Here I am again
Walking through these doors again
Just crawled out of the trash can
So pale. Let me tell you a tale

Highschool days
Say I am young so Its natural
But its not cause its cultural
Everyone in my family is cursed

That’s just factual.
In PE. This ball is uncatchable
Cant even catch. Its unfathomable
Got kicked out of Cross country

Cause I was actionable
Wrote a note and became habitable
Fashionable. But not applicable
Every girl that I like thinks I’m Unfashionable

It’s unimaginable how Im treated like GARBAGE
Trash cause I’m Charitable
Giving away money to Africa
They said I was phenomenal

That’s a lie. That money is navigable
Straight to your pockets. Unpalatable
These pastors on the television scamming
They are planning. Their piggy banks are incalculable

Their wife’s sit outside tanning cause you’re lazy
Crazy. You hand money to them because you’re hazy
You think their god will save you
I don’t blame you. I hate you.

My face is blue. Not red cause I have the flu.
That ebola flew over to our states and grew.
Dude. I don’t get it
This computer screen

I just want to put on my leather mits and hit it
I see my reflection. Correction. I see a connection
Ugly and negative cause I don’t get enough affection
If you have looks you get attention.

I need to go to the hammer section
So I can ram this nail in the imperfection
Disconnection. Ear buds in.
Music offering protection

I need a distraction
Before I blow up on this nation
Idiots voting for idiots during election
Put up a projection

We’re heading in the wrong direction
Stupidity is what’s going to get us
Its like an infection spreading

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They always follow...

I swim through the tranquil sea

Creating a path of ripples in my wake

At night is when I come up, when I can be free

As the day is threatening, for my secret’s sake

On land, I’m just another random girl

Living about life, in tune with the flow

But underwater is where my beauty will unfurl

Maybe you can see too? All you must do is follow

But be careful, dear human, for I’m not all I seem 

You might get carried away with this rare underwater beauty

Don’t dwell here too long, no matter how much you are keen

Oh, please stop, crunching your way across the floor to me

For are you so blind you can’t see the white remains

Of your fellow mortals, on whom you stand upon

All of whom fell for my merciless games

Ah, there it is, your look of fear

As what I say hits you in the face

As I become a monster wearing a sneer

As you try to get away in haste

But, alas, you fail, and I grip you tight

You scream, but no one can hear, anyways, you’re too late

Your face, so beautiful with terror, enveloped in the night

And you slowly sink to rest with the others who shared your watery fate

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It's Official - The Guy's a dick!

It's official the guy's a Dick!
I gave him chances
but he can't see shit!
Loves the smell
of his own ideas,
pulled out mostly
from his rear.
*Time to breath 'Fresh' air.
Oy! Smell this?
its a new smell,
and not one of fear.
It's the smell of change
and hard lessons dear.
You think you're right.
I know your wrong,
no answer to what's
been going on.
You think you've got thick render
but I see your hidden agenda.
You're a hypocrite,
you make me sick.
You can't even see,
your so bloody thick!
You think you can mold me
into a carbon copy creep,
but hear me talk
'cause bullshit walks.
There's the door,
you know the score.
I was here first.
I ain't taking your shit!
It's official -
YOU are the biggest Dick!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Losers like this in leadership positions need a good head check, and body check... Lol!

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