I Know that You Love Me


I know that you love me,

I don’t have to be,

A Greco foreteller,

To dive into your heart, inner.


The way you look at me,

Hanging a smile happy,

On your lips,

That my greedy heart seeks.


Why don’t you express,

Your feelings in utterances?

Perhaps you are quite shy,  

And waiting for my reply.


Can’t you read the language of my eyes?

And the facial expression that sighs,

Sadly and wants to be with you only,

You’re the angel of the earth truly.   


My memory is full of your images,

That I like a guardian angel shall protect through ages,

And wait for that certain day,

When “I love you” you’ll say. 


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The Mystical Epiphany

Long lost love...

The thawed earth cracked like brittle glass, beneath midnight footsteps, familiar strangers shattering such peaceful solitude.  You were light years away.  Gray cracked branches grappled like outstretched arms for the glittering March stars just outside the shadows of firelight.  The crescent moon rested gracefully in a beautiful and brilliant arc across a haunted coyote howling landscape like a majestic unfinished painting.  In this immense mercurial silence I thought about you and I, the hurt, the loss, the emptiness and everything in between.  The frigid breath of a spirit hunter painted the blank canvas of the Illinois sky like the flickering remnants of effervescent daylight .  The living night heaved it's regret, purging itself like weightless embers that float like shooting stars above the restless leafless valley below.  She said it's so beautiful, every mesmerizing sound, ghostly sight, and fragrant scent, her longing awakening my soul to a lonesome quiet mystical epiphany.  In the indigo shadows that remain of the waxing and waning night, I await the vermillion dawn, traumatized by this immortal coil, I unravel memories and thoughts, screaming at the decaying flames of the useless fires of the past.  You see, I swam across cerulean oceans blue, only for you, and now I'm drowning in this decrepit defeat.  In flowing golden fields under the half-light of late afternoon, I walk with you even though you are no longer here.  I climb the mountains and hills, slide down these mud soaked cliffs just for you, but you'll never see.  I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere, but never who you want me to be.

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Solitude is peace.


You don’t have to listen to others.


When you’re alone,


You can shut out humanity’s corruption.




Nightfall holds no meaning.


If you’re at peace, let be.


Sunlight holds no meaning.


If you’re at peace, let be.




How peaceful it is to be alone.


To be alone is to meditate.


To meditate is to see truth.


To see truth is to be at peace.




You don’t have to listen to others.


A family isn’t needed for peace.


The light that lives inside,


You’ll see it even better when alone.




Reside alone with only the light.


With the light by your side,


You will feel no loneliness,


Only solitude, only peace.




If you seek the light,


You won’t find it in people.


If you seek the dark,


Finding the light will be easy.




If you find the light,


You won’t need people.


You’ll have the light,


And you’ll know peace.




Should you forget about people?


No, even though you don’t need them,


Remember this,


They might need you.




Live for peace.


Live knowing death.


All life dies, yet lives on.


Death comes and peace remains.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope people can make some sense of what I was saying. Sometimes I just spill my emotions onto a page and end up not sure if it's even logical.


I felt like writing this because in the past few years I've dwelled on the darkness I see in myself and other people - the corruption. I see so much of it that I tend to lose sight of what's good. For a while I dwelled on the darkness and felt content with hatred. I hated the human race. I wanted to watch it die because in my mind everyone, including myself, deserved it. But now I've found peace in solitude and prayer/meditation. Even though I still easily see bad things in myself and other people I've become a little more numb to them. I'm more able to highlight the good things in people. I've done this by turning not to people themselves, but to something higher, much higher. I crave solitude and time alone so that I can reflect on this, and so that I'm not so sickened by the world around me.


The moon is set to rise late tonight,

I sit and watch the sky quietly,

Years have passed with me doing this,

Somehow, it has just been me....just me.


My beloved 'poetess', the joy of my life,

Is far away from me yet when I see a star,

Blinking high up on the distant horizon,

My thoughts turn to her and her beauty.


She had parted from me for some time,

But the Master Writer of Fate decided that,

It is high time my spell of loneliness ends,

And she occupies my thoughts charmingly.


A unique woman to the very core,

A 'poetess' who just cannot bore,

Me with any negativity at all,

She has returned in renewed glory,


She draws me away from the night,

And speaks her lovely thoughts on the net,

She has done what no one else coud do,

Given a new meaning to all about me.


She is jolly, full of the zest for life,

Not a dull moment hinders my mind,

She with her grin and brimming laughter,

Inspires me to be as I was born to be.


In her eyes shines the age's wisdom,

Maturity gleams in every feature,

The smile on her lips is a message to me,

To return back to life and live it fully.


I am her man and she is my woman,

That is how God has decreed destiny,

My heart is hers and hers is mine,

We have sworn to vanquish misery.


Let the moon let rise late as it likes,

My lively and God-blessed 'poetess' is here,

With her steering me past melancholy,

Life now acquires a meaning: Happy.


No one shall ever know who she is,

Why should the worldly folks matter,

Just to feel that she is totally mine,

Is my best dose of tranquility.


When God The Almighty chooses, He does,

The very epitome of pure feminity,

So with my loving mysterious 'poetess',

I am back to face those who envy me.

I care not a hoot for those who left me,

Abandoning me just for the glow of money.

Those who have stabbed me a lot in the back,

Must now ready and prepared to face me.


With God The Almighty always on my side,

And this blessed being sent by Him to me,

I am aiming at horizons the fearful dare not,

With my lovely 'poetess' right here for me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

During the last 10 days or so God The Almighty blessed back the beautiful 'poetess' I had thought I had lost. She emerged as the Master Writer of Fate, who writes and rewrites destiny, brought her back into my life almost suddenly within a matter of minutes. I have managed, with her help and positive thoughts, to shake off the sadness of a past which was haunting me for a long, long time. Now, I am BACK, to disprove those who had/have written me off....those who abandoned me and stabbed me several times more than even the conspirators under Rome's Brutus, stabbed Julius Caesar. I admire two men of my time: the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali and the martial arts king named Bruce Lee. I admire the bull fighter Manolete and El Cordobes. I admire these heroes including Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. In fact I admire all the heroes -- the extraordinary men and women, who rose from almost nothing and changed the views and fate of the world. That is what, God willing, even I intend to do --- prove that I am the BEST in all that I do especially poetry and story-writing. Yes, with help from The God Almighty and with this lovely 'poetess' by my side, I am gonna rewrite all the wrongs of modern history via my living, my lifestyle, my thoughts via poetry and prose and the day is not far off when my detractors and backstabbers will be on their knees in front of me....acknowledging that I am indeed the BEST of my lot. 

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Breakup of Success

Abandoned and afraid
Scared to death I fade
Exhausted and dejected
Anxiety to be expected


Only you know what you’ve done
My heart strings toyed for fun
Convinced you’re worth the fight
I went sleepless night after night


Lying to my face
I thought you needed space
****, I was wrong
With him now you’re strong


Your decision to leave
But you led me to believe
With my heart full of affection
I believed in a re-connection


I was too naive
Blind, she won’t deceive?
But now I see the clues
Just a firework with no fuse


Bawling for days
Alone with God I praised
A chance to be redeemed
This is what I always dreamed


Slowly I found the sun
Finally, it begun!
A path to become a man
God laid out my plan


Engineered to perfection
I detached no more connection
Freedom long at last
Happiness unsurpassed


I jostled for position
Ignited with ambition
Friends, family and new dates
My single life awaits


A 180 degree transition
Now I’m on a mission
Jubilant life grows on
New beginning, I’m a pawn


The spring of the upswing
Soon I’ll be a king
Bitterness in the past
Surprised by this contrast


I rose up from the dust
Like a bomb I was combust 
The fire burned inside
Leaping I found my stride 


This poem a rendition 
Interpret with conviction
For I have found the way
Forever I will stay


No Doubt

Short Poems

There was never any doubt

Until the haze clouded over you

And that's when you burned out 

I thought you would get through


But as it becomes clear

Our friendship is done

But I still love you my dear

No matter how much you shun


All I can do is guess

Always blaming myself

All this causes is stress

Of course you can't trouble oneself




Author's Notes/Comments: 

not my best, but it's nice to be back. I hope someone at least enjoys this and that it speaks for itself. More to come about this.

A Sordid Tale

Once upon a time, in a town not to far outside of nowhere..
there was a young boy, about the age of seven.
One day, he realized life is no different than a dime- store
choose your own adventure paperback.
  He then set forth on a mission to live out the rest of his days
turning each page, not knowing what was written on the other. 
  never straying to far from his heart, he has lived a life many
could call adrift.
 Meeting new people, influencing lives, 
being nature...loving, being alive ...being.
oh, but the story has many twists and turns so many knots of tightly curled hair. 
  the loves lost, the fires, the search for higher ground.
Dragons and battles and merciless perils at sea. 
Whiskey, and mischief, and pens. 
 A fable would be far easier to believe if you saw the world
that resides behind the gaze of my blue eyes.
  O, but to love. 
One may never have truly...if it were not for its loss. 
 But the clock will never stand still, as so shall I. 

Sapphire Sun

Heavens  sapphire sun shone down that day;

Hot, as if drawing ever near to thee;
On thy shoulders broad, doth rest
Its beam,  nay oft forgiveth He.
Dost thine current rushe forthe 
upon mine feet, O stream?
Or speaketh in soft monotone
Of a past left n'er to be told?
For the shale which we shall beholde
As thyne clock: for the years are 
as of water swift, and thyne love
is her contoured stone.

Pretty When My Eyes Close

I want you for myself but

you belong with someone else
I'm a shadow of a doubt now
I'm as hollow as the grave I'm digging out

I will be 
the end of me and I know
I just want to look pretty when my eyes close
I just want to kiss your troubles on the nose before I go

I want you for myself but
you belong with someone else
I'm as empty as the pantries
I never get up anymore

I will be
the end of me and I know
I just want to look pretty when my eyes close
I just want to be the tickles in your toes

I want you for myself but
you belong with someone else
My eyes are pretty dull aren't they?
from wiping the color from iris

I will be 
the end of me and I know
I just want to look pretty when my eyes close
I just want to be the person you're supposed to hold

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about my inability to be loved because I fear I am not beautiful enough.

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