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Faint recognition;
ambiance, for hire,
this job is precarious,
but can she steal the show?
Holding the position;
mistress of high wire,
toes point nefarious,
to the sweating mob below.

Concentration mesmerizing;
every eye transfixed,
tickets funded by the dream
on the back of the artiste'.
And beautiful is sighing,
"Let 'em have their kicks-"
she picks up the balance beam,
silencing the beast.

This is holy treason;
lost in deep translation,
corseted travesty,
compelled by safety net.
Furtively she blows a kiss;
to conquer hesitation,
winks, knowing gravity
hasn't eaten yet.

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I always thought that poetry is so cathartic it could be utilized as a form of therapy that blossoms into talent. I see that your garden is growing. Poetry attracts many readers, but alas, many poets are on the outside looking in, you appear to be on the inside, peering out into a world of fascinating emotions, of course from a female perspective, within that image of life it lends succinct significance to your words. I can only see through my own male perceptions, what is it that the life coaches say, “your perception is your reality…Your work is a relationship that has a touching action between perception and reality where the reader can become emotionally involved in your poems.
Thanks for giving us a chance to read your poems.


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot