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With the world caving in on you

What would you do

What would you think

To hide

To run

To escape

What would you think



They are a funny thing

Its almost impossible to explain



And I am feeling lazy

So I am not going to tell you

Or explain


Because, The lazy me

Wants you to think

about Thoughts


What do you think about thoughts

Move me

Do you hear me when I call out to you?

Does it send shivers down your spine?

I wonder what you think when you hear my name,

When you brush your hand against mine,

Or when we’re together.


I feel a million different things at once,

Do you feel them too?



Motion through my veins, as I shift into overdrive.  


I feel like fire, but I say I’m ice cold

I want to know what it’s like

To be in your arms,

To feel your love surround me,

Move me.


Sway to the rhythm of our beating hearts,


I’m yours for the night.

For life.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not an English major.

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My mind wanders..

I listen to a song

My mind wanders to you

Chain reactions

Raw emotions

I wonder what you’re up to,

And if you’re thinking of me..


I lay in bed restlessly

My mind wanders to you


Cold beds

I wonder if you’re fast asleep,

And dreaming of me..


I paint a picture

My mind wanders to you

Strong feelings

Bright colors

I wonder what you’re doing,

And if I inspire you..


I write a poem

My mind wanders to you

Sentimental thoughts

Priceless words

I wonder what you think of,


When you think of me..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not an English major.

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Fortune Cookie

Sitting down starring at the computer screen.

Boredom eating me alive.

Slowly my brain is frying.

My eyes are lowering, and my vision is blurring.

Ding! Someone just walked in.

Food in hand, she puts it on my desk,

walks away and before closing the door of her office

she says " the food is for you" 

I gazed at the bag. I didn't realize I was hungry.

My stomach growled. ok, ok. 

Chinese food. Awesome! I haven't had any in a while.

I munch on the food like my life depended on it.

almost choking on a piece of chicken. I thought 

why am I rushing? 

Because I want to know what my cookie had to say.

Why didn't I open it while or before I started eating?

I don't know a habit I guess? Done!

I cracked it open, it said:

"The love of your life is right in front of your eyes"

Blank look on my face, or was it more like confuse,

No I think it was surprise.

The love of my life is right in front of my eyes? What?

A quick list went through my head of the couple of guys I was mostly

talking to now.

But none of them seems to be "IT"

Or fit "The love of my life" criteria

Makes me wonder if maybe 

I am blind to the purpose or the reason of why

they are part of my life.

Which one of them is it?

Or did I met him yet?

One last sin

im addicted to the world within
i ask myself what couldve been
i see this world for what it is
a blasphemy that lives in me
i want to breathe you in
one last time before i sin
that broken smell of raspberries

and that perfect taste of cranberries





Author's Notes/Comments: 

i thought of this while i was taking a shower lol i think its pretty good in my opinion,

What do you think?



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You will Fall in Love with Me!

Beware! you will fall in love with me,

If you look at me like this,

The risk is more if you talk to me in glee,

And the sweet memories peek in your fantasies.  


You will fall in love with me when I pass you by,

Even Freud’s theory on love will seem pointless,

Considering its failure to save you from my sky,

Alas! Nothing can I do in such of your sadness.   


I let you know what you should do to avoid my love,

If you still fall in love with me then I can’t possibly shove! 

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Songs of life

so you stand there alone
Wondering how life got so old
So bland and boring
That even the sun shining has no meaning

People are often more happy than sad
But what is that happiness masking you might add
Everyone has a mask
They wake up and put on face
A face that hides their pain
Cause they dont want the world to see them cry again

I don't know why people are they way they are
Life is already a struuggle no need to make it harder
But there are those that bully and tease
Saying "grow up kid , you stupid , you useless"
Amonst others things
If a kid gets bleeds when words cut through him
Why does this have no meaning

Some people are like paper
You can crumble them up but they survive
But other they just shrivle and die

I hope that people learn to live for themselves
cause when your alone theres only your heart that sings its song
That song is your tune , your melodu of life
I hope you song is of happiness in life
and if it is not then remember you are not alone
Somewhere there is soemone sinnging along