Incompatible (day 126)

You are lost to me.

You are these December winds wrapped in skin

while I’m still stuck in sticky summer nights.


I think I still might jump from skylines

to make sure you don’t forget me

and there’s a lot more I’d do too-

trying to comfort human volcanoes like you

but somehow your story doesn’t fit in my mouth.


I’m a fireplace trying to find its way back to an avalanche,

I’ve only tasted snowflakes

and your frost is incompatible with

the countless times each day I spark a dream.


I would rather face this winter,

huddled in a corner of this blizzard-empty house,

than face the truth.


I know this heart is an untamed flame

licking fingers toward the edges of the earth

but more than fucking anything,

I want the snowstorms back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/2/16


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​Song Of The Stable Boy

On the far away empty island
In that ancient cottage
Veil of the night covers the face of the land.
As you keep looking out of the window
At the moon and clouds making the shape,
like an arrow of foam with a silver bow.
Surrounded by the trance of nostalgia.
And behind the worn curtain,
I secretly am filling all the jars with,
sweet wishes and pinkish desires.
Now it’s time to change the climate of your heart.
It's time for you to turn around.
And make some loud amazement's sound.
As I open the jars,
filled with fireflies.
As they fly spread inside the dark room.
And fill your face with surprise.
So you could fill lightning bugs,
into the lake of your eyes.
Smelling the petrichor after rain of sparkles,
I take your hand and we keep couple dancing.
So I could look into the world,
behind the curtain of your eyes.
All these dreams and fantasies are no ordinary,
but sometimes stable-boy find's his Cinderella.
Because sometimes, "Dreams do come true." 

Forever dirifting

The sunlight was bright and so was he

He is as beautiful as the sea

Drifiting away from me

at least I can see 

that he is not for me 

and no longer can cruise away

into infinity.

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Hold On To You (day 124)

I hold on to you like a stairway railing,

like I’m tripping over the first step

I don’t know if it’s my making or yours


You hold on to me like a crossbow,

I’m defenseless, you string me up

to scare people away


I grow pieces of you with my tears

I try to meld them together with my sharp edges

but they only fit when my glass skin is in shards


I know I could lie but I’m hooked through the mouth

This is madness and shadows rolled up in your eyes


I hold on to you with dementia,

you give me too many dares

and just a handshake

feels like a promise I’ll have to leave behind


All you want is too much of everything

All I want is nothing

I don’t know if I want to be held or whole

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/1/16


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like a teenager

Like a teenager in


You don't listen

to common sense

you don't see the side effects

You act reckless

Like a teenager in


You don't follow any rules

you live in day dreams

and pretend to know everything

Like a teenager in


you don't like lectures

or listen to the truth

Like a teenager in


You have rebellious heart

You live fast in the moment

Like a teenager in


You believe in his heart

and everything he seems to be

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Hurricane (day 121)

I drop my eyes,

you see through me

I’m translucent even though

speech leaves scorch marks on my skin.


I still smile at sculptures

even when they’re shattered

I’m translucent when you go

worlds spin on inside my head.


I think fate scratches

at my bedroom door

I’m translucent, lights go out

darkness settles me, messy though it is.


Sleight of hand and

I have skin again

but it’s translucent in this rain

We can’t hear it, we’re a hurricane.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/27/16


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She is a Gem

She is a gem,

A rare one,

Diamonds are her eyes,

Her heart is the burning sun!


As a nun she is,

Chaste and pure,

Slim as a deer is her figure,

Her naughty glances allure!


Like a pearl I wish to hold her,


She is my most loved treasure!

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Heartbreak Word (day 115)

Don’t leave me hollow

Don’t leave me scarred

Leave your window open

and I’ll tear you apart


Chasing these bruises

from cliffhanger ends

Your fingers lace crowns

too rusted to mend


Don’t try to find beauty

I’ll disappoint you

Don’t try to find me

Let me unlock for you


I’ve wanted to scream

but I can’t find a voice

Give me a seashell

I’ll find too much noise


So I’ll try to tell you

the things I shouldn't mean

Maybe it’s better if I never

use your shoulder to lean


With every heartbreak word

you’ve ever brought to life

your eyes tell me they need me, I

need you more than should be right

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/18/16


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Weaving the Wreathe of Love for You

As my mother wove sweater,

For a long time with care,

I wove the wreathe of love for you,

Yes my love, I swear!


You were the universe to me,

More than an entity,

My angel you were,

Epitomes of shyness and beauty!


As the earth moves around the sun,


I moved around you, the most loved one!

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