Solitude is peace.


You don’t have to listen to others.


When you’re alone,


You can shut out humanity’s corruption.




Nightfall holds no meaning.


If you’re at peace, let be.


Sunlight holds no meaning.


If you’re at peace, let be.




How peaceful it is to be alone.


To be alone is to meditate.


To meditate is to see truth.


To see truth is to be at peace.




You don’t have to listen to others.


A family isn’t needed for peace.


The light that lives inside,


You’ll see it even better when alone.




Reside alone with only the light.


With the light by your side,


You will feel no loneliness,


Only solitude, only peace.




If you seek the light,


You won’t find it in people.


If you seek the dark,


Finding the light will be easy.




If you find the light,


You won’t need people.


You’ll have the light,


And you’ll know peace.




Should you forget about people?


No, even though you don’t need them,


Remember this,


They might need you.




Live for peace.


Live knowing death.


All life dies, yet lives on.


Death comes and peace remains.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope people can make some sense of what I was saying. Sometimes I just spill my emotions onto a page and end up not sure if it's even logical.


I felt like writing this because in the past few years I've dwelled on the darkness I see in myself and other people - the corruption. I see so much of it that I tend to lose sight of what's good. For a while I dwelled on the darkness and felt content with hatred. I hated the human race. I wanted to watch it die because in my mind everyone, including myself, deserved it. But now I've found peace in solitude and prayer/meditation. Even though I still easily see bad things in myself and other people I've become a little more numb to them. I'm more able to highlight the good things in people. I've done this by turning not to people themselves, but to something higher, much higher. I crave solitude and time alone so that I can reflect on this, and so that I'm not so sickened by the world around me.

Breakup of Success

Abandoned and afraid
Scared to death I fade
Exhausted and dejected
Anxiety to be expected


Only you know what you’ve done
My heart strings toyed for fun
Convinced you’re worth the fight
I went sleepless night after night


Lying to my face
I thought you needed space
****, I was wrong
With him now you’re strong


Your decision to leave
But you led me to believe
With my heart full of affection
I believed in a re-connection


I was too naive
Blind, she won’t deceive?
But now I see the clues
Just a firework with no fuse


Bawling for days
Alone with God I praised
A chance to be redeemed
This is what I always dreamed


Slowly I found the sun
Finally, it begun!
A path to become a man
God laid out my plan


Engineered to perfection
I detached no more connection
Freedom long at last
Happiness unsurpassed


I jostled for position
Ignited with ambition
Friends, family and new dates
My single life awaits


A 180 degree transition
Now I’m on a mission
Jubilant life grows on
New beginning, I’m a pawn


The spring of the upswing
Soon I’ll be a king
Bitterness in the past
Surprised by this contrast


I rose up from the dust
Like a bomb I was combust 
The fire burned inside
Leaping I found my stride 


This poem a rendition 
Interpret with conviction
For I have found the way
Forever I will stay


A Sordid Tale

Once upon a time, in a town not to far outside of nowhere..
there was a young boy, about the age of seven.
One day, he realized life is no different than a dime- store
choose your own adventure paperback.
  He then set forth on a mission to live out the rest of his days
turning each page, not knowing what was written on the other. 
  never straying to far from his heart, he has lived a life many
could call adrift.
 Meeting new people, influencing lives, 
being nature...loving, being alive ...being.
oh, but the story has many twists and turns so many knots of tightly curled hair. 
  the loves lost, the fires, the search for higher ground.
Dragons and battles and merciless perils at sea. 
Whiskey, and mischief, and pens. 
 A fable would be far easier to believe if you saw the world
that resides behind the gaze of my blue eyes.
  O, but to love. 
One may never have truly...if it were not for its loss. 
 But the clock will never stand still, as so shall I. 

The Eye Of Evil

It’s clear that I’m wrong
About everything I do
But I’ll continue it in the end


You knew more ways
Then I could have ever imagined
But who thought it would end like this?


We sold them lies
And knew what they had heard
Just as they wished, and feared


It’s human nature to fake it all in the show of life
All to reach the edge of pleasure, and get lost in regret


So our haunting figures came drifting in
And we lost ourselves in a sea of mourning

The tide of truth came in, and drowned us instantly


And the moment when our bodies came crashing on
The people stared lifelessly

All the destruction we had sold, all the hate we had bred


For all that we’ve done, in the end it wasn’t our price to pay
The clouds rolled in behind us, and the tide towered over the sky

After all they had lost, and came to hate, that storm carried us all away


It’s human nature to fake it all in the show of life
We battle morality and reject any forms of justice
All to reach the edge of pleasure, and get lost in regret

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Humanity is selfish, and evil.

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Infinity Plus One

How relevant are we as heaps
of wasting organic matter
to think think that we have some purpose
than whats already in the cards
dealt for us to play in this life ?
As in vain as we are as whole,
and bold we are to enoble 
ourselves to such worthy a cause.

What is missed is the simple fact  
we have no more say than the next 
who looks to the same sky as we ;
yet we as sure as the sun shines
go forth ever onward seeking
something hididng from being found.
Naked eyes and naked bodies
watching the hands go round and round

Honest Exploration

Honesty sits like the carriage

swinging gently side to side,

hanging beneath the painted

glowing hot air ballon.

Only this balloon is alive

and pumping with hot blood.

An honest person at the controls

will skip sleep to pull that cord

all the night through to get his

carriage over the steep mountains.

At the same time an honest person

would admit they had met their limit,

and find a quiet beach shore to land upon.

For a good while each resting place

is temporary, because who knows

what’s over the next hill?

Perhaps one day you will find your

perfect resting place to settle.

Until then, keep an honest heart

to carry you, and perhaps a passenger

or two, gently over the Everest

that may prove to the last.

Until finally you crest over and down

into the bountiful warm windward 

side of the towering sleeping giants.

But maybe you’re an explorer

and you’ll just keep going,

and that’s not a bad idea at all.




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I feel quit lonely here, about to burst in to tears.

I feel quit lonely here, about to burst in to tears. I can't imagine how my heart really feels, but I know I feel tired of the lies everyone tells me. I think my heart is hurt by all the pain I hold inside me. I feel like screaming till my voice is gone completely, like crying and never stopping just how rain happens, like running after something that's not really there but I keep going because I'm so confused of everything that's going on. I wanna say I'm sorry but why should I, if I'm not the one hurting anybody, I'm the one getting hurt but I still hold it in till I can't no more and then explode of all the pain, jealousy, anger, madness, and love, the one thing I fear most sometimes. I try being someone else because I wanna forget who I am, I wanna be someone who no one lies to and never leaves me waiting. I wanna be that girl who everyone loves, just like everyone loves the Fresh air of the beach when there walking in the sand with their love ones. But I will always stay stuck here wanting everyone to stop lying to me and tell me truth about how they feel. There's only one thing in life I want the most and that's to love the ones that are there for me and have never lied and to succeed in life with the goals I have in mind. I feel quit lonely here about to burst in tears. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem yesterday, I guess I didn't feel good about something or someone.  I guess i was just tired of all the lies and the untruthness. I don't know how it sounds but I just wrote what ever came out from inside of me. We live in a world full of lies, hate, jealousy and confusion and maybe its bringing me down Sometimes And wrote something about it. 

Cold Darkness

First Poems
Cold darkness…

So deep and sharp,

So silent and still.


Water dropping,

So… slow…

Such maddening sound

From elusive ceilings.




Pierced by a glow

As a hero’s victorious sword,

Light swallowed the black abyss.

Mist flies above,

As Universal particles,

Concentrated in a point of


In the middle of fight

Where suns and moons

Revolve around…

Damp moss surrounds my sole,

As I pace,

Gracefully in vibrating lull.

And glanced have I,

In the abysmal water,

And seen a miracle around me:

It’s her,

Her majesty,


In her richness of tones and shades,

Dancing in the mirror of truth,

The reflection of soul and thoughts.

Then standing behind such glory,

I couldn’t see but her,

Her dazzle of life,

And MAN to worthless has succumbed,

An error,

Not fitting in this splendor.
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Behind My Mask


There is only one guy

That has ever seen

Behind my mask


No one else ever could

Handle the truth of me

That’s why I never

Removed the mask


But one guy has and

He has always stayed

Where everyone else

Would see just a glimpse

And take off, never to return


This guy has strength

And determination, too

And the will to deal

With me no matter how

Upset, angry, depressed, pissed off

I can be, your still here


So I will stay with you

For a while, until you

Give me reason to change it



Written on


June 14, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about another guy that couldnt handle what was behind my mask.

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