I always liked it here,

Yellowish, white walls.

A large window.

And sound of the birds.


Now everything is a drab

Empty and lonely.


A window like a big, black television

It never says nothing

But sometimes it’s looking

Please do something.


Yellowish walls remained as shadows,

Which lurking on me and skinned my sorrows.


And then there is you,

Bright as a star!

Strong and powerful

But as fragile as a broken heart


Like a black hole

Which sucks the substance of life

And same as that yellow wall,

There is no more room to hide.


The walls are still pushing

To get me down on my knees.

And so and you

But I understand and I see.


That feeling of fist,

Stuck in my gut

Doesn’t really matter,

Want I or not.


We are almost there,

Like dust on the wall

Is it the end?

When someone blows it and we fall.


Box is not yours

Box is not mine.

Box doesn’t decide

Where love to find.


Don’t be a furniture,

Of that yellow wall,

Fallow you hart

And find your shadow and your soul.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

First one and the last one.

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A Beautiful Mind

She has a beautiful mind,

That like diamond is so rare to find,

It’s her simplicity,

That does attract me like a magnet constantly.


The more distant we are,

The more in love we are,

The more she smiles looking at me,

The more love I feel for her honestly.


She is the one I live for,

She is the one I can die for.

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A Divine Bond

I feel a sort of divine bond with her,

Every time she does appear,

Or if at distance she is,

Not seeing her once is like life’s going to cease.


I don’t know why,

She loves me so much, why?

At times I ask myself gravely,

Am I worthy to be loved by her? Really?


The bond between her and me is unexplainable,

She seems to be my healer, my queen from fable.

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Life as a Sailor's Wife

'I don't want this life anymore'

A thought she often thought

Left behind, feeling hopeless

Love was easy

Holding onto feeling forgotten

Made even easier

The ache in her heart

The heaviness in her head

As every day began a battle

she fought to keep moving forward,

Knowing that it wasn't forever

The leaving of a lover,

The wait of their return

Over and over,

And repeated again

The life of a Sailor's wife

More glorified than treasured

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Closeness, No More

The cold distance,

Between my fingers;

The void,

Where you once sat.

The abyss that grows wider,

As curiosity gets the best of me.

There you are again,

Running in circles,

Sicker than a lab rat.

When was it,

You and I?

Where is the closeness --

That sigh of relief?

The gap widens,

Slipping further,

And then I let go.

No longer is there the need --

To sink my fingernails in,

And hold on for dear life.

The abyss will swallow me --

The void of blackness will consume me 


And there will be nothing left.

A shell --

Something no longer in existence,

Where I once would have been.

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Cunts in Clogs

Queer, and Canned--

Cluck, cluck, cluck

Come on Computers


Dear girls

Dear girls (by Naape B.L)

Your not a tale but a head.
A mother that every baby would wish for.
A girl that every boy would long for.
A sister that every mourning cousin would like to have as a comforter.
A wife that a true man would love forever.
A child that God has forever.
A friend to remember.
A queen in this world but an angel in the next.
A bright future is what you hold in your hands.
And true love is what your heart deserves.
Not even the morning birds can sing better than you do.
And no star in the sky shines brighter than your eyes do.
You're an apple of many eyes, the queen of many hearts and the puzzle of life.
Without you there would be no life, no reason to love and no birth.
The reason why many boys can't sleep at night.
 And the reason why many male students graduate, so they can afford you.
Worth beyond price and worthy beyond Oscar.
A treasure to be protected and a glass to be handled with care.
Not even the living waters can stand up to your beauty, for they gasp when you arise.
Eyes tremble when you smile while ships sink when you pull over.
Your nothing but a rightful blessing that can incorporate all the hurt of this world without smashing.
What a blessing you are dear girls...

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Punching Bag

In the beginning, I was weak 
Broken hearted, filled with hope 
I wanted to love again 
I wanted to feel
Your love was different 
Unique and surreal
I fell for your charm
I fell for your lies
I tried to leave, you asked me “why?"
You promised me everything
To love me everyday
The anger set in, you knew I would stray
I couldn’t love you
I couldn’t lie to your face
You promised me pain
If I left that day
You threatened me with your fist
You said you’d break down my door
You set things on fire
You chased me out the door
My neck was the beginning 
So tight, I couldn’t breathe
I was scared, I didn’t listen
I stayed with you out of fear
I told myself to run, I told myself to leave
I fell into the trap, I was not myself

I couldn’t feel
I told others I would never be that person
But that person was what I had become
I was trapped filled with denial
Too embarassed to ask for help
The last time I spent with you
You put through hell
You kept me locked down
Like I was in a prison cell
I ran far away until I couldn't breathe
But I knew at the end of the day
I was finally free 
I fear for the next person
For they will never know
The lies you tell
The person underneath that shell
I am different now
I learned from my mistakes
I pass this on to the next person
Please hear my plea..
There is life beyond this hell 
Have hope, never fear
Trust your gut, live without regrets
You are worth more than to be...
someone’s punching bag
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this to share my experience and to spread hope..

At Seventeen

She met him, they talk all night

He said he loves her

He asked if they can be together

She said “it’s alright”


Time passed by

She fell so deeply in love

She’d given him everything

Yet she never knew the life she’s in


She had lived life having him

Woke up in the morning

Go to bed in the evening

With words of love from him


But then a day came

When everything’s not the same

Her tears just fell down

It hurt, yet reasons were unknown


She wept at night

Lying in bed, listening to the rain outside

Deep inside she wanted to scream

And wished that everything’s just a dream


She’s just seventeen

Shen never knew love until then

Love is cruel, love is painful

It ruined her world once so beautiful


She never knew she’d fallen so deep

She’d dream of him when she sleeps

Still feel the taste of his lips

And all his gentle caress


There’s nothing she can do

But definitely, she already knew

That was how miserable love can be

And to love that way again, she never will be


She couldn’t forget the pain

She still cries every now and then

She still have that feeling deep within

The love she had at seventeen