my ode entitled Mother EARTH lOVER NOT HATER

Animal Kingdom

Pointing out the obvious
The variety and the choice
The animal kingdom: Nature
Mother earth lover not hater
You be when you examine
In detail her grand design
Every cell in everything
Merkaba shaped, not kidding
Including me, you too
Everything that's in view

Mother Nature; symmetry
In every wood, every tree
Every rock, crystal too
Made of the same stuff as you
Every quirk, animal kingdom
Everything under heaven
Make sure you appreciate this
Attitude of gratitude: Bliss
Every insect, blasé of grass
A grand design made to last

Beauty of flight; birds glide
On the wind; graceful ride
As do grasses on the wind
All designed for reproducing
Even a humble ant colony
What construction, amazing beauty
All created out of nothing
Consciousness we are showing
Beauty also inside too
And this also includes you

When appreciating Mother Nature
You're a lover not a hater
But must not forget you
Essential to love yourself too
You and nature always as one
Both from consciousness bosom
Modern life; disconnections
On earth as it is in heaven
See the love in everything
An amazing life this will bring

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