Come Away


Come away with me sweetheart

I pray thee, come away

For I do fear that my sore heart

Perchance could pass today


How could I live without your love

How could I still move on

I'll sit upon good God's sweet earth

And wait until the dawn


For when the dawn should end at last

The sun will bleach my bones

And I shall travel to a land

That no-one's ever owned


But when I shall arrive in there

I'll still be all alone

And pine away for my sweet love

Crying on my own


Come away with me sweetheart

I pray thee, come away

For I do fear that I may pass


At any given day

Three Kings

Light and Dark

I sit upon my throne at night

and stare into the dark

Two other chairs are sitting there

And stare into my heart

The candle flickers in the room

Only it's light shines

I sit and wait there for the Queen

and Joker here tonight


The time has come, 333

And I stare straight ahead

Two other forms are in the room

The fear goes to my head

I ask my questions, they, their answers

Stare into the room

I dare not look directly at them

I dare not risk my doom


For tonight, in my study

Dark council quietly sits

Three kings,differed kingdoms

I strain to keep my wits

My questions have been answered

Blown candle enters gloom

Turn the lights on brightly


Alone inside my room

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on the Three Kings Ritual, from tradition, popularized by Creepypasta.

Where are You Now?

Where are you now?

I miss you gorgeous smile,

Your rosy lips,

Closing my eyes all the while!



Where are you now?

I can still feel your touch,

Your breath against my cheeks,

I love you so much!

Where are you now?


Come back, respect the vow!

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I’m chasing a pipedream on the horizon

Capturing the figures I’ll need

to send a letter forward to the future

of all the trials, all the breaths of life we breathe


Cornflower grass, iris rainstorms

I’m stealing colors till the planets come down

Racing so the energy haunts me through

Center of gravity, I circle back around


Our world is a place of paradoxes

I’m pulling on the threads to make you see

that just because we’ve seen better skies

doesn’t mean we have nothing left we fight to keep


As starbursts explode behind the elegance

I’m calmer than a sailboat in a storm

Maybe I’m delusional, cascading for a pipedream

or maybe I’m just in love, in a word

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/4/16

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Leaving You Once Again (Original)

Verse 1:
I have witnessed many having to say their final farewells and goodbyes once and for all.

Ships starting to arrive on the dock,

Horns blowing nad tooting within the distance,

To inform passengers

Soon after to abroad the ship.

Anchors dropping into the sea,

To stabilize the boat.

Putting it on balance.


Such a hefty wound, it carries within one's heart,

Only coming to realize that later on...


Words left unspoken,

Need not be said.

Evidently, our guilt takes control

Controlling our emotions in a split second.

Closing down and narrowing is thse walls

One hsa built as a lifesaver

To ensure they are alive and living.

No risk being lost and isolated at sea.


Verse 2:
A wounded heart so vanished at sea,

Flowing freely across the tranquil ocean waters.


Amid the breeze flowing,

Tides rolling and crashing before us.

2nd Chorus:
Its illumination guided me

To the path I should have chosen and ended up with.

Best believe it:
Sometimes, we all are not necessarily lazy.

More along the lines of discouragement.

Not necessarily smart or intelligent.

Just have our priorities straight and in order.

We are average.

So, in the end, the ocean is turbulent and calm as it can be.

Let loose your wings...

Fly away into the distant skies

Overhead the ocean in our paths

Somehow, we manage to get through it all.

Close our eyes...

Dreaming of flying away...

Spread our wings and fly...away!

Free at last with our wings outsretched. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is about the good byes in life/reality especially when it comes to friendships, interpersonal communications, public speaking, etc. It was written back in 2002-2003.

How Do I Love Thee?



How do I love thee?


Well, let's take a quick look
Through the pages of my
"How Do I Love Thee? "
Measuring Book.


I love thee like
The Sands of Time
Through the Hourglass.
Ooops! Now that's not mine.


I think I just plagiarized
Somebody quite wise.
And how I envy
Those brainy-type guys.


Hmmmm, perhaps I should start anew,
If it is at all okay.
And I promise I will share with you
How much I love you today.


I love thee like
I like to love.
Far more than all
The stars above.


Okay, okay,
Now that sounded lame.
Let's focus here.
This is no game!


You asked me,
And quite plainly, see,
Just how much, in fact,
Do I love thee?


I love thee as
The dew loves trees.
And Yogi Bear
Loves honey bees.


Like graham crackers
And Diet Sprite,
I love thee as
A starry night.


I love thee full.
I love thee fine.
And will so
'Til the end of time.


I love thee as
I love thee still.
Far deeper than
A heart should feel.


Deeper than
The deepest dream,
Than French Fried Rice
And Whipping Cream.


I love thee like
The letter Z,
Far more, I'll bet,
Than you love me.


I love thee with
A patient love,
A tender kiss,
A cooking glove.


A box of chocolates
Wrapped with care.
I love thee far more
Than I dare.


So now you see
The you I see,
And how very much
You mean to me.


From head to heart
I love thee still,
And fear I'm doomed,
For I always will.


Copyright © MMX   Richard D. Remler

Author's Notes/Comments: 


"Love is only a dirty trick played on us
to achieve continuation of the species."
~W. Somerset Maugham,
(A Writer's Notebook - 1949)


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I don’t Know

I don’t know how to unlove you!

 I don’t know how to make you cry,

I don’t know how not to kiss you,

I don’t know how to say goodbye!


I’m so madly in love with you,

I can’t think anything without you darling,

You’re what I live for you know!

If you’re the Queen, I’m the King!


Let me love you like it’s the last day,


Let me in your ears ‘I love you’ say!

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Trying To Face You


I open a jar of music, relax my lungs and catch my breath

Flickering away time as my hand melts to the hurricane

Because in my twisted brain

every piece of music is written about her.


Staring at her back, I’m dust in her steed’s eye. For once,

Can’t I just want something? I’m

Trying to run a race of truth but

the curves keep catching me in lies.

Well, maybe that’s because

my thoughts are hidden eloquences I can’t ever tell.


Finding a way to scream

I tumble, nervous at her feet. I

wish I had a tin can phone so

we could be five million miles apart

as I stutter and wince my way through this.

I’m trying

to speak,

smile, stand, breathe, stay alive,

it’s not really working.

I’ll kneel, helpless,

a victim of captured constellations

and my own shattered heart.


Her face is the entire earth at once flooding into my veins.

How did I ever do this in my dreams?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/30/16

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Prisoner of Love


You burn my eyes with your blazing beauty,

And torment my soul with your wicked smile.

I hold my breath, but you take it from me.

I struggle to keep my silence, but all in vain;

You draw adoring words from my lips

With each smouldering look.

What chance do I have in this one-sided battle?

My defences are woefully weak.

You scale my outer walls with ease,

Then quickly take the round-tower of my heart.

I wave the white flag of surrender,

And throw myself upon your mercy.

You stand there, revelling in your easy victory.

I surrender - unconditionally -

Your prisoner of love!