Her Time Machine


Mrs. Witherspoon

Has a time machine

She never talks about.

It holds a bit of magic

She cannot live without.

She hides it in her living room

Where everyone can see.

It's just a silly looking chair

That shares an oddish history.

It is not all that attractive,

It's patchwork has all been spent.

It never talks, and never tells

Exactly where it went.

But, when Mrs. Witherspoon feels nostalgic,

When she hears that gentle call of time,

She will fire up her time machine

And it will whisper oh, so kind -

And she'll drink in all the wonder

As the days slowly unwind.

The first stop is her Wedding Day,

Where she'll maybe shed a tear.

As she spies the groom she married,

And wish he were still here.

She might linger in the shades of time

To see him hold their newborn son.

And she'll drink in every moments rhyme

And dot each tear drop one by one.

She'd follow him, recalling all

The joys he'd brought her life.

Never once regretting she had been

A painter's wife.

And there, she'd feel the pull of something

And she'd wander down the way,

And smile in wide-eyed wonder

As she watched her children play.

And there she was, beside them,

Younger than she is today.

Not so bent and weathered,

Her hair not so thin and gray.

"They were so young," she'd whisper,

As their laughter filled the air,

As the children jumped and ran and played

Sweet as an Autumn prayer.

They'd climb that moss-covered cottonwood

Just because they knew they could,

And watch the blue jays flit and play

Before the evening claimed their day.

Mrs Witherspoon would dry her tears,

As rainbows crossed her sky.

She gently folded in her hands

As time whistled on by.

She could almost hear the music

As the day sang to the night,

And she fell within the ribbons

Of times ever-budding light.

And when the stardust caught the breeze

And Mrs Witherspoon peered

Into the yellows, reds and grays

That oh, so gently cleared,

She saw her own sweet Mother,

And her Papa near a fire

In the dark and deep of winters cold,

And ready to retire.

She reached her hand into the light -

Where Papa tapped the fire bright,

To kindle every ember there

Into a fire warm and fair.

She'd remembered he was handsome,

Before the mines had claimed their toll,

Before the black lung nipped at him

Raw as aged steel wool.

And there she had to smile,

As she heard her Papa sing,

Something from her childhood,

And sweet as early spring.

She'd touch the gently falling snow,

And watch it dust the walnut trees

Feel it's winding, wild cold

Play within the winter breeze.

And Mrs. Witherspoon would take a leaf

That nature sent her way,

Frosted still with winters touch

From February's soiree.

And that's when the winds of time would call

In their shades of then and now,

They'd tap, tap, tap "remember me,"

Along her nodding brow.

And she'd feel the pulling neverwind

Toss ribbons through her sky,

And call her back into the when

And how and where and why.

And Mrs. Witherspoon,

In her most peaceful way

Would breathe in

The wonder of the day,

And feel the quiet of her home,

That place where gentle

Wonders roam.

And she would share

A smile, joyfully,

Knowing full,

And knowing well

The best was yet to be...

Copyright © MMX Richard D. Remler


Author's Notes/Comments: 


"God gave us memories that we might

have roses in December."

-J.M. Barrie, Courage (MCMXXII)


In You


I've never said
These words before.

But, ah,
They've lingered 'round.

They've crossed this
Wild velvet air

Without making
A sound.

They've raced through
Twilight's yestermorn,

And I have
To agree...

I am a prisoner
To something

My heart can't
Rightly see.

I've no excuse.
No alibi...

No lofty speeches,
Gone awry.

No vain,

Not I.

You're beautiful.
At least to me.

With you, I'm who I
Want to be...

You are the calm
Within my soul,

And warm this
Lonely lump of coal.

And every now
And after while,

You share with me
The sweetest smile,

And like the starshine
Drifting through,

I am lost,
And found

In you...

Copyright © MMXIV Richard D. Remler

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Love is when the other person's
happiness is more important than
your own."
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Little Fighter

Hey little fighter
Why dont you put away the lighter
Put down the razor blades, roll up youre sleeves
Yes you are still beautiful to me
I know the bruises are starting to fade
but they never really go away
Baby girl please stop throwing up
And understnad why i need you too pee in a cup
Whenever you feel so empty inside
And maybe even feel like you might wanna die
Just know that i love you and im here for you
Yes baby i know, you love me too.


Please little fighter put down the knife
I'm sorry i made you wanna end you're life
I understand that you're mad at me
But please dont go into the bright light that you see
The ambulence is on it's way
It's okay little fighter im here to stay

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thank you for reading.

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I only collect lost things

When I met you I asked if we could be friends

And you told me

"I only collect lost things."

I said I was lost se you took me in;

In to your arms and on to your skin.

I was no longer lost, you were my home.

Because of your love I was no longer alone.

I found refuge in your wings

So you threw me away

And you told me

"I only collect lost things."




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for the cheater

Everything in my life was so 

secure and now you went 

and fucked that all up for me. 


I was sober and doing fine 

Now you drive me to spark up, 

To drink up, 

Drowwwwwn my sorrows. 

You surfaced all of the evil in the world 

To my attention. 

You made me see the worst in everyone 

And I hate you for it. 

You say I'm the best thing that's ever happened you 

And that I lifted you up 

When you needed it most 

And what did you do for me? 

Try to drag me down to your level. 

I can't even comprehend 

Your close-mindedness, 

Your ignorance 

It's all beyond belief for me 

I cant understand how someone like you 

That I fell for 

Could turn out so stupid 

But I knew it from the start 

And I ignored it 

Because everyone said we were cute together 

But they were wrong 

Because our personalities clashed like no others. 

You're terrible you're awful 

And I could never tell this to your face because 

I can't hurt you like that, 

I can't stoop down to that level 

But I've never felt more of a need to Drag you back down 

After all I did to bring you up. 

You wasted it you wasted me 

I'm never coming back. 


That's the worst mistake you've made, 

You swapped a dime for two pennies 

Maybe more than two pennies

Maybe a handful for poor girls 

Didn't even know. 

They didn't even know 

Because you're evil you didn't tell the poor girls. 

Oh fuck you 

I wish all the harm in the world 

Upon you how could you 

How dare you 

Oh fuck you.


Now it's midnight and I still can't sleep

It's lunchtime and I still can't eat

Skipped breakfast, left my lunch in the brown paper bag

Never touched, never craved

Because you've still got me

Feeling nauseas 

Feeling sickened

Sick slimy grime

You're pollution, you're cancer

You're cigarettes to my lungs 


In the moment I didn't care much 

I thought I could brush it off

I didn't even like you much

Why is this feeling so fucking intoxicating

Save me from this 

This carcinogenic darkness

That you've inflicted upon me

How can you not be capable

Of thinking 


Thinking of life with meaning

You are so shallow

So shallow

I'll never understand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made this right after the guy I was with cheated on me with 2 drunk hoes at a party and told them that I was totally okay with it (obviously not true)

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Standing on the Edge of Love


The long, thin fingers

of memory

comb my brain

and bring up

pictures from the past.

Some doubt still lingers,

as I look back


on a love

I thought would last.

Standing on the edge of love,

I'm wondering where to go?

I hope love's door is still unlocked,

but really, I don't know.


Behind and Beyond


Behind each blow,

is passion.

Behind the mean words,

is a hurting heart.

Beyond the blood shot eyes,

is a mind clouded by unhappiness.

Each sleepless night,

has a deeper meaning.

The anger comes,

from a place of love.

The slamming door,

is only because there was care at one point.


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Free style

I look at you, breathe your air, feel my fear escape my body,

brown, yellow, purple brusing, disappearing inside myself,

learning love, leaning closer, whisper in my ear,

teach me to feel, teach me passion,

keep me close, let me be yours.

Romanticize violence, begging, pleading, love, 

Drowning in happiness, living on tears

Keeping you close, keeping you near

Catch my breath, held too long

Kiss me deeply, hold me strong


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The shit we do when we love someone


I love laughing

about the shit we say

when we love someone.


The times she said


for you

outweigh all the times

you said you loved her


I love reminiscing

about the shit we do

when we love someone.


Tear ourselves apart with

shards of glass,

forget how to breathe,

throw ourselves off cliffs,

sew ourselves back together

too many times


But honestly I’m

regretting it,

as always


We’re feeding ourselves

on halfhearted compliments

and broken vases

left behind


and I stand here and watch

as she breaks down.


And the shit we do

when we love someone

can only be buried

behind whispers and window glass

and desperate hopes

because she can’t hide behind you anymore.

She has to face herself.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/18/16

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