It dropped with disappointment,

I could almost hear it rip in half,

As if I had a piece of paper tearing apart in my heart,

His smile had a glint as if he was proud,

He knew the pain he caused as he fucked his silly whores,

Cheating, lying and crying,

Is what he thrived upon,

Adrenaline through his veins that he could not contain,

Was his only way to feel alive,

His chest buzzing with a craze,

There was no stopping his heartbreaking ways.

poisonous veins and coffee stains

I dreampt us up late one night.

perfecting your features in my sleep.

softening the words left out of sight,

making valid this shallow leap

      ..of faith

      ..of lust

      of pure star dust.

the planets align for you, my love.


like a snake in a cage

you escaped in a second.

you toy with my rage

until your master beckons.


she is tall and bitter

with hair dark as depression.

no wonder you are with her.

she is a picture of perfection.


yet here i am, dreaming

of the times spent in bed.

where you had me believing

it wasn't all in my head.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you are poison in my veins. you are all the coffee stains.

Dear If I Could

Dear if I could only tell you

How you make me feel

I sure would do


How I want your embrace

How I want to hold your face


Dear if I could show you

What I can give you

I will do


How I want to make you mine

Be with you till the end of time


Dear if I could just love you

Knowing I’ll never feel blue


I sure would do 

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Peace Among Humans

Peace among humans is a must

But all we share is a look of disgust

Disrespect and lack of trust


Peace among humans is there

So little, to find is very rare

But nobody seems to care


Peace among humans is wanted

But everyone is simply blinded

By hatred and frighten


Peace among humans is desired

From everyone who inspired


Other with love whom conspired

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Fire Fly

I fear not to follow your steps

for i have flown the farthest of lands

and swam the wildest of seas

only to reach at you

and here you are the flame of a candle

set afire to engulf me

but i fear not to jump into you

for we may die today

but tomorrow we will  be reborn as men and women

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A beautiful day for Love

They say its a beautiful day 

For love 

all because 

Its windy, theres rain and gray skies ... all for a cuddle 


Scared of thunderstorms 

better wish for him to keep me safe 


Then he comes through the door 

wet from the rain and says 

'i came cause i missed you' 

and somehow a cupid comes around 


i walk to the window with him from behind 

i stare at the dark moon and somehow it reflects his eyes

I bite my lip and wish for a kiss. 

i turn around and we get lost in eachothers lips, making it rain more.


i grab his hand and take him outside 

just to taste that wetness from his lips


In his arms hoping for no sun to come back

they seem warner than a million blankets surronding you

.... a beautiful day for love.               

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New Morning

Is there something in this morning

I can give you my love

The warmth of the sunshine warms my heart

Seems it knows that it's you I am thinking of

And from you I can never part


She said no there is nothing

You can give me in this morn

I am so sleepy as I awake from my night

As a gift of a new day for me is born

And your gentleness of love has me worn


My commander in the army came to say

I must send you too a desert storm

Where now I await death

Maybe come in the morn

Once more a gift of a new day born


I wrote my love

I am safe and well

And soon leave this behind me

Find my home leave all this hell

And in your arms you will find me


She wrote to me please my love

As this breaks me apart

For who my heart now thinks of

A man had come and stole my heart

And I am saddened we must part


I said it's ok you are feeling this pain

For I know your heart has been lonely

You may never had seen me again

An empty heart I cannot blame

The choice you made was your only


I will keep you forever deep in my heart

And remember a touch as gentle as a feather

I learned in the moments of my worst fears

And as my death be near

What I had in my heart held me together

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Everyday she goes to work

She spreads a fake smile, like the sun shimmering through the clouds

Nobody likes a sad worker, forced to appear happy every day

Customers are terrible, they don’t really care

Guys flirt, see a beautiful face and thin figure

They don’t see the skeletons in her closet or the problems that she faces


“A hammer to the knee caps.”

Obscure phrase to some, reality to her.

She struggles to fight for respect, a member in Leonidas’s army

Against all that would enjoy watching her fall.

The mother-in-law, sees flaws everywhere except herself

The Grandmother, spies with a cloudy lens.

The husband, confused and over demanding with everyone but himself.


She fights on until the last second of daylight.

Then suffers in silence while she tries to sleep in agonizing pain.

No breaks, no time off. The pain haunts her with a ticking hour glass.

In everyone else’s eyes, she washes the floor with a muddy rag

In her eyes, she replaces the tiles with delicate crystals.


Mistakes show up like hay, whereas perfection is the needle

The husband attempts to juggle in the circus of life.

School, son, family, all crumble in mid air

You could pack a 12 car train with his mistakes

He paints poorly drawn Graffiti to try and make it better.


Instead he decides to send the train off a cliff in a fiery explosion.

Buy a new one, washed, fresh white paint glimmering in the light.

No passengers, not yet.


As he preps the train filled with the coal needed to send it on its way towards his goal

He notices the barren wasteland of his relationship.

Passes the farm lands of rotten crops, the town covered in broken streets.

A mayor in his relationship, fallen asleep at the wheel.


He wonders as his train approaches the station, skeletons hiding in houses

Is it too late to fix? Should the town be blown up and another founded?

The most important resident has collapsed in the center

Beaten and broken, a long battle fought, she doesn’t see a victory.

No tears left to shed, new enemies arisen.


A demon sulks near the mayor’s house. A book gripped in his bulging claws,

A sinister sneer across his face.

He’s almost ready to attack the world with his full power. More books behind him

A bandit on the edge of town offers refuge, his intentions unknown

A stranger in the mist.

The mayor, a hardhat on his head and Thor’s hammer in his hand


He promises a bright future, mistakes learned.

It will take a while he thinks. But if allowed

He promises to make a glorious city of his relationship


Atonement for his recklessness. 

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After So Many Days You Called

 After so many days,

You have knocked at the door,

Of my mind,

My heart says.


It has been long since I saw you,

Are you still beautiful,

As you were before?

I want to know.


I want to see you girl,

I want to kiss you like mad,

I want to embrace you for eternity,

You are my pearl.


I still feel the touch,

Of your sweet lips,

Against mine,

I crave for you so much.


I know that you love me too,

Since the distance,

Is not that potent,

To make me forget you.

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