Fortune Cookie

Sitting down starring at the computer screen.

Boredom eating me alive.

Slowly my brain is frying.

My eyes are lowering, and my vision is blurring.

Ding! Someone just walked in.

Food in hand, she puts it on my desk,

walks away and before closing the door of her office

she says " the food is for you" 

I gazed at the bag. I didn't realize I was hungry.

My stomach growled. ok, ok. 

Chinese food. Awesome! I haven't had any in a while.

I munch on the food like my life depended on it.

almost choking on a piece of chicken. I thought 

why am I rushing? 

Because I want to know what my cookie had to say.

Why didn't I open it while or before I started eating?

I don't know a habit I guess? Done!

I cracked it open, it said:

"The love of your life is right in front of your eyes"

Blank look on my face, or was it more like confuse,

No I think it was surprise.

The love of my life is right in front of my eyes? What?

A quick list went through my head of the couple of guys I was mostly

talking to now.

But none of them seems to be "IT"

Or fit "The love of my life" criteria

Makes me wonder if maybe 

I am blind to the purpose or the reason of why

they are part of my life.

Which one of them is it?

Or did I met him yet?

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    Good poem a really good



Good poem a really good read I enjoyed your poem.

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I was gonna comment on this

I was gonna comment on this before but didn't get around to it. Coming back and rereading, it had a whole new meaning to me on a personal level. I rather enjoyed it. :) By the way, welcome to PP! 

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thank you for welcoming me

thank you for welcoming me it's really heartwarming.

I'm glady you enjoyed it. 

Paris Je T'aime!

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Great piece!

Maybe it was talking about the food, haha. Just kidding, but seriously though, this was a good read. Keep it up!

Verbal Verbatim

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Thank you

Thank you. Lol Maybe it was about the food. but food knows i love them regarless of where they are or look like. I love food. 

Paris Je T'aime!