in the moment






every day, taking care of a parent,

day in, day out, becoming drudgery at times,

takes a lot of patience and energy, no doubt,

the caregiver healing too, 

as life gets rearraged, inside and out,

then the day dawns, and mom or dad passes,

life suddenly has open doors, 

seemingly by the masses,

how can something so full of challenges

leave you so empty?

no deliveries at the door, no call bells, it's eerie,

a void of uncertainty fills the home, and you can't see,

how your life, once so tethered down, doesn't now, seem free,

but this is the journey of how experiences leave seeds,

that live on long after you become familiar with any deeds,

new neural pathways, can assist new growth,

loss, even after mourning, brings more difficulties,

but it also can teach new ways to cope.



4:47 PM 7/10/201 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

about how doing new and never before done things can help after a loss of any kind.