A volcano is angry like T.S. Eliot,

It has been striving a lot,

To burn the earth being furious so,

The reason behind this, only God does know!


To some, volcanic eruption is dangerous,

To some, it is rather advantageous,

Since new islands are born gradually,

From the lava it does emanate deafeningly.


Like the obdurate ants, the ceaseless lava keeps coming,

Nothing seems to have the power to stop it, nothing!




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re: El Nino - hot summers on the way  and are predicted - unless as one climatologist said, "a lot of volcanos errupt" - putting ash and dust in the air to block the harshness of sunshine on humans - Wear your sunblock! Nothing stops them s'a fact! -slc-



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Thank you

Thank you so much my dear friend. Well, 'angry' in the sense that T.S. Eliot is much depressed with the modern world. His dissatisfaction and anger have found their expressions in "The Waste Land". He is fed up with the immorality and degeneration that have darkened the humans' conscience. I think his anger is full of positivity like that of any rebel who looks forward to changing the eroded society. :)