Maybe You Should Have Taken the Bus?

The santa claus sombrero watches over the helium head heart ballon,

it drinks softly through the straw into deep empty wine bottles,

and i'm the only one up,

the only one who hears the bugs sing and crawl,

the only one who hears the night train strain and stall,

fall into gravitys-gone nosedive,

how to survive the narrow-neck summer,

I guess just tip back,

Into the greatest dark of yet unknown,

tip-back and sit in a chair not fit for rocking,

it will be a bump-bump ride,

don't fasten any seatbelts and resume smoking ladies and gentlemen,

the pilot has been drinking all day and your stewardess's have been fucking all night,

Enjoy the ride,

the plane will be crashing in approximately an hour,

Thank you for flying the friendly skys with us tonight,

the peanuts are uncomplimentary and each passenger will be assessed a nut-tax based on the state-fly-zone policy and allergy-reactive population zone-tax,

Maybe you should have taken the bus?

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