Easy Minds

Simple Thoughts

"Easy minds, 

no chore to unwind,

combined with a lack of effort

makes a false, finished piece.


At least, look at the latest,

pathways lately laid out flat for me,

no real effort needed to write and spin

stories and art and poetry. 


Easy to please,

but unlike the readily made

availability of their short attention,

what isn't so easy to swallow


is the cold hard truth, 

which can be a blow for the unprepared. 

Rare it might be, but more meaningful

than anything ever handed down


by the well-meaning,

but easy mind. A half-assed

compliment, a good job! Job well done, 

a less constuctive phrase,


even if heart remains,

tends to lead to two things;

either the disillusion of ones quality,

or the loss of motivation to even


write, willfully. 

Sadly, the latter can be 

one that leads to loss, 

loss of sight on why we even write.


But it's a given right

maybe less practiced, to be honest,

opinionated, if you will,

and giving the time a poem deserves;


for concentration, focus,

contemplation, livity of words

that can turned into a lifestyle,

or a path to never take first, if at all.


A tall order even still, if you will,

to look upon a written piece with scrutiny,

but perhaps taller is writing one, 

and giving it to the serious reader.


Not one who scans down the carefully placed,

purposely crafted sentences meant 

for a dignified glance, without

giving it a real chance.


Not one who can't admire the design,

rewind back through previous phrases,

with eyebrow raises commonplace.

Not one who pays it an easy mind. 


Instead, someone who sits down,

who is sure not mentally occupied

with making chicken dumplings,

who has no misgivings


when sitting on the table

an honest opinion,

an analyzation of what imagery was spun,

or wasn't. Or just an appreciation


on the intent,

and the method maybe tried.

These make writers better,

a reader whose response may be slower,


but always heavier,

dense, better. The wait

is worth it, easy minds can never beat

thoughts worth a full plate."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So. Recently, I've been way too enthralled with writing poetry. Fast, heavy, and in doing so I began to lose sight of that image, that detail, that flow people like to get lost in. Though many, many people who I love and appreciate give me much encouragement, it lead me to feel secure, get lazy in writing. One or two readers gave me some serious feedback, and it slowed me down to really consider the piece. Not just to post so much, so fast.


Let me be clear; any person who ever tells me what they think of my poetry is highly, highly appreciated. Trust me, even the smallest compliment gives me so much reason to keep writing. But I must remember I have not in any "made it", I am not a master of this art, or of any for that matter. I must remeber to continue giving each post as much effort, concentration, and love that readers give my art. So, in reality, thank you all. I will write again, with not just fervor, but quality.

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Long Way To Go.

The connection was rough,

Big thoughts every night,

Tear drops every fight.

Is he worth it? Will it work out?

A lot of things running in her mind.

Second thoughts were being considered.


A year has passed and they’re still strong;

Thousand miles connection, is it successful?

One day they will hold each other,

Never wanting to let go.

No one knows what the future holds,

Live for the moment is what he said.

Trust and faith from one another

Can be a big improvement for their future’s sake.



Sitting Hearts

My Everything

We sat like strangers

The largest valley

Between two mountains

A slow deep breath

A back yard alley

A passage of soft hearts


Like a flower, bloom

A twisting refining notion

That the foliage within

Never dwindles among men


So with the silence; bound

There are countless

Verses unspoken

A slow deep look

A burning mess

A road of genuine hearts


Like a flower, bloom

A twisting refining notion

That the foliage within

Never dwindles among men


We sat like strangers

The largest illusion

Among the world

A soundless adoration

A grand prelusion

A path of rebel hearts


Like a flower, bloom

A twisting refining notion

That the foliage within

Never dwindles among men







These people wearing faces

Leaving traces, of the truth

Of all the lies that slide

Down their tongues; no couth


My ears ring in a rage

This war waging, inside

Stop your selfish craves

So we can coincide


Your sordid aura haunts

Straining to flaunt, with my light

No waves of illusion immerse

My bold, green armored knight.











On Dying


"What is it like to die?

What is it like to be no more?

To be of dust, 

to move on?


To die.

To no longer draw breath,

to no longer think,

to no longer be.


To leave behind everthing,

and everyone you have ever loved.

And every person

who loved you.


To never again share your ideas,

to sow your seeds of toughts,

your concerns and fears,

your innermost dreams.


To die is to no longer be.

But are we truly gone

if we are not forgotten?

Have we really passed forever?


Much is in a name,

the most powerful thing in this world.

A name.

A name can evoke the entirety of human emotion.


A name can whirl the sea,

and create the mightiest tidal wave

of emotion. It can bring us to tears,

sobs that wrack our body.


It can bring the sweetest smiles,

the most genuine grins,

the loudest laughs.

The happiest hearts.


It can bring us memories

that sweep us off our feet,

from first kisses,

to the last conversation ever shared. 


A name is the first thing we are ever given 

when we all draw breath for the first time,

when we are all brought into this world,

in that beginning, our first posssesion.


And in death,

the only one we will always have,

the only one we keep.

Our name.


In that moment of passing,

our name alive in so many minds,

the memories,



dreams and fears,

lives and day-to-day,

gripes and laughs,

everything that made us who we were,



They live on,

past generations 

as we are kept alive in the minds


and hearts

of the ones who love us,

through them we live on,

our souls are forever,


our loved ones forever,

our names forever.

It can be said,

that me are never truly gone.


But then again,

that doesn't fill the space we leave.

The empty desk,

the side of the bed unwarm.


The carress we miss,

the brother that was attached to your hip,

the mentor you looked up to,

and even the ones we didn't appreciate when time afforded it.


They are gone,

and never again will we hear their voice,

unless we listen with our hearts,

and feel them next to us everyday.


Never forgotten,

so that they may live on.

It is never about us,

the people that live on this world today.


It's about them.

The ones who live in our minds,

in our souls,

in our memories. 


They shake the Pillars of the Earth,

they make our lives worht living,

and by their name,

we live on,


to never dishonor their memory,

to give grace to who they were,

and live on the legacy

of what we all do. In this day and age,


where petty issues and things 

dominant our walks in life,

let the ones we love,

who no long live,


live on.

Keep those 

who have passed

not die."


Simple Thoughts

"Too many choices,

and not enough time to

taste every one,

but I'll attempt to.


It's more fun, personally,

to stuff as much into one night,

and aren't we all experts

at indulgence, anyway?


So tonight, 

I'll take the whiskey,

and the burger,

and the key lime pie,

hold the crust.


No, that doesn't make sense,

but I'm not here to make the right decision,

just many of them,

and this is the first few of a long slew.


Oh, yes,

decisions, decision,

let's start with the apple pie soda,

the chocolate peanut butter porter,

wait, what?!


They make beer in that flavor?

Yes, I just downed one,

and I'll have another,

but make it the coffee stout.


Carried away, or carried out,

that's what I want,

let's make these next few hours full of nonsense,

like the words of a poet


with too many selections

about what his night will be.

Who he will share it with,

what he will it,


what his story will be the next morning,

and how true it will ring.

We select to lie

or live with integrity intact.



tomorrow will have a short story,

with no real end or point,

except one being that there are,


in retrospect,

a selection of lives

we can live.

But is it good to live


more than one?

Some say to pick one,

become one,

as common sense would dictate,


that would compel one

to master one

lifestyle. Yet,

isn't the jack of all trades


a card most want in their deck?

Let me be the Jack,

you can be the Queen,

and let's leave the King behind.


Play your cards right,

and you'll be selection tonight,

but be sure to not choose suit,

I'm no Jack of Hearts.


Spades, rather."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

More ramblings.

Truth of me

I'm not in control, I'm not your only heart beat. I'm scared of what the future may hold. Will I be there when you have the other in your arms, or will I fade away in to the shadows. I love with all my heart, I fear with all my soul. When will I have control over my fears and my tears.


It scares me to think of a life without you, a life of no sun and a red moon. With you gone there would be no rhime, no reason, no time of season's. Just darkness over my mind and pleags of death on my soul. I will never lose you, that's what you say, well tell the voice that you will stay. They will not lessen, they will not stop, there's nothing I can do but bottle up. You want me open, it causing more harm then good, just let me die slowly, I really wish you would.


I know you won't my gallant knight, I know you'll fight for me so deep in my night. But this demons have no shape no form, they with cut you open with out a knife and leave you in a storm. I don't know how to fix what the voices and I have broken, the trust gone it was stolen and undone. I want to turn back time to when we first meet, so you can feel the passion you once felt. Wish I was enuff to make the passion new, wish I was stronger then I am. A life time of pain and broken hearts is what I carry, the scares are to deep for the words "I won't" to carry. 


They are why people leave me, they are why I was alone, they are why I bottle, they hurt the ones I love though me.

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Truthful Tears

Just a thought!

Teardrops of sorrow have glistened our eyes

Droplets of dissapointment, seep out in cries

Stains of regrets leaving trails down our cheek

Emotions inside us, welling up till they leak

Some happy, some sad, the tears are the same

They may carry on, if feelings remain

We wipe them and hide them and cover our cries

But truth can't hide, from the tears in our eyes'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Truthful Tears"

Love’s fate


 A girl I met a match in heaven,

 More dark as me could be no better than my old lucky number seven.

Our lives started so grand the faults so small,

Being without each other just makes my skin crawl.

The people came against us one by one,

As every year that past we became that much strong.

Almost seven years now under our belt,

When she is not drinking she makes my heart melt

To wake every morning her face I first see.

The feelings in my heart larger than the sea.

To realize after time I have choices make,

 These choices so hard that will certainly control our fate

Written by,  Rob Casteel

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