Crazy Tracks

Crazy Tracks

My heart beats
faster than a locomotive
with no stop
She doesn't need a token
to get on this ride
It doesn't matter though
I can go slower
I can go faster
I can shine myself up
to look all nice and pretty,
but she won't get on this ride
No matter how loud my engine howls,
No matter how loud my horn screams,
she won't get on this ride.
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Love: You can't shut it out, like the crashing of a wave,
Once it starts there is no stopping it
So I try to enchant you with my smile,
But I'm afraid it's just not your style

I try to impress you with my brain,
But nothing changes- it's all the same
I try to reach out, but you're not there;
My lonely heart grabs at air

My heartstrings reach out and cling to yours
My heart an eagle, my heart soars
Then the drawbridge goes up and the walls come down
My abysmal heart is left with a frown

I try to still my hearts ache;
My love I'll give, your love I'll take
Why won't you just be at my side ?
To love and to hold, to talk and confide

But you never notice- you don't care !
To love me, you wouldn't dare
The stars shine down on my empty soul
If you would just love me it would make me whole.

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Freeze Time


I have never seen

those double rainbows,

the glimmers of light

little voices point out.


I have never known

the smile of an angel,

the kiss of the wind.


I have never been

the kind of girl

to hope for magic.


I wish things

because I know they will never happen.


But in your hands

the world holds something

more than just a sunset…

I might call it love

or magic.


I am a realist

but in this moment if you asked me to freeze time

so we could take one more breath in this world together

I might try.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/9/17

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Yesterday I was haunted by you,

your careless laughter to cover everything,

every step you took in front of me

blind, without looking back.


Now I sit here wondering

why you decided to look

at me this way.


Now I sit here wondering

how your hands hold this well,

even more than they were made to do.


Now I sit here wondering

about all the gems of good in you

and how you overlook them.


Now I sit here thinking

that tomorrow when I miss you

you will deserve it.


Now I sit here wondering

how I got this lucky.


I know you don’t always want me to fall.

But tomorrow I will deserve to miss you.

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Written 7/9/17

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This has yet to be titled


I can’t promise you forever.

I can only give you right now.

Forever is overrated anyways.


I hope you won’t have to look for me.

If you do

I hope I’ll be in the sofa

surrounded by all the change

that has fallen out of your pockets.


We’ll go to McDonald’s,

and order off the dollar menu

since all we have is the change

found in the sofa.


If I get lost

I hope I’m with you.

Everything is better

when I’m with you

except maybe my ability to focus.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/21/17

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The Edge


I’m weak.

Just the thought of you

Can make me lose focus,

And my thoughts wander

To the sexy parts of my mind.


I want you.

I would spend every minute with you

In bed if we could.

I want to taste your name

As you pull it from my lips.


Touch me.

Kiss me.

Love me like no one else has.

I need you to make me feel

Things I’ve never felt before.


Run your hands through my hair.

Pull me closer.

Kiss me like you need me

More than oxygen.

Say my name.


Kiss me in places

I’ve never been kissed before.

Touch me in ways

I’ve only dreamt of.

Bring me to the edge.


Take control of my body.

Run your fingertips all over me.

Touch me in all the right ways.

Make me catch my breath.

Push me over the edge.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/13/17

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You’re too far away from me.

I always want to be closer.


Let me freeze time

So I can spend an eternity with you.


I want to watch sunsets with you

And sunrises too.


You’re too far away

Just out of my reach.


I’m always trying to hold you,

But you slip through my fingers.


Come close

And never turn back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/21/17

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Your worth comes in waves,

you are a constant and then a firework.




never the same view for too long

and I can’t take my eyes off you.


I don’t have the air

to breathe what I thought I needed to say.

I will say it when you are stumbling

and can’t find my love.

My gaze won’t linger,

it will lock in place

and I will spend five lifetimes in half a moment

as close as I can get to you.


Behind my eyes

you are sometimes taken for granted.

Maybe it’s because

you are the one thing I thought I could never call home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/6/17

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Personal World

I have more power than you do, I realise this now

You used to make me feel like a useless waste, I realise that now.

You used to display power, I didn't, yet I'm more powerful.

I made things happen I didn't know I could. 

I walked away, knowing I should. 

Even through the smoky haze, I knew....

I have more power than you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Self-realiation after many years away from my ex.

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