In The Magic Of The Moment

A night full of excitement
A day followed by concurrent joy
A night where I lament
A day where I act coy

I rise in love of success
I fall in retribution of being obsolete
I rise in spirit of high marks
I fall because I am not complete

Resurrection of hope rising
Death of a generation lost
Resurrection of knowledge showing
Death of fears finally past

A day where I rise in happiness
A night where I feel great success
I fall again, but stand up
I rise and take another step
Death takes toll on distress
Resurrection in what will be deathless

A moment where I rise and know I am strong
A moment in time where I recognize
That joy is in the journey of right and wrong
In the magic of that moment, I see clear skies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in a moment of pure joy. I realized many things that I go through. I realized that not everything has to be depressing and lonely. Happiness is a choice! Anyone can be happy!

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Nice Writing

Great philosophy, mature and universal. The ups with the defeats - and nothing interferes with the choice to rise. Bravo! (Where did you go?) After 4 years your poetry should be phenomenal now :D