it turns to steam

How do months or years matter?

When you are all I see, all I dream

So many legends, stories aplenty

But we are reinventing true love

With my utter longing, your agonizing restraint 

We’ll teach love a thing or two about love

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Awkward Social Interaction

Simple Thoughts

"Don't hate me,

hate the game.


that's what Two told her.


And it was hard, 

catching her slight stumble,

a drink-fueld anger

that led from a bitter mood


to a bowl of noodle.


how angry she was and to see 

such a beautiful person be hurt.


Beautiful, as in face?

Body, even?

Reader, I write about the heart,

the beautiful mind she has.


So we were there, months ago,

being there for her,

another writer like myself,

another one who skates on longboard.


Bored, we weren't, 

listening to her spill the beans

on what Two was lacking about.

Comical indeed.


Even more comical?

Number Three,

and to see my Brother 

have unexplained disdain.


I was happy for her,

my relations with One

solid as we talked and gave each other

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle handshakes.


Breaking away,

One and she did,

but not in a negative light, 

my friendship with One bright as ever.


The daily visits 

to the land of pink hue,

the store with prim and proper

sundresses for grandaughters


slowly played the story along,

of what was and was not meant to be

between her and Three, 

and though it wasn't messy,


the whole thing just ended,

as things do, less she

begin to stress

over lost space.


Pace the room and imagine,

the comical bit of time that passed,

as we all sat,

the corner of the regulars,


surrounded by students,

book readers, business workers,

coffee makers and a poet.

Her arrival, I immediately know it


with her warm greeting,

the room moving in many pieces 

as regulars and customers spill

in and out,


and while out goes coffee and money,

in goes the situation slowly growing;

Two walks in,

sitting to work,


back turned,

and the entire room glances at her,

the cheeks of said girl turning 

the color of tomato,


and only to burn brigther!

And it is done,

as in walks One. The room knows,

and laughs at the interaction,


or lack thereof.

And to myself, 

I though it could not get more awkward,



but alas I was wrong,

before it hit me,

here we have just in Three,

and the room audibly laughs.


They know it too,

Two packs up and walks out,

but not before side glances and knowing smiles

pass between regualars and the beautiful girl


who has her face buried.

Eventually Three buys coffee and goes,

and One is off to his next shift

and then, like a gift,


we all burst out in loud uproar

of how hilarious it all was,

her smile apparent now

as she lets out some relief.


Not embarrassing,

just funny,

how sometimes we are 

as a social species.


Makes you wonder,

back to your own

awkward social interactions,

something I condone


we all should experience,

it makes life colorful.

Just like the cheeks

of those tht blush!" 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't hate me! 

For You

O God let me lose this battle
Let it be a test of my mettle
For her smile is worth my life
I asked for a miracle before
Then make it a miracle supreme
But let it be the one of her dreams

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No Words

No Words


Was it fate?

Or a bad day

That would make

You the only way


I've been here

And there

But its fear

I swear


I loved you then

I love you now

Again and again

I wonder how


Its been years

Since we were friends

There are no more tears

But this wont end


Blonde hair

And a perfect chin

Your perfect stare

Eyes without sin


Smile like wow

Body so hot

You have no foul

By a long shot


I feel a little creepy

Because I still think of you

I get weepy

The story isn't new


I tried long ago

To win your heart

But now I know






Time is just the start...

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My Soul Mate

My soul mate

How wonderful is our fate

That today we are but one

In love and all life can bring of fun

Layla, my true love; my life

What will life be without your smiles,

That glisters more than the sun shines!

May our love beget bountiful fruits, I pray.

Fruits of joy that comfort the eyes;

Thus, let us persevere at times of ups and downs,

With faith strong in Allah, our hope lies.

While our love on earth is nothing

But a glimpse of immortal love; unending

Where our love will grow taller than the skies

And expand more than what has ever been conceived by the eyes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

even though I'm not marreid!!!

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The Color of the Rose

Innate is the red color of the rose

It blooms and withers in that hue

Can a red rose ever turn to yellow?

Though the air asks, as a price for the dew

How do you fall in and out of love?

Said the poet, lovers are in each other all along

Know, my love, you are the only one in me

In my quest have I journeyed hard and long

If I must, I can love you from afar

Though my passion runs deep and strong

There’s no choice but to worship in the heart

When the temple of love is out of bounds

I am heavy with the rain of love

Let me pour forth unrestrained

Before the relentless sun of providence

Dissolves and scatters me to the winds

Use my hands to build the palace of your dreams

I will prowl the walls to keep you secure

I know, you will be in other arms

But it’s not love if having you is the only allure

‘Tis true, your heart is the summit I seek

But not with pity, certainly not with favor

This mountain I climb carrying only the truth 

The resplendent, pure, beauty of my love

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