Speed of Light

Running at the speed of light (You're the One for Me) 
Awaiting you call, I walked and carried along 
As If I were invincible: Doing all that is possible 
Through God: Our faith in him bonds us together 

Just take me home (take me home) 
'Cause I'm always there for you (always there for you) 
Through many trails and tribulations, you break (break and fall apart) 
Won't you take me home at the speed of light? (At the speed of light) 

'Cause I can fix you (fix you) 
Call me: I'm there for you (there for you) 
At the speed of light (at the speed of light) 
Just take me home (take me home) 

All the lights and sounds that I'm chasing (that I'm chasing) 
Turning to take a step, we wished upon a shooting star (wished upon a shooting star) 

Make your wish, I'll make mine's (I'll make mine's) 
I am calling, waiting, and holding onto our platinum bond (our platinum bond) 
Suddenly, I began to hear your voice calling out my name (calling out my name) 
Ships and stars await us at the speed of light (at the speed of light)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014 inspired by "Everlasting Scene" by OCEANLANE (they're now disbanded since 2012).

Into Your Arms

Babe, let me run into your arms (Our hugs are our safe haven) 
They reassure me that everything's going to be alright 
Please don't let me go (don't let me go) 
Our love soaring to such great heights (soaring to such great heights)

Sparing to such great heights, I love you! 
Look inside the mirror (Tell me how you feel) 
Babe, free yourself, you're stronger than this 
Cheer up and run into my arms (run into my arms) 

On the beach, I proclaim our love in the sand. 
The waves crashing unto me wash it away 
I left you a voicemail yet got no reply. 
Babe, tell me your feelings on my love for you 

What keeps you alive and running? (alive and running) 
Just give me a reason to love you (give me a reason to love you) 

Melt my soul and spirit (melt my soul and spirit) 
For, you've already captured my heart and my love (my heart and my love)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014. 

Safe Haven

Although, it was safer in your arms 
Our safe haven, our hiding place from the world 
Babe, tell me your secrets, I'll tell you mine's 
Come on, it's our safe haven ('cause It's safer here) 

Our safe haven, can you still say we're better together? 
When and how long ago was it that you fell in love with me? 
Tell me now, 'cause I need to know 
An inseparable bond of intertia (action-reaction) 

For every reaction, there is 
An equal or opposite reaction. 
Watching the chemicals react, 
Our hearts are eternally set in the afterglow 

Rumor has it that you fell in love with me at first sight 
Is it true? 'Cause I want to run into your arms 
Our hugs are our safe haven from the world 
The universe realigns in your eyes (realigns in your eyes) 

Were you right or were we both mistaken? (Were we both mistaken?) 
Mistaken about our love 
'cause I love you, Just say we're together babe 
I miss you, all of you, you're my light in the dark room.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014 describing my feelings about my friend's older brother.

Better Together

Can it be that we have an inseparable bond like platinum? 
Could not have mistaken if we're better together (for you or for me?) 
For us, time holds and has no boundaries (the sky is boundless) 
Fly me away into your dreams (free my soul) 

Shine on me someday to just be the light 
The one that frees me soul, my all, my ender 
Ender's game, they say: better pray now 
'Cause we're better than ever (we're better together) 

I'll pick up the pieces and build a popsicile stick house 
Our sacred dream home: if things go wrong, I'll build a new one 
Our love saves us: eternally your's, I'll always be 
Our hearts are eternally in the afterglow. Our hearts set a fire. 

I don't have to be the one who completes you. 
I may not be your better half after all. 
Maybe, it's true that we're better together 
But I may not be the one for you if you're still hurting... 

Still, I see through you, your pain, suffering, and denial 
The tears are evident in your face... 
Maybe, I'm just not the one for you after all...this time... 
Could you still say we're better together?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014.

I Choose Love

If I am free to choose the person I can be
Then I choose love and kindness, love and compassion, love and generosity.

I choose love and happiness, love and acceptance, love and beauty in all I see
I choose love for every creature on the for all my family.

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Wishing on you

I spend all my time wishing on you,

to do something, anything, to try,

stop me anytime you see me,

encourage conversation, crack my shell,

ask me another educational question,

which you already know the answer to,

follow it up with a "thanks kev",

wave at me from a distance,

wiggle your fingers, suggest something more,

show up wherever I'm forced to go,

get me believing in the potential of fate,

change the colour of my pale,  freckled cheeks,

by existing within touching distance of me,

love me like I secertly love you,

gently charm my secret from me,

grant the occasional wish, to keep me wishing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about when you think about someone, and you remember the things they occasionally used to do, and all the things that you wish that they would do. It's about all the things she does in my daydreams about her.

I wonder...if we saw everyone as a child, our child...would the world be a different place? If we saw in others our children’s purity...their smile, their eyes...their face Would we be as quick to shun them, to close our hearts...our shore As quick to ju

I wonder...if we saw everyone as a child, our child...would the world be a different place?
If we saw in others our children’s purity...their smile, their eyes...their face

Would we be as quick to shun them, to close our hearts...our shore
As quick to judge or hate quick to go to war?

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Warm nights draw me to you,

Right where I belong

Wrapped within your strong brown arms

Ceased to any worries I may hold

You look at me

Bright eyed

As if I am the sunshine you long for

To warm your cold lonely heart

We lie together

Transfixed in this trance we cannot escape

Forever awake

Dancing with emotions

 Like young lovers who never want to sleep

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Sound of Silence (day 43)

I can taste the sound of silence

painting murals on these walls


I can wade in the stillness

blanketing everything in flashlight beams


But every time I start to dip my hands into the paint

that outlines you into not a ghost

it sings cacophony into my fingertips.


My nightmares sneak their way

into every corner of my eyelashes

tied together with your rough tattered list

of everything I should be doing


I walk with dreams unguarded

because I can still drink smoke

from the aftermath of your time bomb.


I block my eyes

cover my ears

tear my brains out till I find your touch


But I still taste the sound of silence

painting murals on these walls


because here I can never win

and my vision’s out of time

tunneling across the legends of lost firecrackers

that used to smell like freedom.


Steep my vengeance in a bitter bliss,

mold my shudders into a sweet scream


Brush the maybes off the staircase

so I can fly in brisk bright blue again,

landing safely on the sound of silence

so it clashes like the crack of thunder

and I can finally find a sixth sense

that might tell me something right.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/12/16

The sound of silence

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