I know I write a lot about all the things money can provide,
like material items and not what I'm inspired by.
Having dreams and a keen intuition provided by
All the times that I failed but I'm still willing to try to fly.
I'd be telling a lie,
If it ever compares to this
So many times I condoned when my actions were intricate

I know I don't wan't to be stressed,
I don't wan't to live a lot,
I just wan't to live my life without it being criticized,
there's a soft spot on my heart I tend to solidify
cause I don't wan't to live if I see hatred through either eye
I don't wan't attention just want to be left alone,
plus every challenge that I face, I use as a stepping stone
I don't need anybody's guidance I can live with my mistakes
I may not know just where I'm headed but I'll make it there safe.

A lot of times I'm feeling exposed and laughed at,
but in my mind I'll still be in control.
It's a heavy burden for a young soul
All of which I'm more intact hoping the universe can help me weather the storm.

Please correct me if I'm wrong,
But isn't life a question in which the answer is left alone?

And so I write these thoughts down not knowing if I'm truly right,
but it's what's left in my mind that'll give me a better sight.
A better life,
not just for me but for every life,
since selfish doesn't apply to the process
Metaphorically speaking we all can fly just acknowledge your progress.

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