They always follow...

I swim through the tranquil sea

Creating a path of ripples in my wake

At night is when I come up, when I can be free

As the day is threatening, for my secret’s sake

On land, I’m just another random girl

Living about life, in tune with the flow

But underwater is where my beauty will unfurl

Maybe you can see too? All you must do is follow

But be careful, dear human, for I’m not all I seem 

You might get carried away with this rare underwater beauty

Don’t dwell here too long, no matter how much you are keen

Oh, please stop, crunching your way across the floor to me

For are you so blind you can’t see the white remains

Of your fellow mortals, on whom you stand upon

All of whom fell for my merciless games

Ah, there it is, your look of fear

As what I say hits you in the face

As I become a monster wearing a sneer

As you try to get away in haste

But, alas, you fail, and I grip you tight

You scream, but no one can hear, anyways, you’re too late

Your face, so beautiful with terror, enveloped in the night

And you slowly sink to rest with the others who shared your watery fate

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Will I Ever Find It

                   Something                                    I’m still

                  Looking for                                which seems

                 Like it can’t be                      found. No sign of

                it anywhere I look                 a dead end at each

                final turn. Will I ever         find it, will I ever feel

                what the others feel?        Will I ever deem to be

                 worthy of it, or am I stuck trudging through the

                  dirt that is called “life”, alone and looked over,

                   as if I’m camouflaged in with the ground? Is

                     it just because I’m one of the few, unlucky

                       ones that can’t find it? Was this how my

                          life was supposed to go? Is there still

                            a way I can change my path, or is

                               the damage already final? Will

                                    I ever find anyone who

                                        will at least try to

                                        give me what the

                                            others call

                                              “ love”



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I wonder

I often wonder…

Where I’ll end up

If I’ll have enough

If I’ll find my soul mate

If I’ll make it to the pearly gates

If I’ll die alone with tons of cats

If I’ll burn in hell, with a bunch of rats

If I’ll just die and stay dead

If I’ll die and live, like the book said

If I have any real friends

If they’re all the same, with dead ends

If life had to be such a pain in the neck

If I have a screw loose up in my head

If the voices in my head will ever go away

If the mother will ever think I’m okay

If she’ll ever treat me the way she treats them

 If my life will ever actually begin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's like i can never stop thinking of "if's"

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