God Is Greater!

God is Greater!

So, don’t fear bad weather, news, and the taunts of your haters

You show God’s love by forgiving and unfailingly loving all your neighbors


And it shall be given upon to you

For you are blessed and highly favored by God

All these things shall be giving a billion-fold of what was robbed

For, Great is God than he or it of this world

Use your talents to uplift all man, woman, boy, and girl

For the time has come

My Dear Chosen One

To spread your wings and fly

Flying high amongst the sky

For your dreams are big bigger than you can do yourself

So, learn to depend and to submit to someone else

For, the greatest good

Use your gifts to uplift and pull others out of the ghetto and hood

I wish I could touch you and hold you tight

For, this is a fight for your soul’s life

Get Right

And get dress for church to go hear the Word

Trust, eventually you live out what is heard

For no man can stop what God has already ordained as His own

I pray, let His Holy Spirit live in your body your temple your home

I promise with God you’re never alone

I speak victory

I hope you hear me

Greatness, Purity, Holiness, and Wholeness

For you are greater than this!

I speak rise up him and her!

Pick up your bed, walk into your true worth, and sin no more for  

God is Greater!

By Katrina T. Smith Copyrighted


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Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let Your Light So Shine!!!


I know I write a lot about all the things money can provide,
like material items and not what I'm inspired by.
Having dreams and a keen intuition provided by
All the times that I failed but I'm still willing to try to fly.
I'd be telling a lie,
If it ever compares to this
So many times I condoned when my actions were intricate

I know I don't wan't to be stressed,
I don't wan't to live a lot,
I just wan't to live my life without it being criticized,
there's a soft spot on my heart I tend to solidify
cause I don't wan't to live if I see hatred through either eye
I don't wan't attention just want to be left alone,
plus every challenge that I face, I use as a stepping stone
I don't need anybody's guidance I can live with my mistakes
I may not know just where I'm headed but I'll make it there safe.

A lot of times I'm feeling exposed and laughed at,
but in my mind I'll still be in control.
It's a heavy burden for a young soul
All of which I'm more intact hoping the universe can help me weather the storm.

Please correct me if I'm wrong,
But isn't life a question in which the answer is left alone?

And so I write these thoughts down not knowing if I'm truly right,
but it's what's left in my mind that'll give me a better sight.
A better life,
not just for me but for every life,
since selfish doesn't apply to the process
Metaphorically speaking we all can fly just acknowledge your progress.

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In The Magic Of The Moment

A night full of excitement
A day followed by concurrent joy
A night where I lament
A day where I act coy

I rise in love of success
I fall in retribution of being obsolete
I rise in spirit of high marks
I fall because I am not complete

Resurrection of hope rising
Death of a generation lost
Resurrection of knowledge showing
Death of fears finally past

A day where I rise in happiness
A night where I feel great success
I fall again, but stand up
I rise and take another step
Death takes toll on distress
Resurrection in what will be deathless

A moment where I rise and know I am strong
A moment in time where I recognize
That joy is in the journey of right and wrong
In the magic of that moment, I see clear skies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in a moment of pure joy. I realized many things that I go through. I realized that not everything has to be depressing and lonely. Happiness is a choice! Anyone can be happy!