I Love You

The world is full of flowers

The night is full of due

My heart is full of love

For no one else but you


You came into my life

And took away my pain

And now the joy I feel

By just the call of your name


You’re a blessing to me

This I can’t deny

For this feeling I have for you

Keeps burning deep inside


I thank God for you everyday

And whenever I go on my knees and pray

This is what I’ll say


The world if full of flowers

The night is full of due

My heart is filled with love


For on one else but you

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Oh My Love

When you are within my arms,

The world falls from concern;


I desire for you to be there always.

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My Dream Lover

Oh the intractable love I have for you!

Daily my heart yearns for thee,

To feel the touch of your lips caressing mine,

The scent of your perfume ever so lingering,

Your touch gently embracing me.


To taste the fruits of your love garden,

To sip the wine from your sweet, flowing stream is but a delight.


I see you in my dreams,


You rouse my most perverse thoughts!

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A Thin Line


 Too much passion

Not opposites-

a thread that separates

Could take you up so high

Yet with the slip of one word

Could bring you down so low

The slip of one word could make you fall

Or to your death as well.

We are not opposites

We cannot exist without the other.

Our only antonym 

Is Apathy.


not broken?



but not broken

an angel

who crash landed

in this terrible world

we call home

such a disgrace

the pain

she endures

yet, so much beauty

lay upon her face

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a few thoughts.. may add more later and find a better title

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Spring Renewal

The scent of a Dragon Blood incense slowly filling the room.

The distant sound of frogs chirping, like a bedtime chorus, making its way through an open window for the first time this spring.

Your strong loving arms holding me close, feeling the the gentle rise and fall of your chest.

The feeling of your warm breath just barely caressing the back of my neck, as you’re curled up behind me.

Tonight I am completely at peace.


Tonight, I am at home in your arms.

My Only Regret


Hush now child

do not be afraid

for I will love you

until the end of my days.

then I will wait 

for you in the heaven

I prey that God

will let me live in.

because I love you

more than you know

I've watched you live

I've watched you grow.

you are my child

never forget

giving you up 

is my only regret. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have never had nor lost a child but this simply came to mind and I felt I had to share it. Hopefully I do the topic some justice and, as always, I hope you enjoyed reading it. 

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The sight of you will always cause my heart to ache

And not because my eyes object the sight

Your beauty and your radiance is more than I can take

As I soothe the heart that pounds with all it's might


In permanence, it seems that you are out of reach

Here in sight, but absent in my touch

Now and again you grace me with your muddled speech

But still I feel unworthy of this much


Please tell me why these feelings burn, yet always stay

Even when you keep us far apart

The more I love, the more you seem to fade away

With an even harder grip upon my heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No, it's not finished, but I wanted to post already. So I will update, please still let me know what you think.

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From loving love to fearing it



You had my love, you had my trust.

Feld your touch all the way in my guts.

I long for your calls stay awake at night

Thinking if i charmed you enough you just might,


Think of me as the one, that you need in life

I know now that love cuts like a sharp knife

So i avoid feelings, and everything nice

Don’t dream of walking the aisle and the rice


Yet i hold on to love at the very least inside….

While you walk the aisle with your new bride